is atomy a scam

Is Atomy a Scam or Unknown Pyramid Scheme?

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Are you interested in earning money by selling personal care products and cosmetics? Since working in this field benefits you very much, you can be lucky to earn well with a bit of proficiency!

A method of entering this trade is through a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company called Atomy that is located in South Korea. But don’t hurry up to sign up before reading this review. You can find the answer to this important question after reading the review: is Atomy a scam really or it’s something different which you have not experienced before?


Product Name: Atomy

Official Website:

Owner: Han-Gill Park

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Cost to Join: Free

Best For: People who are interested to make money by selling health and personal care products

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is atomy

What is Atomy Exactly?

A very good point about Atomy is that despite the failure of many Multi-Level Marketing companies during the time, not only Atomy is still an active one since 2009 but also they have sales centers extensively in some countries like Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Phillippines, Singapore, Cambodia.

Since skin care products business is very profitable and commissions payment is simple, therefore Multi-Level marketing is the most common business model for that. It’s necessary to enlist or support others financially for getting success in this business model besides selling products retail. Indeed, your sales powers are people whom you enlist them and it’s their sales that make money for you!

What Type of Products Aromy Sells?

For seeing the prices of Atomy products you have to sign into the system because sometimes it’s not possible to see the prices on the website at once. But the Atomy products are generally high-priced.

Personal care and skin care including anti-aging cream for men and women are the main products of Atomy with ingredients consist of herbal tea extracts, amino acids and vitamin E and C. As with most skin care mlm’s.

HemoHim+ is one of their unusual products that is an herbal supplement and as they claim enhances immune system and facilitates cancer treatment by affecting at the cellular level. Beside that they also sell some household cleaning products.

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how atomy works

How Atomy Works & How Much Profitable Is It?

Would you like to gain from online programs of Multi-Level Marketing? So watch out because the availability of a proper website is one of the important aspects that unfortunately the Atomy website has been unsuccessful in this case and supporting its users profitably. Of course, Atomy is not the only company that uses MLM marketing and companies in other industries like Zwerl uses the same method of marketing.

As an advice, it’s better to consider defects and objections before starting to make money by Atomy or any other new business. Don’t decide just based on good comments!

Although employees and promoters of Atomy just talk about its positive points and benefits for users but there are several defects in the opinion of some users such as conflicting services of the platform, delaying in response for about a couple of days by Atomy support personnel at the website because of being beginner in the market and the polemical payment system in which the fees and prizes computed for every user is conflicting.

On the other hand, there are some who don’t agree with Multi-Level marketing companies basically and they also have their own justifications. These grievances from Atomy cause to think if it is really trustable and lawful or not!

Anyhow if you have decided to work with Atomy, the first way for earning money is by selling Atomy products that need a bit skill before getting PV points although Atomy has an easy way to make money. In this system, there is a direct connection between selling products and earning commissions, in the sense that you gain more commissions by selling more products.

It’s useful to know a bit about market research and its intentions before starting to sell products on the Multi-Level Marketing stage. There is an online guide called Ultimate Make Money that would be very useful for earning much money with Atomy.

The existence of various types of Atomy products can be a privilege for you in promoting products. People are more interested in buying some specific types of products and in this case, it’s much profitable to sell packages of that product rather than just one or two.

For example, a complete package of Skincare for women, Man’s care products and Beauty products can be sold to one customer or it’s possible to sell many products to your customer in order to have your customer’s supply for a longer time.

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atomy pros and cons

Atomy – The Good, The Bad

  • The Good

Accessibility of the Atomy program in many countries, having multiple systems of fee and commissions, suitability for clients by having many products and easy accessibility to connect and apply for new users are the advantages of this program.

  • The Bad

Some of disadvantages of this system include having expensive products compared to the other similar products in the market, contradiction in link and scheme of the website, having a difficult frame of commission and delay in response by the support personnel.

Is Atomy a New Marketing Model?

Atomy isn’t a new company and we can’t call it scam since it’s up there for more than 10 years and could get satisfaction of many customers by providing quality products. You can get many benefits from Atomy but keep in mind that there’s not any guarantee to earn serious income through it and this is one of the main cons of this program.

Experienced members say, there is not a direct way to make profit when you enter to Multi-Level Marketing business and that’s why many people can’t make any significant profit through it.

Actually Atomy is not the only company which became popular with MLM business model and there are many other businesses that use the same strategy. People who like to earn money from Internet join these companies and work on provided methods for a short amount of time but after a while they understand this is not what they were looking for, so they simply give it up and 90% of times, they lose money at giving up’s time.

Do not giving up is the main factor you should remember always if you want to get success with an online business so always look at it as a Long-Term opportunity after that, you need to choose the right platform because you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money behind a program that does not work.

Affiliate marketing is one of those ways which can help you know your interest first then build a successful online business around that. It became pretty famous amount Internet entrepreneurs in recent years and many people could turn it into their home-job. (I explained more about this opportunity is Best Recommendation section).

is atomy scam or pyramid scheme

Final Word – Is Atomy a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Let me show you how to make sure if Atomy is worth trying or you should stay away from it. Here are several questions you should ask yourself and when you’re done with answering them, you’ll know if you should join Atomy or not.

Here are questions:

  • What do you know about products of Atomy?
  • Are you personally willing to use those products?
  • What are main benefits of these products for customers?
  • Do you promote these products to help people or just for making money purposes?

If you can answer all above questions in detail then Atomy can be beneficial for you but if you are doubt about what you’re promoting, it’s better to don’t waste your time with Atomy and find something that you really believe on.

Also working and make profit through Atomy or any other online making money opportunity requires you to have a marketing plan and sales strategy in advance. Without a detailed step by step plan, like many other newbies, you will fail most probably.

If you are still like to make your own online business and earn full-time income through it, I recommend you learn affiliate marketing. This business model lets you promote products related to your interests and hobbies so you will never get bored and can make significant amount of money at the same time.

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my recommendation

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