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Is Automated Income System a Scam? – Truth Exposed!

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New day, new review! Today, I’m going to talk about an attractive new system called Automated Income System. I review it in detail and answer a couple of important questions about this program. Questions like is Automated Income System a scam or can you really make some cash from this opportunity are only two of many other questions that will be answered in my review.

We also take a deep look at the background of the AIS’s owner (Automated Income System) to see if what this guy is saying about making +$1300 daily is really true or it’s just a black marketing method to get your attention and money!

To be honest, I always receive emails from people (beginners) who entered to this business (making money online) without doing proper research and joined one of these programs with attractive claims in the hope to have a financial freedom and make their own online business but losing money and wasting a lot of time behind these crappy programs was their only achievement!

To help these newbies as well as other people who want to find the right way of making money online, I decided to create Digital World Guru and share my honest reviews of MMO products here and also show people how they can have an online income legitimacy without losing their hard-earned money.

Reading my reviews will help you to get familiar with the methods and techniques that scam sites are using and when you get familiar with these dirty ways, you can protect yourself from get scammed by these platforms.

Also, I’ve listed the best platform which shows you the Right Way of earning online in the bottom of this article as well as you can access it in the right side of this page.

Now let’s see what’s inside in the Automated Income System;


Product Name: Automated Income System

Official Website:

Owner: John Valley

Type: MLM Company, Affiliate Marketing Platform

Cost to Join: $97 for Starter Membership and $297 for Silver Membership.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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What Is Automated Income System Exactly?

My research shows that AIS has released almost 2 years ago in 2017 for the first time and although a person named John Valley is introduced as the owner of this system but I’m really in doubt about his real identity and my past experience in reviewing this type of programs says that it’s nothing more than a fake name and surname.

For now, let’s accept it and call the owner of AIS with his first name, John. Making +$1k/Day is what he claims and he says that with a little effort, you can even make much more than +$1,000 daily!

But what is his recommendation way for reaching that amount of money? Promoting Automated Income System! Yes, he encourages you to make money by promoting his system to all your friends and family and try to encourage them to join this platform. For what? Because this is the only way John can make profit from and it lets him continue promoting his system for free.

The first question you should ask from yourself is that why you should recruit other people to a system that you don’t know much about? And how you want other people to believe you when you have not tested the system (product) by yourself?

In order to promote AIS, you need to purchase one of the offered packages by this system and since nobody can guarantee you any profit, you may end up with losing a significant amount of money that you’ve spent for this program.

There is a small possibility to make money from Automated Income System and it only may happen if you can recruit A LOT of new people to the system.

I always stay away from such that programs that work based on recruiting system because firstly, they are not legit! FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has very strict rules about these kinds of business models and it monitors all companies that use this method carefully and close them every now and then.

And secondly, recruiting people to a new system/program is a very time-consuming job. You really need to spend a lot of time behind it and you may not get the result that you were looking for at the end.

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how automated income system works

So How Automated Income System Exactly Works?

I sort the whole process into 2 simple steps:

  • To become a member of AIS, completing a registration form is required; they’ll ask you to enter some personal contact info like your email address or postal code, you can also skip this step by login with your facebook account which is not recommended because it lets them to have access to your friends list and send them annoying promotional ads in behalf of you later.
  • When you enter to the system, a list of all subscription packages will be shown in the member area and to start earning a commission, you’ll have to buy one or more of these packages and promote it to others. (Find more about subscription business model here) I’ve also seen a free membership package while I was reviewing AIS but I don’t think it worths trying because your income potential will be very limited if you decide to start with free membership.

Purchasing any of packages makes John Valley happy and it’s very clear that to earn more commission, you need to buy more expensive packages; buying the most expensive package will make John the happiest person in the world and that’s why he pushes you to purchase more expensive packages.

Everything starts with the starter membership which will cost you $97 and the price of packages goes up to $3497. You won’t start to make money immediately after purchasing the starter package because the aim of John is encouraging you to buy the most expensive membership ($3497) so even after becoming a starter member, you’ll continue to get invitations to pay more and upgrade your membership.

I really hate this type of black marketing model because the aim of this method is helping the owner to make more money and it won’t bring any value to other members.

How to Start Earning Money From AIS?

Making money process is almost the same in all MLM companies and it has similarities with programs that I’ve reviewed before like Tesler, Home Income System or FB Dollars.

There’s only one way to make money with Automated Income System and it’s inviting and recruiting other people to this system. In order to start reselling AIS to others, you need to purchase its resell right which can be done by joining one of their paid memberships.

The started membership called “Silver” which will cost you $297; Gold, Diamon and Double Diamon are the next levels of memberships that will cost you, $597, $1497 and $1997. And the top-level is called “Royal Diamon” that is the most expensive type of membership AIS offers to member and its $3497 price is the reason why we should put it in the list of high ticket items.

After choosing one of the above membership, your AIS account will be activated for promoting and you’ll start to earn commission every time you find a new member for the system.

The point here is that your commission will be calculated based on your membership level; this means, if you have Double Dimon membership for example, your commission potential will be significantly higher than if you are in a Silver membership.

Also if one of the persons you invited to the program go for a higher membership, you won’t get more commission and the price’s gap between your commission and your referral membership’s price will be given to your sponsor.

The same as other similar programs, there are other ways to earn more money when you are working with AIS, for example if you could reach a certain level, you’ll earn bonuses which will increase your earning automatically.

Another positive point of AIS marketing compensation plan is that persons who join the system through your referrals will bring commission for you too. This means you’ll make money from your referral efforts as well.

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Automated Income System – Pros & Cons


  • Straightforward and easy understanding compensation marketing plan
  • Possibility to earn some extra cash if you work hard and do your best in recruiting people


  • Too expensive for beginners and newbies (You may end up paying +$3,000 for the whole course)
  • Lack of useful information and step by step guide in the training
  • There’s no any other way than recruiting for earning money in this platform
  • Low-quality products which make it hard to find potential buyers for them (Nobody likes products that have no value!)

Scam Signs That Stopped Me From Joining AIS

I’ve started to see more and more scam signs in this system while I was reviewing it. There are many red flags you should know about this program; I’ve mentioned to some of them in the beginning of the article and I want to tell you about another one here.

  • A Company With Different Domain Names

If you think that is the only domain name this platform owns, you’re totally wrong! Sharethenumber, Internetbreakout and Stupidsimplesystem are just a few domain names AIS uses to attract more people.

You should know that none of the legitimate companies are using different domain names and this is a common method for scam sites which let them sell their products to more people.

Domain names that I’ve mentioned above are just a few examples and I’m sure that with a little more research, you’ll be able to find a lot more domains for AIS.

But do you know why these systems prefer to use different domain names? The answer is simple; when you build a scam site, as the owner, you know very well that your site will be shut down sooner or later so having multiple domain names let you stay in the sky for some more time and make so more profit.

So the next time you see a scam platform, make sure that you find all other domain names linked to that scam site; by doing this, you can stay safe from getting scammed by the same site.

is automated income system scam

Is Automated Income System a Scam? 

I think you already know my opinion about Automated Income System; yes I believe that it’s not a legit program. When I review a new product, website or system, I’m trying to provide as information as possible to make a clear conclusion at the bottom of the article.

Sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not happen because we can’t call all low quality and crappy programs 100% scam and most of the times, it’s our fault when we purchase a product or join a new platform without doing proper research.

Anyway, recruiting is not something that can make you reach and having a couple of extra dollars in your pocket is the maximum thing you can expect from this type of systems.

I never recommend this kind of business to you or anyone else because I believe that your time is much more valuable than wasting it behind these platforms and you’ve definitely the ability to make your own successful online business rather than working for these crappy companies and websites.

Here Is The Way I’m Using to Make Money Online

Have you ever think that how millionaires became rich? Let’s ask like this: how successful Internet entrepreneurs could make a living from the online world? The answer is simpler than you think; they’ve just spent all their energy, time and money behind their INTEREST!

Yes, this is the only true way I know that can lead you to success and although it’s not as easy as anything and it takes time to work but when the result comes, you’ll be 100% satisfied!

The process is very simple; you just need to pick up one of your hobbies and interests then build a website around it. After that, you start to write review products that are related to your niche. You start getting natural traffic for your website and people who have the same interest as yours start visiting the website then they’ll buy your recommended products because it solves their problems and you’ll start making money.

The beauty of this method is that you’ll write about your interests (soccer, music, sport, movies, books, …) and because of that, you never get bored of what you’re doing. This is my favorite strategy for making extra or full-time income online it let me leave my 9-5 job.

Keep in mind that you need the right tools as well as the right platform to put yourself in the right direction.

My Best Recommended program below will give you everything you need to start money-making online from your interests the right way and… don’t worry, it’s completely FREE to join!

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my recommendation

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