is appbounty scam

Is AppBounty Scam or a Really Great Bounty?!

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AppBounty pays you to download and install other apps but is AppBounty a scam or the earning potential behind it is real?

My review of AppBounty tells if this is an app that will help you make money or you’ll spend time downloading and installing other apps but get nothing in return! Some of my website’s readers asked my opinion about AppBounty and it was my main reason to write a complete review for that.

Unlike some other GTP app, both users of Android and iOS devices can install and test AppBounty because it’s available for both platforms. Before going into more detail, you should know that it’s impossible to make more than a couple of dollars each month using apps like AppBounty that are willing to pay users for only downloading other applications so set your expectations logically first before going ahead and give it a try.

In addition to answering this important question “Is AppBounty scam or not?” I’ll tell you about how AppBounty really works? Who can take 100% benefits from it? Is it a suitable app for making money or not and last but not least how much money you can make from AppBounty?

You can be sure that I won’t leave you with any unanswered question and if you read this article completely you never regret your decision.


Product Name: AppBounty

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Get paid to download apps

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is app bounty

What is AppBounty All About?

Before letting know if you can make money with AppBounty or not, you should know some background about it first. AppBounty says that you’ll earn money (credits) every time you install and try a new app that they recommend you and this is not the only earning way available out there. The credits will be added to your AppBounty’s account if you invite other people to the app (referring people) or done some other types of tasks.

Unfortunately getting your earning as real cash is not possible and at the moment you can request to receive your credit as gift-cards. But it’s not bad if you can earn enough credits because all those gift-cards you will receive will can be used in well-known online stores like iTunes or Amazon so you always find something to get with your gift card.

It’s very easy to start working with AppBounty; you just need to find the proper version of their app in Google Play or AppStore according to your mobile platform (Android or iOS) first then download and install it in your mobile phone. Then a list of available apps will be shown and if you download and test them you’ll be credited automatically. Just keep in mind that there’s a minimum threshold you should reach first to turn your points into gift cards.

In the next paragraphs, I’ll explain why it’s some hard to get enough points and reach that minimum amount of payout so keep reading! )

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how appbounty works

How AppBounty Actually Works?

There are 4 simple steps you need to take to be able to start earning from AppBounty. As I’ve mentioned above, the first step is to download AppBounty app. Fortunately, you can download it regardless of your mobile device. This means AppBounty is available for fans of Android and iOS.

When you’re done with the download and installing process, it’s time to select apps from the available list. There’s a tab called “Offers” in the program and it shows you all apps you can download and get pay for that. To download and install any of those apps, you just need to do steps the same as you do for any other app. When you choose the app, click on it and page of GooglePlay or AppStore will be opened to you then you can simply download and install it.

The third step is using the app. You don’t need to use it for some days or even a couple of hours, you just need to open app and check it out for some minutes and the task will be done for you.

The last step is checking received points in AppBounty. When you’re done with all the above steps, simply back to home page of AppBounty and see how many points you’ve earned. Don’t skip this step because you may not receive points for some technical issues sometimes.

What Type of Offers You’ll Get in AppBounty?

I forgot to tell you that you won’t receive only point in AppBounty and Rewards is another thing you’ll receive for completing tasks. Both rewards and points are available according to offers you choose to complete so let’s see what offers you’ll receive after joining AppBounty.

  • Online Surveys
  • Get paid to sign-up in new websites
  • Get paid to download and test new games and other applications
  • Using prize draws

I didn’t know that AppBounty has different offers until I checked the offer’s tab. Actually, the number of offers it provides is significant and there’s always a task you can do and get pay for that.

I highly advise you to read instruction of all ads before doing it because if you miss any step, the task won’t be marked as completed and you won’t receive any point. Also, you can always start with Free tasks which do not require you to enter any CC or personal information. The points you receive through completing Free tasks is less what you will learn for tasks that require credit card information for example but they also take less time to be completed.

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app bounty pros and cons

Be Careful With Non-Free Offers

Some offers require you to purchase a product/service or make an initial deposit. Therefore, I advise you to calculate your cash reward and subtract it from your payment.

Don’t be lured by the high number of points of a given offer because when you deduct the payment required, your profit is usually insignificant. Not to mention you can spend money on some offers!

For example, a ShaveKit offer was worth 1609 (£2.55) credits, but you would have to pay £3 to have the product sent to you. In practice, you are getting the product for a low price. However, I am not a fan of casino offers as some people might continue betting and losing money after their initial deposit.

What is The Real Earning Potential Behind AppBounty?

One of the facts you should know about AppBounty is that you never reach a specific amount of points and your income won’t be too high.

If you have a fast and stable Internet connection and if you spend a couple of hours each day for downloading and testing apps, you can expect to earn $10 to $20 weekly. The very limited earning potential of AppBounty and other similar earning programs like One Bit a Day does not let me recommend it to people who want to make full-time or part-time income online so I’m sorry to tell you that with all good things included in easy get paid apps like AppBounty they never make you happy in terms of income.

is appbounty a scam

Final Word – Is AppBounty a Scam Or Legit?

Well as a Yes or No answer, I should say “No” to the above question but there are more important things you need to know about AppBounty. Actually, these are the most common complaints I’ve found about this program on the Internet and you’ll probably have to face with at least one of them if you decided to try AppBounty.

  • You Never Get Paid By Cash

From many years ago till now cash option is the most suitable payment option for people who get paid online and services like PayPal let you earn your earning in cash easily so sites and platforms that have PayPal option and pay members cash have higher priority. Unfortunately, AppBounty loses the game to its competitors in this field because it does not offer PayPal or even a cash option for paying members.

Although there are reliable options like iTunes store that you can buy many things from but they should accept nothing can make users 100% happy except than cash option.

  • Your Points Won’t be Calculated Always!

Sometimes I read other reviews to see what other people say about the program and app I’m reviewing. When I’ve done this about AppBounty I’ve found that some members didn’t get points after completing tasks (downloading and installing apps). They didn’t explain much about the problem but I guess some issues like surfing web pages in a private mode can result in this kind of problems.

  • Low Income Potential

I mentioned to this in “how much money you can make” section but I think it’s important enough to talk about it some more. There are several earning apps other than AppBounty out there which work based on a point-system but 90% of them don’t pay you more than 150 to 200 points for downloading a single app. If we consider AppBounty as an example you need at least 2500 points which is equal to only five dollars.

If you do a simple calculation you’ll find out that you’ll earn a few dollars each month which shows that earning a potential of AppBounty is really low and not worth trying.


Legit earning programs like AppBounty are good to make you busy for a while and earn some extra money as gift-cards and other kinds of rewards but if you want to make a real online business for yourself and turn it into a full-time income or replace it with your 9-5 job, keep reading to know about my best recommendation platform below which will give you everything you need to build a thriving online business from your home!

A lot of people don’t think it’s worth it, but if you’re interested in finding new apps and would like to get paid for it, you’ll enjoy App Bounty.

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