is buyout millionaires club scam

Is Buyout Millionaires Club Scam? – Big Chance or Bad Break?!

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I’m glad to see you here and I want to thank you for investing your valuable time to read my Buyout Millionaires Club review. Is Buyout Millionaires Club scam? In short, yes but let me explain why.

Buyout Millionaires Club is a newsletter and since I’ve recently reviewed another paid newsletter called Nova X Report, I thought that I’m going to take a look at another quality MMO service which can be very beneficial especially for beginners but I was totally wrong and this newsletter totally disappointed me.

When you subscribe to the Buyout Millionaires Club newsletter, you’ll receive advice for investing in newly launched businesses that have stocks with high potential of profit. Of course, it can be profitable if you identify these growth stocks properly but the stock market does not listen to your prediction always. I may go completely another way (The stock of a specific company can fall right after you buy it or it can go up and make you very happy).

The point is that this is not the right business for everybody if you are a staying-at-home mom for example or your knowledge of stock trading is just about what you’ve heard about this industry in the TV News.

Stay with me and read my Buyout Millionaires Club review to know if this newsletter worths the money you are going to pay for it or not and discover one of the best and most legit ways of money making from the Internet that I recommend to anyone who is just new to the online business world.


Product Name: Buyout Millionaires Club

Official Website:

Owner: Zach Scheidt

Type: Paid newsletter with financial tips

Price: Unknown

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is Buyout Millionaires Club

What Is Buyout Millionaires Club Exactly?

Buyout Millionaires Club is created by Agora Financial company. I’ve provided some summary information about this financial advisor in the past but I have not covered it separately as an independent service.

In simple word, the main thing Buyout Millionaires Club does is monitoring startups to see which ones have good potential for investing according to the products and events they’re going to run in the coming months, then make a list of these companies and send it to subscribers as good investment opportunities.

To be honest, it’s like a prediction game; if you can find a newly launched startup with great potential and invest on its stocks before they introduce and run the product officially, you’re going to make a nice profit easily!

Buyout Millionaires Club says that with the help of the information in their newsletter, you have a better overview of new investment opportunities compared to other investors. As you know, this newsletter is not free and a fee is included if you want to take advantage of all trade pieces of advice. To become an official subscriber of Buyout Millionaires Club and receive their weekly advice in your mailbox, you need to pay monthly or yearly fee.

Who Is Created Buyout Millionaires Club Newsletter?

Zach Scheidt is the first name comes up after typing “founder of Buyout Millionaires Club” in Google. With some more research, you’ll understand that this guy has built and run several other MMO products before.

Zach became interested in online investing after finishing university. Taking a short look at his background show that he has great skills in finding profitable stocks that can bring high ROI for investors. Being in the investment world for a long time turned him to a professional investor with high ability of money management.

SunTrust bank of the United States is the first place Zach started working with and it’s not the only bank that he cooperate with. There are several private companies and business which use skill of this person as an investment advisor and analyst manager.

Also, Zach didn’t limit himself in working with banks and individual companies and from a couple of years ago, he started to build and run his own financial advisor services which Buyout Millionaires Club is his latest work in this section.

Zach Scheidt is one of those experienced people who invest in stocks confidently. Actually, his deep knowledge in this industry let him to make a good decision at the right times.

Tons of people get the help of Zach Scheidt to improve their financial life because they accepted him as an expert in the stock market so it’s not strange if you know that he has made thousands of dollars through trading stocks.

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how Buyout Millionaires Club works

What Features Included in Buyout Millionaires Club?

You have access to several information and bonuses when you subscribe to newsletter but I mention to the main features here:

Speed Up You Progress With Dedicated Tools: You are paying for this newsletter so it’s clear that you prefer to get the most benefit from it. Zach provides you with 4 tools which help you progress faster and reach more profits. Investing process may look complicated from the point of view who are not familiar with that and the goal of these goals is making this process as simple as possible for young new investors.

Get Best Finacial Recommendations Every Thursday: Unlike some other similar newsletters, Zach won’t talk to you in a general tone in his weekly newsletter instead, every Thursday morning you’ll get a recommendation as a bonus that let you know about a specific company which he has discovered recently and has a high potential of profit

To be one step ahead of other investors, you need a pro predictive analytics software and you can access this tool inside of Buyout Millionaires Club. All opportunities will be found by advanced software called One Day Bonus Indicator which is created by Zach and is able to predict the stock market as well as value stock with high accuracy

Training Materials & PDF Guides: Although working as a stock trader can be very enjoyable, especially if there are winning trades but there’s a high chance to fail in this business if you don’t have a mentor or a step by step guide.

Training model provided by Zach Scheidt is clear and straightforward and you have lifetime access to all training materials when you become a member of this platform.

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Buyout Millionaires Club review

Buyout Millionaires Club – The Good, The Bad

The Good,

  • Beginner-Friendly Software – What Buyout Millionaires Club software gives you as trade signals are very simple buy/sell commands and you don’t need any specific trading knowledge to read and understand these signals. You just need to make a decision and place your order.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Human Intelligence – There’s something that gives uniqueness features BMC software. One of the features that let it analyze and find the most profitable situations in the stock market and provide it to ALL subscribers (not only bankers, experts, and advanced investors) is that it’s not just a robo-based software and in addition to an AI ( Artificial Intelligence) with high accuracy it takes advantage of expertise of real experienced stock traders.
  • Makes Process’s Time of Making Profit Shorter – Trading stocks (especially buying/selling stocks of big-name companies) is a time-consuming job and in a situation of an economic stagnation your invested money may not experience any profit for a long period of time so you should be very patient to pass this hard time if you’re a traditional investor. Now with knowing this fact, BMC tries to make this process shorter and bring you a profit faster by using software to makes the process automatic and mitigate human error as much as possible.

The Bad,

Well, I don’t see big cons about Buyout Millionaires Club, maybe its membership fee which is pretty high for a financial newsletter is what I didn’t like about this platform but by having a long-term look, this fee will be covered with the profits you will make through the system. You should be patient because it’s an investment for the future not now!

Is Buyout Millionaires Club a Scam

Final Word – Is Buyout Millionaires Club Scam?

Although Buyout Millionaires Club is a quality software has been used by many financial advisors who confirmed its legitimacy but it’s not the best and has a long way to become a leader in the investment industry.

I give a ‘Yes’ answer to the above question because of all the unique features you can find in this software as well as many good investment opportunities it gives you to make winning trades in the stock market. This software has been created and tested by stock experts of Wall Street who know how the market works exactly and by following training guides and instruction provided by the software, everybody can become a successful stock trader.

If you are ok with high membership’s fee you have to pay every month you use the software and become a subscriber of the newsletter and also if earning an average side income in maximum is all you want from an online investment then feel free pick it right now but if you can’t afford the cost of annual membership fee and all those money you need to invest in different stocks for making profit in a long-term then you should go for my best recommendation platform below.

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Thanks for reading my review and feel free to share your opinions in the comments below.

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  1. I do not recommend the BMC. After a year of membership, there were some good trade recommendations but overall it was speculation, then Covid upset the market and future option trades never materialized as a rule. I lost much more money than I gained plus I paid someone thousands of dollars to give me bad advise that further caused losses of many more thousands of dollars. The system is severely flawed and “the one day indicator” is a hoax. No guarantees and no concern for your outcome.

  2. You state that Zach is promoting newly launched startups with potential. What I read is that they are promoting companies on the verge of buyouts.

  3. I would not recommend the millionaire buy out. I gave the program the benefit of the doubt. I will not renew my service. It sounds to me Mr. Zach talks a good game.

  4. I do not recommended the buyout Millionaire Club.
    Lost a lots of Money with that service, support has been very poor.

    Very good at bragging when they do well, and when they don’t they always find a way to find a reason.

    Also They promised a tablet when you join which I never got.
    When you call them they are telling you that that are back order.

  5. Ali, I signed up for this service 7 weeks ago. On 11/28/2019 I received an email from Zach Scheidt telling me that my “Regular” subscription is being cancelled, and I must buy into a “Lifetime” subscription for $684 more if I want to keep the service. Received a second email the next day telling me the same thing. Of the 7 options I bought on Zach’s recommendations, 4 of them were losers. I can’t tell you how ticked off I am with the BMC. I am now trying to get my money back from these people, but have not heard anything yet. Also the tone used in the emails was very disrespectful. The whole thing smacks of deceit and possible fraud. I will keep you updated on what happens moving forward.

    1. Hello Allen and thanks for your comment. Well, it’s sad to hear that you’ve had such that terrible experience with BMC and you probably now understand why I rated it 3 out of 10. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that someone has made a complaint about BMC and it won’t be the last one as long as the FTC (the United States International Trade Commission) does not take serious action about it.
      I hope you really can get your money back and keep in mind that reading honest reviews is the best way to find out about the legitimacy of a new program or product BEFORE buying it.

      Feel free to update your case here and I would share it with others here to warn others and help people make a logical decision about this website.


  6. Hi Ali, thank you for this article you posted. It’s interesting how companies are monitored and business success are “predicted” . I actually think the the high membership fee makes it more exclusive to people who are serious about it.
    Thanks for sharing, also the background information on the founder.
    I will keep following your next articles.

  7. Hi Ali – thanks for this thorough review of Buyout Millionaires Club – I guess if it was that easy then the world would be full of millionaires! I don’t have much knowledge of the stock market so having an expert present recommendations on how to get in with start-ups, what to buy when, giving specific instructions – it does sound appealing but also a bit scary to me! I don’t have a lot of money to lose so this risk outweighs the potential benefits to me, and I emphasise “potential” because reading the market doesn’t seem to be a skill many people can guarantee. Also that fact that you do have to pay a subscription – I guess you are paying for the expert advice but again you need to be willing to take the risks involved. I’d like to see actual results from Zach’s advice before going any further with his Club – Thanks again and I don’t think this particular system is for me!

  8. I really like your article and let me know what is the buyout millionaire club.
    Thank you very much for sharing.

  9. Thank you for the advice in this Post. For a long time I never thought about investments, but now getting a bit further in years, I have thought about investing. Of Course I have a 403b Plan with my current employment, but co-workers are always talking about making other investments and having a nice “egg nest” when they retire. So it seemed investing and finding a good program for investment would have been ideal. However thankful to your post, though it sounds like there may be some good features to the buyout millionaire’s club, this program sounds expensive and too risky if you don’t already have some money aside to invest.
    My next thought was, “where can you find a place to invest your money in now, before retirement and create your own “egg nest,” and you answered that question for me as well. Your recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate, is excellent for those who are just starting out on learning to make money online. The free membership it offers is amazing! Thank you again for writing this post, because clearly the best investment one can make is in THEMSELVES, and Wealthy Affiliate looks like the place to do it!


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