is Bossless Forever scam

Is Bossless Forever Scam or the Best Investment Option?

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What if I tell you there is a platform which teaches you how to earn good money from your comfortable room? Of course you will be interested to know what’s that and how does it work, especially if you hear this from a trusted person like a best friend or family member.

Bossless Forever is the website which show you “How to fire your boss by their system!” After hearing this, I would probably ask two important questions:

  • Is it really possible to do that?
  • And more importantly, is Bossless Forever scam?

I’m going to answer both of questions in my Bossless Forever review so continue reading to find all truth about this program.

Most of the times, I personally join a program or platform and pay its membership’s fee to be able review it properly but I didn’t do it about Bossless Forever because it was not necessary. I’ve reviewed many platforms that work based on the same strategy to I know exactly what business model Bossless Forever uses to make money and it’s what I’m going to share with you here.

Since I’m an Internet Entrepreneur and make a full-time income online, I’m familiar with 99% of ways where you can fire your boss, so I watched webinar of this company to find out which one of these ways has been taught by them. After watching their webinar, everything was totally clear for me and I’ll show you what you will have access to and what you will learn if you join Bossless Forever.

I recommend you to don’t leave my review before reading it completely because you will find out about one of the best and legitimate ways which show you how to earn money from your interests and turn it into a full-time online income The Right Way (this is exactly what I’m doing right now) in my Best Recommendation Section.

Introduction is enough, let’s start! )


Product Name: Bossless Forever

Official Website:

Owner: Amiee Ball

Type: Online Course

Cost to Join: $100 + upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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is Bossless Forever scam

Intro – What Is Bossless Forever All About?

It may seem strange but the truth is that even in 21st century there are still tons of companies and businesses that are not active in online world and prefer to work offline. You will learn how to become an internet marketer and make money by helping these offline companies.

There are several ways you can earn money as online marketer and helping offline businesses to enter into digital world and take advantage of it is one of these ways that Bossless Forever focuses on.

First of all you learn how connect to offline companies and let them know about the great potential behind online world then you invite them to use your service and turn their offline business into a thriving online business. Money you will earn from these companies will be your base of income.

This is what Bossless Forever does in summary; now let’s take a closer look at its training course.

If you have not heard about make profit through turning offline business into online then you should know that you missed a great opportunity. It’s a win-win game and if you can help companies get their business online properly and get more customers in result then there will be a high potential of income for you.

Training of Bossless Forever listed into 5 categories and each category explained in details by Amiee Ball in her webinar so to save time, I don’t go through each category separately here. It’s good to see a step by step guide inside the training because it’s one of the main factors every new marketer NEEDS to walk on the right direction and get success.

If you watch Amiee Ball’s webinar completely, you will know what the whole system is about but I prefer give you a summary of it here. After joining program, you will start learning about niche markets and how to find them; you need to find profitable markets first then look for “offline” businesses that work on that market.

Your main task starts after that, you start contact with offline businesses and explain them how become an online business can benefit them and how their sales can be increased by using your online marketing service. Finally you offer them your online marketing services and invite them to take advantage of it.

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how bosslessforever works

How Does Bossless Forever work?

When you start your journey in Bossless Forever, you will learn about many potential businesses that are currently offline and you can make profit by turning them into online. It’s clear that Bossless Forever makes profit from selling its online course but is it profitable for members who enroll into the course too?

Let’s see how you can make money after finishing the course. When you contacted with offline and local businesses and offered them your services, depends on how you promoted your services, they start purchasing it and since it’s an on-going process (building and maintaining a website and doing marketing for that) your clients will be charged with a monthly fee which is determined by you so your income will be passive.

When you can attract client to buy your service, you’ve done lead generation phase successfully. At this part, you’ve turned local businesses into potential buyers and you just need to turn these leads into real buyers and during a series of trainings, you will learn how to do this the right way. The final phase will be completed without your effort when businesses owners decide to use your service and that’s the time when you start making profit.

Fortunately Bossless Forever provides a detailed training course so unlike many other similar courses, it won’t leave you alone with a lot of questions in your mind after finishing course. Many people enrolled into the course and could get success with that and of course like any other online courses, there are some people who could not get any benefit from it.

Without doubt finding potential clients is the most difficult part of this business model and this is what Aimee covered in the course with providing some additional marketing trainings.

is Bossless Forever a scam

Final Conclusion – Is Bossless Forever Scam?

Of course not. There are enough reasons which prove that Bossless Forever is totally a legit training program. Background of owner is one of the main positive points of Bossless Forever; Amiee Ball is an experienced person in creating training courses and she’s doing online marketing and help local businesses to grow for a couple of years now so she knows what she’s doing exactly.

Although I marked Bossless Forever as a legit and valuable course but I don’t recommend it to everyone! Let me be honest with you; with all good things I’ve told you about Bossless Forever, it must be said that this is an expensive course and even after finishing course, it takes time to become master and make serious money through it and this is not what everybody feel comfortable with.

So I only recommend it IF you’re a risk averse person and have enough money to invest otherwise there are better options which cost you much less and can bring you more significant result. One of these options called affiliate marketing and one of the best places to learn everything about this business is Wealthy Affiliate.

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Actually all concept you will learn in Bossless Forever is available on Wealthy Affiliate too plus WA teaches you how your interests can be turn into a successful online business. There are many skills you will learn over there and the biggest difference between Bossless Forever and Wealthy Affiliate is that WA lets your start your journey with them for completely Free!

In affiliate marketing and especially methods that you learn in WA, you don’t need to find any client to sell your services; you simply pick a niche (a topic based on your hobbies) and Wealthy Affiliate provides you ALL necessary tools you need to build for a profitable website around that niche.

Kyle & Carson are founders of Wealthy Affiliate. I know these guys for a long time and unlike Bossless Forever, you can contact with them personally right after joining WA. Actually one of them will contact you to provide any helps you need and it was so nice for me to see that I’m able to talk with owner of platform anytime I want.

I’ve run online business before and it was almost impossible for me to make any serious money from it but after joining WA, everything changed. I’ve got familiar with methods that I never knew about before and now, I’m making a full-time income from method that I’ve learned in WA. It’s good to know that I introduced Wealthy Affiliate to one of my friends who didn’t know anything about online marketing and you will be surprise to hear that he runs several thriving online business now!

Read my best recommendation section below to find out more about this high quality opportunity.

my recommendation

My Best Recommendation

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