Is AWOL academy a scam

Is AWOL Academy a Scam? – Trust My Sixth Sense!

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Do you like to make money online? If your answer is Yes then you should give AWOL Academy a shot without a doubt! This is what Kaela Kanae (creator of AWOL Academy) says and she wants you to believe it completely! Well, that would be nice if Kaela and her training program can help you to earn money online but is AWOL Academy a scam or it really teaches you some unique methods to build a thriving affiliate marketing business?

Yes AWOL Academy is all about affiliate marketing (aka performance-based marketing) and you’ll learn how using paid traffic sources like advertising on Facebook or other social networks can bring you a significant result. Of course other internet advertising model like Pay Per Click (aka PPC) or building an email list from attracted traffic play very important roles in your success.

When it comes to making money from affiliate marketing business, tons of questions come in mind immediately; for example about the AWOL Academy the first questions are:

  • Who is Kaela Kanae exactly and should you really trust him?
  • What does she teach in the AWOL Academy?
  • Can we believe her claims of making millions of dollars in affiliate marketing or she just wants to make more profit?
  • And more importantly, does AWOL Academy really work and turn on your money-making machine or…?

You don’t have to do anything except than reading my honest review of AWOL Academy if finding answers of above questions are important to you. Sadly the reality of affiliate marketing is far from most people think and it’s not a short-cut to earn big money online.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I’ve worked as an affiliate marketer for a couple of years and I can compare the claims of Kaela Kanae with what happens in the reality; actually, this is the most important thing I’m going to share with you in this detailed review; the difference between reality and imagination!

Now let’s start and see what’s going on inside AWOL Academy!


Product Name: AWOL Academy

Official Website:

Owner: Kaela Kanae

Type: Internet Marketing Course

Cost to Join: Start from $99 and goes up to $10k!

Recommended? 50%

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is AWOL academy

Intro – What Is AWOL Academy All About?

Actually AWOL Academy is a subset of Empower Network (A Multi-Level Marketing Company) and it’s a U.S company located in Las Vegas which was created 4 years ago in 2015 by Kaela Kanae with the aim of helping people to earn money online through online marketing business model. This platform provides educational materials for people who want to have a side income from Internet marketing.

The first name of this training platform was “Project AWOL” when it still belonged to the Empower Network and it’s established in the Nevada of the United States when it was started to work independently.

The fact is that another person called Kameron cooperated with Keala to make AWOL Academy an independent project and although he didn’t continue this cooperation till the end but the success AWOL Academy brought for Keala resulted in him to be featured in the famous business magazine Forbes.

B+ rating is the highest rate AWOL Academy could achieve from online review services like BBB and it’s interesting to know that this rating has been given to AWOL Academy years after it finished its cooperation with Empower Network.

AWOL Academy may be the most successful project of Kaela Kanae but it’s not her only work and taking a short look at her background is enough to confirm that some other programs like Global Affiliate Zone or Elite Push have been created by Kaela Kanae; although they never could stand at the same level as AWOL Academy.

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how AWOL academy works
How Does AWOL Academy Work?

Before explaining how this academy works, let’s take a look at the marketing technique this company uses to attract clients. AWOL Academy introduces its educational service and training materials through a funnel with the help of email marketing model.

They get your attention by offering a free Ebooks which called “Freelance Digital Marketing Secrets” in exchange for your email address then when they have your email address, they start to send you paid offers. Unfortunately the PDF they’re giving for free does not have any valuable information and there’s not any secret inside it. It’s just some general information about digital marketing which can be found on the Internet easily.

Also, you feel some force-buying experience while you’re reading the ebook since it’s repeatedly mentioned that joining the AWOL training platform is necessary if you want to get success.

But what type of paid courses will be offered to you after you sign up for that Free PDF?

#1 – Pro Academy

This is the basic level (and probably the cheapest one) of the training you can enroll in AWOL Academy. It’ll cost you $99 and it teaches the basic monetization methods for the site/blog owners as well as will explain you everything about the sales funnels and how they work, the beauty of email marketing, how to track your progress and conversion rate and how to build high converting landing pages.

#2 – Inbox Academy

What you learn about email marketing in the previous section is just some basic tips and tricks about how to start it and it’s not deep learning. As the name of this section brings, Inbox Academy is just about the email marketing and for a fee of $447, it’ll turn you to a professional email marketer by teaching 0 to 100 of email marketing techniques.

#3 – Conversion Academy

This considered as a costy Academy since it’s $1797 and it’s ideal for marketers who want to know how to turn potential customers to real buyers.

#4 – Traffic Academy

This is one of the most expensive academies of AWOL which will cost you $2997. Maybe because it’s about the golden key of success in the online business, traffic!

There’s a new meaning to money in the Internet marketing world and it’s traffic and there’re unlimited ways of getting traffic. Traffic Academy section explores all kinds of traffic and you’ll get familiar and learn about the newest methods of getting lazer targeted traffic for your business.

The last section called Masters Academy. The master academy is mostly about the Money Management and critical steps to scaling your business like making a business plan or the right time for investing, etc. and you need to pay more than $5000 ($5497 exactly) to access this academy

Finally, when you look at the total costs of the Academy at the end, you’ll find out that $10,000 is the minimum amount required to finish the whole course and start your business!

Is It Possible to Make Good Money With AWOL Academy?

Find out answer of this question can work like a make or break decision for you so I’m going straight to the point to answer this question as clearly as possible.

AWOL Academy provides you two ways for having an online income and in both options you need to be very active user if you want to make any serious money. “Very active” means spending at least 4 or 5 hours daily to promote AWOL Academy or provide new classes.

  • Become a Teacher

This is the first way most people choose. You sign up in AWOL Academy and create a teacher account then start to teach people everything you are expert in. For every student enrolled in your classes, you’ll earn money and of course, AWOL takes a percentage of your profit as commission.

  • Become an Affiliate

Unfortunately, it’s not free to become an affiliate with AWOL Academy. Of course, there’s no cost if you want to promote them but it does not bring you much money unless you become an active member which will cost you $39.95 every month.

Your commission will be increased to 30% as soon as you become an active member and from there, your income potential is up to how well you can market the courses.

For instance, you’ll earn a commission of $30 if you sell a $100 course in Pro Academy and it’s not necessary to say that the price of courses are more expensive in other academies like conversion or traffic academies.

AWOL Academy – Recommended or Not?

Yes and no. If you are not familiar with paid traffic then I don’t recommend you to use AWOL Academy as an income source because there’s a high risk of losing huge amount of money in just a moment while you’re using paid traffic methods and if it happens (which is not rare at all) it’ll hurt both your financial and personal life.

But if you’re a paid traffic expert and have built and run successful Marketing Campaigns based on PPC or any other paid advertising methods in the past then promoting any academy of AWOL can be profitable for you.

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AWOL academy pros and cons

AWOL Academy – Positive & Negative

The Positive Points,

  • 14-Days Money Back Guaranteed – You can request a money back within 2 weeks after joining AWOL Academy and you don’t need to answer any question or give any reason for taking a full refund.
  • A community of Experts & Gurus – Not all but most of the courses providers are very experienced persons in what they’re teaching so you’ll benefit from the training anyway which will result growing your online business.
  • High Rated By Consumer Review Sites – It’s good to see that just 1 complaint has been submitted for AWOL Academy during the last 4 years and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which is one of the most trusted review platforms is given a B+ rating to the AWOL Academy.

Of course, this is not the highest rating in their rating system but it’s high enough to call it a reliable training platform.

The Negative Points,

  • Not Enough Information About The Affiliate Program – It’s not clear why AWOL didn’t provide enough information when it comes to its affiliate program. For example, they didn’t say anything about the payment process (will you get paid weekly or monthly) or for every person, you introduce to the Academy, how much commission you’ll earn?
    Maybe an affiliate can work with a company without knowing the answer of above questions but making a detailed marketing plan without having that critical information is impractical.
  • Not A Free-Traffic Friendly System – Almost all experts in Internet marketing are agree with this fact that if you’re a beginner, investing in paid advertising can put you out of this business forever. There’s zero guarantees that you can get success with paid traffic and since most of the training classes of AWOL are based on this type of marketing model, it can leave you alone with an empty pocket at the end of the month. So stay away from it until you know inside and outside of this business.
  • Many Upsells; Here, There, Everywhere! – You should accept receiving annoying upsells if you want to give AWOL academy a shot because from the very first day you start to getting upsells that push you to enroll in more expensive classes and it never ends unless you decide to buy one of those packages that have a higher price.
  • Game of The Recruiting – One of the most common complaints about AWOL is that you’ll be encouraged to recruit new members to the academy by the system and after a while, you’ll completely forget that the key to getting success in any kind of online business is helping people not selling!
  • High Priced Courses – Luckily AWOL Academy is not the only online training platform out there so it lets us compare it to other similar available courses easily. The fact is that when a price for an online course can go up to $10,000 then that course should not be labeled as a normal course.

The truth is that some other eLearning platforms like My #1 Recommended Program provide courses with the same training materials for much less so it’s not logical to purchase expensive courses of AWOL Academy when there are options at a significantly lower price.

Is AWOL academy scam

Final Word – Is AWOL Academy a Scam? 

With plenty of valuable online classes as well as experts who are teachers of these courses and have extensive experience in Internet marketing, it’s not fair to call AWOL Academy a scam. If the price of the Academy is something you can afford it then there’s a lot of useful information you can learn from this training platform but to be honest, the price of AWOL Academy is not something many people are willing (or even can) to pay for an Elearning platform.

The truth is that the main focus of AWOL is teaching people how to promote classes of the academy and invite other people to join it. And this is the same business model some other training platforms like Six Figure Success or eCom Success Academy are currently using to promote their paid membership plan.

Actually, this is a common as well as old trick has been used by tons of companies to generate more profit and if you see new sites and programs are still fans of this black marketing method, it’s because this trick is still working well and the truth is that it never gets old!

Another negative thing that stops me from recommending AWOL Academy to other affiliates is that in order to make money with them, you need to purchase one of their packages (Inbox Academy, Conversion Academy, Traffic Academy, etc.) first and this is not how a trustable and reliable affiliate program works.

Keep in mind that joining a trustable and reliable affiliate program should be done for completely FREE of cost because you’re going to make profit for that company so if you see a company or site that requires you to pay them or purchase any of their product in order to become one of their affiliates then you should highly doubt it!

And in the end, I repeat it again that there’re reliable training platforms (like My Best Recommendation) that offer you very high-quality training classes with one-on-one coaching training model for a very cheaper price and more interestingly, you can join the platform and check all the courses/classes first to see if it fits your needs then give it a try and during the whole of the trial-time the platform does not charge you even a single penny!

Keep reading to find out more about “My Best Recommendation” training program below.

Thanks for reading my AWOL Academy review and feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. Hey Ali,
    Thanks for your review on AWOL Acadamy. In my opinion, this platform is not for beginners like the people who want to learn how to make money online because it’s too expensive.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi! This is a great review! I was looking for Affiliate Marketing, since I am totally newbie and I heard about AWOL and wanted to know if it´s really a good start. Well, now I see that it´s like other platform that promises you the heaven. But you have to invest a lot, so I do not think it´s a good idea when you are starting.

    And thank you for the “Upsell” warning! That´s really annoys me a lot. It´s like nobody care really about your learning journey.
    By the way, I clicked the method you recommend, Can you really start for free? and “see what happens”?

    Thank you for your post and so detailed post!

  3. Hi Ali!
    This such a great review.
    This is actually a paid membership or a training like you enrol in a class for the particular course.
    I think the fee aren’t reasonable enough and in order to become an affiliate with AWOL Academy, you should have to pay another $39.95 every month.
    On top of it, you need to spend extra bucks for paid advertisement to generate traffic. Besides, ther are no guarantee of the same value in return.

  4. I always look into a smart way to make money online and this article is really an inspiration. As there are lot of money making stuff internet based always there is a question of genuinity. This article helps in better understanding of various things in dept related to AWOL. I am trying this.


  5. Hi Ali,
    Thanks for this insightful review. I had not come across AWOL and was unaware that they existed. It sounds an interesting concept of becoming a teacher, but then you can do that on any e-learning platform.
    I had looked into six-figure success and was tempted to join, but like you said you having to pay increasing amounts to go to the next level even before you can be an affiliate for that product is crazy.
    For us newbies to affiliate marketing, we need to be aware of the pitfalls that some of these programs have or else we can get sucked in so easily. Their advertising emails and funnels are very convincing, so thanks again for pointing out how AWOL works.

  6. Hi,
    I’m so pleased that I came across your article. I’ve been looking for a fair and balanced opinion of both AWOL and Wealthy Affiliate courses. As a complete beginner I want to know ahead of time what I will be paying and the chances of making a successful living online.
    You’ve given what I believe is a very fair opinion of both courses, listing the pros and cons in a very straightforward way. I also like the fact that you know both of these programmes so well.
    Thanks to you I now I feel confident that I can move forward with the best course that meets my needs as a complete beginner.
    Thanks again!

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