is auto chat profits scam

Is Auto Chat Profits Scam or Auto Way to Earn Profit?!

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If you are sick of scams and wish to learn about the best affiliate programs to grow your money, stay with me as we explore what Auto Chats Profits is really about and know answer of this most asked question: Is Auto Chat Profits a scam really?

The Internet has a lot of opportunities for people but who are ready and willing to do the right things. However, doing the right thing means hard work, patience and in-depth knowledge of the system you wish to use. I for one was skeptical, the minute I heard about the Auto Chats Profit platform.

You might be wondering if this is a scam or legitimate platform. Well, let me get to the point, it is not possible to make the quick cash this skim is talking about. I will be explaining this to you in this simple guide, to help you make the right choices about where to put your cash.


Product Name: Auto Chat Profits

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown!

Type: MMO Automated Software

Cost to Join: $37 at the beginning + many upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is auto chat profits

What Is Auto Chat Profits?

Auto Chat Profits claims to be an automated software which uses robot technology on your website to boost your affiliate sales and increase ClickBank offers on your website. It is said to be designed in a way that uses artificial intelligence which discovers your visitors, and through your link, the software will direct them to your website and urge them to buy affiliate-marketing products. It is speculated that this unique process will help you boost up your sales and you will make more profits. Within 6 minutes and 14 clicks, you can begin to make a profit with this special software.

Can you make money with Auto Chat Profits?

The Short answer is No. You will make money via this platform like every other newbie affiliate marketer, and so it would not be the amount of money you can be sold on. First, there is no such thing as driving traffic to you. These are humans who will sit tight and think before clicking on ads.

When you sign up on this platform and pay the $37, you will quickly create your account and website. Then you will be the one in charge of making promotions and advertisements on other platforms. Secondly, the chat-bot can indeed chat with clients and find out what they are looking for, but can they make them buy this product? No. You should know that a lot of Click bank products have been rumored to be low quality and downright spammy.

Therefore, customers would be a lot skeptical about making purchases. Secondly, in a neutral setting, customers will love to know the face and benefits before making purchases. So naturally, products will pop up, but with an automated system, it’s hard actually to get the sales you are looking for.

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how auto chat profits works

How Does Auto Chat Profits Work?

With Auto Chats Profit, you are supposed to receive a website and domain. This website will sell affiliate products of Clickbank through the programmed chat-bot. Also, this chat-bot will collect email addresses of potential customers automatically which you can use in promoting to them later via their email addresses.

The automated chat bot will not only drive traffic but will help customers according to their needs pick the products they need from the ClickBank website. So, you don’t have to choose products, but you will surely receive commissions for every sale.

What I Did Not Like in Auto Chat Profits

In addition to cons of Auto Chat Profits, there are several other things which stop me from using this platform as a source of income. I’m going mention to the main ones below.

Do Not Trust All Products Even if It Comes From ClickBank

Auto Chat Profits is going to promote and sell only products from ClickBank marketplace to your audience and you know better than me that ClickBank contains a variety range of products in any niche and any type.

The problem is that like any other marketplace you can find good and bad products over there and since ACP (Auto Chat Profits) is a robot, it can’t recognize if recommended product is valuable or it’s worthless so your visitors start to see low-quality items as high recommending products and since you do not own the website you won’t be able to decide about displayed products. This affects negatively on your website’s visitors numbers and if you care about your audience even a little bit, you do not let a low-quality product to be displayed as a recommended product.

Keep in mind that nobody can decide about your website better than you and that would be definitely an illogical decision if you let a software makes all important decision about your website, especially about ads and promoted items on your blog or website.

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auto chat profit - pros and cons

Auto Chats Profits – The Good, The Bad


  • Already prepared website: If you don’t have a website, this platform will get you one. In addition, you won’t have to deal with codes or any technicalities. All of this will be taken care of.
  • Access to products: You don’t have to research products; this will be made directly to your customers according to their needs.


  • Automation: Apart from actually driving traffic to your website, you won’t have any control over your website. This is a huge flaw if you want to affiliate for other companies as well.
  • Falsifications: Not all ClickBank products are good, and we are not sure if customers will not be directed to products put together by the creators of this bot (I’m just saying)
  • Use of solo ads: Auto Chat Profit uses solo ads, and we all know how expensive that is ($200 on 250 clicks that might not get profits)

You Have Nothing Under Control

Maybe you think it’s very good to have a ready to use website which everything put together on the right place and you don’t need to do anything else but if you think like this, you probably do not know anything about the limitation of a premade website.

Nobody wants to have something they can’t control. Although you feel comfortable when you own something premade but I make you sure that this comfortable feeling will disappear after a short time and you’ll have to face with some serious issues about your business website and since you didn’t create it yourself, these problems will double because you don’t know how to solve them so it’ll destroy your online business.

You can get some profit from such that website in the short term but as soon as you look at it as a serious long-term business, it’ll totally disappoint you. I personally believe that investing time and money behind a short term opportunity is a waste of time and you should always go only for a business that can move you from your current level into an upper level.

And last but not least, it must be said that all successful Internet entrepreneurs who make hundreds of thousands of dollars online never use an all-in-done-for-you system because they understood their effort determines their success, not the money they spend for a premade website. This is the first fact you should understand and accept if you want to get success in the online business world.

So this is another negative point of Auto Chat Profits and if you’re smart, you think twice before using one of their done for you websites.

is auto chat profits a scam

Final Word – Is the Auto Chats Profits a Scam?

Yes, it is, and I will show you why. First of all, you will find that the saleswoman “Samantha Smith” is not using her real name. And we don’t have a clue who owns this great software. Without transparency, there is no one to be held responsible for this product. Some other programs like One Bitcoin a Day use the same marketing strategy to get the attention of people.

Secondly, is the cost only $37? No! There are a lot of aggressive upsells and downsells as soon as you signup. You will spend an average $500 which I firmly believe will not still drive the sales; you are searching for.

Thirdly, the videos showed to you about the sales they have so far made with this product has a slight flaw. You will find that these sales were created as a vendor and not an affiliate. So, this is no guarantee the system actually works.

Lastly, if you have head about the Daily Cash Siphon (another scam website), you will find that the layout of this website is practically similar with Auto Chats Profit. Also, they have very similar products advertised.


The Auto Chats Profits is not made for you, but for its creators and their unethical marketers. There is nothing to be gained on the website. Absolutely NOTHING. There are many other scam websites which can even give you access to beginner tips and lessons. This is nowhere near the money you lose. But at least it is something.

This platform will continue to take from you without giving you anything in return. You won’t be able to make $423.63 in a month, more less a day, neither can you be sure of ever making anything without putting in the amount of work other affiliate marketers do.

The only right path about this system is that since it is a click bank system, you might get your money back after purchase. If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, you can! Simply take on an affiliate marketing course, learn the basics, grow your website and in a little while you will begin making lots of money. I can assure you of that!

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