is attraction marketing formula a scam

Is Attraction Marketing Formula a Scam?

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In as much as attraction marketing has been in existence for many years, for most online marketers, Attraction Market Formula was only but a well-hyped e-book till they signed up for a ten days boot camp hosted by Ferny Ceballos, the author of the book “Attraction Marketing Formula.”

During this Affiliate Marketing Boot Camp, all the participants received emails from the author, where he shared business development tips with them, for the ten consecutive days. But is Attraction Marketing Formula a scam? Lets find out!

Simply put, attraction marketing is a marketing strategy where a sales person communicates with prospective customers in such a manner that the customer finds attractive. Attractive marketing comes with huge benefits for online businesses, and the book, Attraction Market Formula, is designed to help online marketers unlock these many benefits.


Product Name: Attraction Market Formula

Official Website:

Author: Ferny Ceballos

Type: Ebook For Learning MLM Business

Cost: $47

Suitable For: People who are interested in Multi-Level Marketing Business

Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is attraction marketing formula

 What is Attraction Marketing Formula All About?

Attraction marketing formula is a marketing eBook written by Ferny Ceballos. It is an indispensable tool for any online marketer who aims to build their business, be it a multilevel marketing program or a business which requires gathering a number of subscribers who are willing to give your product or service a shot.

The book focuses mainly on s the constant changes that occur on the marketing platforms overtime as more and more marketers pool into the marketplace on a daily basis. The eBook explains how the marketing landscape becomes more dynamic every day, as people escape from their employers’ nets and decide to earn a living from the comfort of their bedrooms.

The book debunks some beliefs people have had over the years about how to search for and eventually start online ventures that could yield income from home, and gives fresh insights on how to start a profitable business run from home.

In the book Attraction Marketing Formula, the Ferny Ceballos shares some practical tips drawn from his personal experience as an online salesperson for so many years. According to the author, when he left his cooperate work and decided to start his simple home business, these tips helped him build his business from the scratch, into the empire it has become today.

Unlike the tidbits of information online marketers get from other online webinars and boot camps, Ferny Ceballo’s attraction marketing boot camp gives in-depth revelation of how the author used the tricks of attraction marketing to build a multi-million dollar enterprise from the comfort of his home.

It explains how the author deviated from his initial idea of how a business should be run, and changed his methods of adopting old marketing strategies.

how attraction marketing formula works

How Does Attraction Market Formula Work?

Attraction marketing formula works by giving you the insight on the best approach you need to persuade a prospective client or customer to listen to you and become interested in whatever you’re trying to sell to them, and take action towards purchasing from you.

Attraction marketing formula works for everyone, whether you’re trying to market a product, get online users to download a file, fill an online questionnaire, or even if you’re simply trying to build an email list or whatever.

Communication is the key to building a successful online business, and it takes more than just being articulate with grammar to get a stranger on the internet to pay attention to what you have to offer. This is where attraction marketing formula becomes gold. It gives you the tips you need to appeal to those prospective clients, and spur them towards action.

So many marketers have bought the eBook and enrolled for the online boot camp, primarily because it is easy for them to relate with the struggles the author wrote about as he takes readers through his journey in the online marketing niche.

As every marketer would attest, it is very challenging to convince people to look at a marketer’s presentation or invest in their business, but this book provides the strategies of getting all these done without having to beg or use coaxing language, as is very popular among marketers.

Before you can purchase a copy of attraction marketing formula, you’ll be required to go through a number of sales copies, to make sure that you’re already grounded on the basics. Then when you get the book, it will teach you firstly how to create your squeeze page and build your list of potential buyers, then how to create hot topics that will ensure that the right audience clicks on your page, resulting in better conversion and increased signup.

It also provides you tip on what to offer your audience and strategies of constructing your email to maintain a good relationship with your audience. The end result of all these is increased traffic, huge rate of signup and increased sales.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy AMF?

The official price is $47 and as far as I’ve found, this price is both for boot camp course and webinars but there is a one-time 40% discount which let you purchase it at $27. If you’ve decided to buy this e-book, it’s better to take advantage of that %40 discount.

attraction marketing formula pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Attraction Marketing Formula

The pros of attraction marketing formula are enormous. It helps you reach more leads, build a huge email list, establish trust, build and maintain relationship, build an audience on social media and build your brand into a successful venture. It is not expensive, it provides many different strategies and at the end, it’s always a win-win because you can’t lose out if you adopt the strategies correctly.

The one con you have to bear in mind is that the book doesn’t really provide a comprehensive training on how to garner traffic. The author however mentioned that there are traffic-generating products, which are exclusively for people who join their EMP. This EMP comes with lots of packages, but it is quite expensive.

The Good

  • Practical: It provides a step by step and detailed guide. Also it teaches how to use technics you learnt in real world.
  • Easy Understanding: There is not any sections in the ebook which you will get confused about. Everything is clear and straight forward.  
  • Increase Your Sales: The author guarantees that your sales will be increased if you put everything you learnt into action.
  • Positive Reviews: Many people purchased and used it. They’re satisfied with the result and you can see this satisfaction from positive reviews they leaved in blogs and forums.

The Bad

  • Time-Consuming Process: It’s not a short-time business. You should be ready to invest serious amount of time to understand the whole concept properly. Also you may fail several times before getting success so be ready for that too.
  • Not Suitable For Beginners: It’s best if you want to improve your skills in affiliate marketing but if you’ve zero knowledge in this field, that would not be helpful.  

is attraction marketing formula scam

Final Conclusion – Is Attraction Market Formula a Scam?

From the testimony of people who have bought the book and adopted the strategies taught therein, Attraction Marketing Formula is no scam. It is ideal for anyone who wants to attract a lot of prospective customers effortlessly.

Do I Recommend AMF?

It depends on your experience. Although I see it a valuable product which can teach you many things about Multi-Level Marketing business and affiliate marketing but I think it’s best for persons who already have some experience in this industry and want to move from intermediate level into advance.

Final Word 

No, it’s not. Although it’s not my best recommendation but I still can recommend it to persons who are interested to build an online business based on MLM and affiliate marketing. First reason why I recommend it is that it’s got satisfaction of people who tested it before, so significant numbers of positive feedback makes you sure that it’s a legit and valuable program.

Attraction Marketing Formula provides the insight every online marketer needs to boost their business. Apart from teaching how to approach prospective customers and get them to take actionable steps towards patronizing your business, it also teaches you how to deal with the unpleasant experience that comes with approaching the wrong people; and also teaches you how to turn this frustration around in your favor.

There are many similar ebooks and training courses around the web which are scam or worthless so if Attraction Marketing Formula is something that got your attention, you can buy it confidently.

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