Is Arbonne a Scam

Is Arbonne a Scam or Just a New Pyramid Scheme?

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Is Arbonne a Scam is an important question for anyone who wants to know all the truth about it. Arbonne is a company which manufactures products related to beauty & health. They say their products are not comparable with other similar products in terms of quality. Experts of Arbonne tried to do their best with integrating botanical from nature.

The fact is that you never know how a company works and if you can trust it or not before asking people who tested it or reading reviews from trusted persons so I congratulate you for taking your valuable time and do your own research to find what’s included in Arbonne and if all what they claim is right or not.


Product Name: Arbonne International

Owner: Petter Mørck

Type: MLM

Cost: $79 at the beginning & $30 yearly

Best For: Multi Marketing business lovers and people who are interested in health & beauty products

Summary Review: In short, Arbonne international works based on MLM business model. It sells products in health and beauty fields and provide a making money opportunity for its premium members who pay $79 for their membership. It must be said that products of Abonne are expensive so it’s not something you can recommend or sell to normal people.

Also their marketing plan for members is not easy understanding and a low success rate make many people think seriously before joining them.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 5/10

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what is arbonne

What is Arbonne International all about?

Petter Mørck is owner of Arbonne who decided to start his company more than 40 years ago in 1975. 5 years after starting, Arbonne started manufacturing its health and beauty products in 1980 and America was the first country that they started selling their products. Now they are exporting products to several other countries like United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Poland, etc.

Although Petter Mørck was familiar with manufacturing health care products since he was working for a Healthcare and Skincare Company in Norway several years ago but this did not stop him from dreaming of making his own products which can be healthier with better quality.

He has started to research about different products and contacted with similar companies like Melaleuca, Amway, Shaklee and Nikken to get as much information as needed. Finally he did success and could manufacture his own healthcare products.

how arbonne works

How You Can Money with Arbonne?

This is the question you want to know the answer for sure. There are several options for making money through Arbonne and I shorted them into two main ways:

1-As a Customer

Well it’s very clear, for this way, you become a customer of Arbonne and start buying their products. The benefit is that instead of buying products in normal price, you can get it in retail price so you save money and this money is something you make through Arbonne.

Yes I know that it’s not a direct money which is coming to your bank account but anyway it’s an option which is available and it’s good for you to know about that.

2-Working as IC

IC stands for Independent Consultant which means you register on Arbonne first and pay a fee of $79 then you become an independent consultant and are eligible for a 35% discount when you want to purchase something from their website. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to join their Success Plan.

When you become an independent consultant, you can make commission by selling products of Arbonne and if you sell more, you’ll get eligible for advanced level which included:

Manager of District, Manager of Area, Regional Vice President and National Vice President

Those are level which you can go for but their success plan is some complicated which is included +20 pages and it’s not easy to read and understand it in details to find out how you can increase your commissions and move to upper level.

pros and cons

What Are Pros & Cons of Arbonne?

Positive Side

  1. Trusted Company

Working on the healthcare and skincare market for more than 40 years and manufacturing quality and demanding products turned Arbonne to one of the best and well-known brands in United Kingdom, United States and Canada. And it’s continue growing after all these years and recently it could reach three hundred thousands of consultants in many countries.

  1. DSA’s Official Member

Because of low amount of complaints Arbonne received, it’s got a A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau) which shows that they know what they are doing and it’s also joined DSA which can be another positive point for this company.

  1. Opportunity to Get Commission & Make Money

Yes there is way to make money through Arbonne and their success plan but the point is that according to what they have wrote in disclosure statement, not more than 3% of people who joined their program could success and make a full time income so you should think about it seriously to see if it pays to join them or not.

Negative Side

  1. Recruiting, Recruiting & Recruiting…

Good or bad, the only way to make money with Arbonne is recruiting new people (as much as possible) to the program that’s why you’ll be asked to provide a list of 100 people who you know and contact them one by one to offer and sell them products of Arbonne.

Let me tell you a truth; if you just started this business prepare yourself to get disregarded by people because most of the times, they even do not stop to see what you’re talking about so that’s why you’ll have a hard time at the beginning.

  1. Not Worth to Buy

To be honest, I’ve joined several companies which worked based on MLM business in the past and it was too hard for me to find new people to join them. I’ve found that this is the base of MLM business and Arbonne Success Plan is not an exception as well.

The fact about Arbonne is that the products is high priced and the bad thing is that the quality is not at the same level as the price. This is not only for Arbonne and if you do a quick research you’ll find out that almost all other MLM companies have to sell their products in more expensive than standard price because they have to pay for affiliates and stuff as well

3. What You Lose…

Do you know you may lose your friendship and relationship with your friends and family members in MLM business? Yes it may happen because you need to recruit new people and since you do not know much persons at the beginning, you’ll start with people who are close to you like your friends or family. This is risky because if they do not make money from what you offer, it hurts your friendship seriously and since nobody can guarantee profit in MLM business, well, you can guess what may happen…

  1. Low Potential of Income

Well it’s not new and it happens for all other business which are based on MLM. The fact is that the time and effort you put behind this kind of business is not worth compared to money you’ll make at the end. You do not want to work for hours or days to make a few dollars and if this was what you were looking for, there were many other things you could do.

is arbonne scam

Is Arbonne a Scam?

I’m not calling Arbonne a scam because it’s up there for more than 40 years and working for a long time legitimacy and if it was not like this, they could not continue working and FTC stopped them but on the other hand, the same as any other company they have their own positive and negative sides.

As I’ve mentioned before, they are selling products that people are interested to buy and they give you this opportunity to make money by promoting their products to others.

But this does not mean that you should join them and take this opportunity right away because promoting expensive products takes long time and the money (a couple of dollars) you’ll have in your pocket at the end is not worth the time you spent for promoting these products.

Can We Call Arbonne a Pyramid Scheme?

To answer this question we should know definition of Pyramid Scheme. Well, there is not any real product in companies that work as pyramid scheme and although you may buy a product in these companies but it’s something you’ll use it to promote company so we can say that it’s a way MLM companies use to hide their pyramid scheme model.

If you see the main way to earn money on a company is based on recruiting new people, we can that company a pyramid scam but not a pyramid scheme. And it’s good to know that Arbonne has an open case about pyramid scheme in the court which they have to face with in the future.


All in all, Arbonne runs a legit business but according to negative points that I’ve mentioned above, it cannot be a good option to start working with instead it’s better to build you own online business and focus on it to make it profitable rather than working for someone else.

And again, sites that working based on MLM have to sell high priced products to cover their costs which means you’ll have to promote and sell expensive items which is not easy at all since people can find them cheaper somewhere else.

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