Is Bulletproof Profits a Scam

Is Bulletproof Profits a Scam? – It Makes You Crazy!

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Hello again and thanks for coming to this page for reading my honest review of Bulletproof Profits. In this review, I’ll explain why Bulletproof Profits totally disappointed me and what red flags convinced me to consider it as a scam and these scam signs let you find the answer of this question easily: Is Bulletproof Profits a scam or not?

Unfortunately, this is what I see a lot in the online world these days. A new program/product comes up with unrealistic claims, attractive design and big promises then get the attention of many people, scam them and… disappears in no time!

I know what you are saying now, you say: But Ali there are many positive reviews about the Bulletproof Profits, why you are calling it a scam?

I only have one reason to answer you and I think that it’s more than enough to convince you that all those reviews that say only good things about Bulletproof Profits are FAKE! Many persons have been hired by Bulletproof Profits as affiliates to encourage people to join this platform and they make a significant profit from doing this so it does not important for them if you make or lose money. They do this because it’s profitable for them.

Anyway, I’m not one of those affiliates and I’m no working with Bulletproof Profits so I only share I’ve seen and experienced in this program and I want to let you and everybody know that money does not come to your pocket as easy as anything in the online world and you should work hard and choose the right direction if you want to make money online.

Also knowing about the latest online scams will help you stay away from crappy programs and don’t waste your money and time on them. This is my goal of creating and updating and I hope, I’ll do a good job in this way. )

Now let’s find out all the ugly truths about Bulletproof Profits.


Product Name: Bulletproof Profits

Official Website:

Owner: Sean Tyler (But he’s not a real person!)

Type: Make money with Amazon website (Making $2k/Daily!)

Cost to Join: $9 + more than $300 upsells!

Short Review

“You can easily make $2000 per single day with the system”. This is a first claim gets your attention when you land to the website of Bulletproof Profits.

This is 100% a fake claim and you will never be able to make that much money after purchasing the system. The best definition for Bulletproof Profits is that it’s a system based on lies and unreal promises! There’s really nothing you can believe or trust in this system from the information it gives you about the creator of the program to needed time you should invest for making thousands of dollars with that. Everything is just a lie!

Well, I personally didn’t surprise too much when I’ve seen tons of lies and fake claims on their website because they want to sell this training program and they have to make you sure that it’s the most valuable training material in the world otherwise nobody will buy it!

Recommended? No!

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is Bulletproof Profits

What Is Bulletproof Profits All About?

Sometimes you are able to make extra money by promoting products of another company like Nevetica which is called Multi-Level Marketing and some other times you learn how to build a new business from the scratch in programs like Bulletproof Profits.

Amazon FBA is the field that Bulletproof Profits is going to teach you everything about. Training materials of this platform are provided in both multimedia and text formats and it’ll show you different methods of money making through Amazon site.

One of the fields that you’ll learn about is ‘Private Labeling’. It’s all about purchasing products from other companies and resell them under your name with the help of Amazon’s fulfillment centers (FBA). In the FBA method, Amazon will handle the whole process of packing and shipping your products and you just need to send the items in bulk once to the Amazon fulfillment center then start promoting and selling it through the Amazon site.

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how Bulletproof Profits works

What You Will Have Access to After Joining Bulletproof Profits?

The product’s price is some deceptive. It’s just $9 but you’ll find out soon that this is not the real price of the product. For example, right after joining the platform, you’ll be offered to join VIP training section which will be full of upsells.

After that, another crappy program called Profit Genesis Reloaded will be recommended to you as a quality MMO product and it’s interesting to know that Bulletproof Profits says you SHOULD buy Profit Genesis if you want to get the same result as other people got in testimonials.

The truth is that not only training course of Bulletproof Profits but any other recommended product by this program IS NOT going to make you even a single cent! Of course, every cook praises his own broth so don’t expect to hear the truth from them.

All you’ll get for your $9 is some ebooks and videos which are not anything more than a beginner guide to the Amazon FBA business. What is FBA, how does it work, how to sign up with FBA Amazon, etc. are the topics that are covered in the training section of Bulletproof Profits but the truth is that all those information DOES NOT worth even $2!

And this question comes up immediately to our mind; why you should pay $9 for something that is available for FREE on the web? Of course, if doing a quick Google search is something that is too hard for you then it’s better to even don’t enter to making money online world because tons of scammers are waiting to take advantage of lazy people and steal their hard earned money!

The Real Cost Behind Bulletproof Profits

Pay $9 and make $2,000 daily? I’m sorry but it’s not going to happen for you! The real price of this product was $37 but they’ve reduced it to $9. It’s not clear why they decided to do this but I guess a lower price product makes more sales for them. Anyway, the entire cost won’t be only $9 and after purchasing the product, you’ll start to get different kind of upsells which can increase your total cost to over $300!

Luckily this product has been released in ClickBank and you can request a refund and get your money back up to 60 days after purchasing it. Please note that this money-back guarantee is provided by ClickBank for ALL products on their website and it’s not something offered by Bulletproof Profits.

By the way, if you have any issue with the program, there’s no way to contact the owner or any other type of support. Some email addresses are given in the member area or when you want to purchase it as email of support but I’ve tried to contact them through those email addresses and I didn’t get any reply!

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Bulletproof Profits review

Bulletproof Profits – Advantages & Disadvantages

I know I didn’t say good things about the Bulletproof Profits in the above paragraphs but to be honest, there are a few positive points in this training platform which can’t be ignored if I want to be 100% honest with you so although Bulletproof Profits is a loser from my point of view because of many reasons but I list both advantages and disadvantages of it here:


  • There’s a refund available if you request it up to 60 days after purchasing the product
  • All training video and ebooks are easy-understanding
  • There are many information about Amazon FBA they’ve gathered all in one place


  • Unreal TestimonialsThe testimonials are written by affiliates for making money purposes and they’re not real.
  • Fake Claims and Promises – Making $2,000 in only one day is not possible at all just after buying the product
  • High Competitive Market – There are many individuals and businesses joined Amazon FBA during the last years and this turned this business model to a high competition market for newcomers.
  • Startup Expenses Are High – The products should be bought by you first in order to be sold in the Amazon and you never know if that product will be sold on Amazon well or not.

Is Bulletproof Profits Scam

Final Word – Is Bulletproof Profits a Scam?

Yes, I can’t call such this product a legit training program. Although there is some information which MAY be useful for you but the whole product is not worth $37 (old price) or $9 (new price).

What it says to you as the claim (making +$2,000 every day) is not something that can be achieved easily and this type of unrealistic claims have been considered as black marketing methods for years now. Hiding several important facts like the high competitive market of Amazon FBA or using fake testimonials to attract the trust of new customers are other issues that exclude it from my legit list.

Also, there’s a high chance to fail if you don’t know how to promote a product that you’ve purchased from another manufacturer and rebranded it as your own.


I’ve seen and reviewed MMO products that were worse than Bulletproof Profits in the past so I’m not going to call this training platform the worst online course in the world; anyway, I don’t think there’s any chance to make any serious amount of money through its training materials plus if you are not familiar with Internet marketing and don’t have any knowledge about it then you probably feel that you’ve landed in the middle of a road to nowhere!

So if you’re a newbie in making money online world or if you have just a little bit of information about online marketing then it’s better to start with a platform that can provide you everything to get success, from 0 to 100.

What is The Right Way of Making Money Online?

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Thank you for reading my review and feel free to leave your opinion or ask your questions in the comments below.

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