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Is Bizrate Rewards a Scam? – The Fakest Business Model!

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Similar to every other paid survey website that you have heard of before, Bizrate Rewards have come forward to declare itself as a leader in the overall gathering of online customer feedback and insight. But here is the question: Is Bizrate Rewards a scam that is hidden behind a legit skin?

The website has been rewarding its customers for over fifteen years, and they have still managed to run a highly successful business.

Nonetheless, do all these actually mean that Bizrate Rewards is actually a website that is legit and people can make money from it? Sit back and read through our review to find out.


Product Name: Bizrate Rewards

Official Website:

Owner: Farhad Mohit and Henri Asseily

Type: Make money from online surveys and sharing opinions

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? No worth trying

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is bizrate rewards

What Is Bizrate Rewards Actually About?

The first thing you need to be aware of is that Bizrate Reward is practically a marketing research company that pays its members for just carrying out web surveys.

They also pay their members for sharing their very own opinions concerning consumer products, brands, and not to forget services. If you are searching for them, you can actually get them on

If you should find Bizrate without the rewards attached to it, it is actually their sister site for online shopping and has nothing to do with surveys. However, they are both owned by the same company

This company is none other than Connexity Inc, and it was established in the year 1996. It is situated in Santa Monica, CA.

Nonetheless, one of the first things you have to be aware of concerning Bizrate Rewards is that it is owned by Bizrate, an online shopping website.

Another thing to note is that Bizrate Rewards functions as a middleman between shoppers and diverse online retailers that allows individuals to buy products and goods.

Also, with its main website, there is a market research panel that functions like every other panel. This means that they allow individuals to fill out surveys with their own answers and opinions.

This is done in exchange for points that can, later on, be redeemed excitedly for gift cards. The surgery website operates with some major brands, and its main aim is to gain information about:

  • How people behave as consumers
  • What they like, and;
  • What they do not like

Also, they go on to provide data to brands in a bid to get better at their marketing procedures.

On the Bizrate Rewards website, they have made claims that roughly twenty-seven million consumer surveys were completed in 2017 alone.

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how bizrate rewards works

How Does Bizrate Rewards Work?

On a general note, your membership for being a part of Bizrate Rewards is entirely free, and it is available for people who reside in the United States.

Nonetheless, people who live in other countries do not get to make use of their services. If you do not reside in the US, then this particular survey panel is really not for you.

Immediately you sign up for what is known as a member account, you will be asked to carry out your first survey quickly. This survey pretends to actually collect some basic information about:

  • Who you really are
  • How old you are, and;
  • Where you reside

This is carried out so that Bizrate Rewards can provide you with the chance of completing all other surveys that will be pertinent to your demography later on.

With this first profiling survey, you will get your first ever points, and it will add up each time you complete a survey. Later on, it can be redeemed when you attain the lowest amount of five thousand points.

Five thousand points are the price for about five dollars eGift card. However, the only way in which you can gain points that can be exchanged later on is through taking the surveys.

There is no other approach being offered by Bizrate Rewards actually to gather points except via survey. You will get the surveys as emails for about two times each week.

The number of points you can if you take on the survey will also be reflected as well.

Features Of Bizrate Rewards

If you decide actually to fill out the survey, you can start accumulating about a hundred to five thousand points in one distinct activity but this will vary and will also be determined by the type and length of the survey.

It is actually not necessary to go to your member account just to see how far you have come with your points. This is because Bizrate Rewards will send your balance to you in every mail that they forward to you.

One other amazing thing about Bizrate Rewards is that unlike other paid survey websites that take so long to deposit your funds into your account, you will get to wait for two to three days alone before you get access to the number of points you acquired from a completed survey.

Which People Get To Use Bizrate Rewards

Similar to all other online surveys, the pay per survey here is quite low. It can take some amount of time before it gets to reach the lowest five-dollar payout threshold.

And, this means that Bizrate Rewards is just for those who need a few extra money to spend on trivial things such as coffee.

Who Should Not Make Use Of Bizrate Rewards?

If you are among those trying your best to make real income off the internet, searching for a side hustle or maybe a full-time job online, then Bizrate Rewards is probably not for you.

The benefit of making money from the comfort of your home is that our digitally connected world gives us the leverage to do so. It allows us to create something just once that we will get paid for over and over again.

However, online surveys cannot provide any such leverage. For each survey that you get completed, you will get paid once, and it is not so much.

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bizrate rewards pros and cons

Issues And Complaints About Bizrate Rewards

There are so many things about the prominent Bizrate Rewards website that does not operate appropriately, and it makes the company look suspicious.

For beginners, the company has a blog that has never updated anything since it got launched in the year 2015.

Additionally, it once had an Android app and was set to launch its iOS version when they suddenly stopped the two apps.

The company also claims that it can redeem your five dollars eGift card in roughly one hundred and thirty online shops which include:

  • Target
  • iTunes
  • com
  • Applebee’s
  • Zappos
  • Old Navy, and;
  • The home Depot.

However, it seems like the only gift card you can actually get is from Amazon alone. Also, the company lacks the refer-a-friend program. When you invite a friend to join this survey panel, you will not be given extra points as compensation.

This is taken as disappointing because on other survey websites, referring your friends will lead to a huge amount of points.

Also, if you get to be inactive for over a time frame of one year, your account will be instantly eligible for deletion.

What this means is that, if the last time you deposited points in your member account was let’s say August of 2018, you would be given till July of 2019 to reactivate the account.

Else, the account alongside all your available points will be terminated without any return.

Some other issues with Bizrate Rewards include some cases of finishing surveys and not receive any of your points or any reward at all with the excuse that the offer has already expired.

This gets to be frustrating because you get to spend roughly twenty minutes in filling out the questions that will end up not giving you at least a cent in return.

Other times, you will receive emails with surveys that will end up being errors or saying quota reached. This is actually common, and sometimes, you can get 404 error screens when you are trying to redeem your rewards.

A website that makes it hard for you to redeem your rewards is not the type of website that you should be hanging around in.

Not to forget, customer support tends to be unreachable and unresponsive. This makes it very impossible to fix the diverse problems Bizrate Rewards can create all over your account

Finally, there is no way of making cash with this website. All you do is to redeem your points with eGift cards. You cannot transfer money to your PayPal account here.

How Much Do Bizrate Rewards Pay Users?

Different programs have different amount of income, you can make more in platforms like Selling Family or make less with programs like AIS or Tesler.

Similar to websites such as Survey junkie, branded surveys, and even e-Rewards, Bizrate Rewards has its very own points currency. Here, a thousand points are equivalent to $1.00.

This implies that a survey that pays about fifty points is actually worth $.05. Also, the company claims that survey payouts range from five to five thousand points.

Nonetheless, the pay on Bizrate Rewards is actually lower than the majority of the available survey sites.

While the pay may actually be lower than the average survey sites, the good news is that the minimum payout is also lower than average as well. Your rewards can be redeemed when you attain about five thousand points.

Your points can be sold for diverse restaurant and retail e-Gift cards like Starbucks and even Amazon.

Is Bizrate Rewards Legit?

It is quite hard to say if it is legit or not, but if you want to carry out surveys that will not only pay you a lot and have you waiting for a short period after sign up, then you should try out:

  • Fusion Cash

Here, you will get a five dollar sign up bonus once you complete the set-up of your account properly and this entails email verification. Cash can only be earned on this site as well.

  • Swagbucks

It is an amazing reward site that has diverse things you can engage yourself in to make Swagbucks.

The Swagbucks involved here are worth about a hundred points, which is one dollar. It can be redeemed for either gift cards or cash.

is bizrate rewards scam

Final Word – Is Bizrate Rewards a Scam? 

It may seem obvious that while you will not be making money with Bizrate Rewards, you can as well lose some.

Some of its users have mentioned that though they get charged service fees for every supposedly free magazine they get via the rewards, that is not all.

The amounts they charged with vary from roughly two dollars to a hundred dollars.

This implies that there is every possibility that you be paying roughly one hundred dollars for magazines that you may or may not have ordered.

Some other users have shared their experience of being charged from their credit card without even filling out any survey. This happened when they signed up on the site.

With all these, it is very vital that you have it in mind that you should never ever give out details about your credit card to any website, including Bizrate Rewards.

If you are among those that receive magazine subscriptions that you never signed up for it you see that additional amounts are being charged to your cards, the ideal way to address the issue is to swiftly get legal help.

To Sum It Up

The only way we can put this to you is to state that Bizrate Rewards stands more on the side of being a scam than being legit.

While the site may work for those people who have managed to get the unreachable five thousand points for a gift card of five dollars, other members have had terrible experiences.

Asides from Bizrate Rewards, its major website for online shopping tends to present diverse issues that range from shipping delays down to an inability to get items returned.

Experiences of customers speak highly for themselves, and this should be more than enough to let you know everything that this site is actually up to.

While they make it seem like you are filling out surveys and gaining some points that lead to a free magazine subscription, you will get to find out later that you have been paying for the magazine all this while.

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