is bzzagent a scam

Is Bzzagent a Scam? – My Detailed Review is Your Answer!

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This is the question you’re looking for answer: is bzzagent a scam or not?!

BzzAgent is a website for testing products. They consider people who love testing their products, then if you meet their criteria, they send the products for free so that you can review them. First, regardless of claims by the BzzAgent, I want to congratulation to you for accepting to do this review bearing in mind that it involves extensive background research about the Agency.

One of the ways to know how a product rates, is by going through reviews about it. Sincerely, I am not a BzzAgent’s associate. If anything, I am only out to tell you facts about BzzAgent and what they will offer you.

In the beginning, the form you would fill would have the following format:


Name of the Product: BzzAgent

Creator: Simon Hay

Type of Product: Product Testing

Cost: Open to join

Suited for: Those who love to test products

Summary: BzzAgent is a website for testing products by use of techniques like, campaigns by word-of-mouth to promote brands from different companies. It is open for joining by people from Germany, Brazil, Canada, UK, and USA.

Verdict: Yes

Overall Rating: 6 Out of 10

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what is bzzagent

What is Bzzagent All About?

Bzzagent was started in 2001 and it is a media network company in Boston. Simon Hay is the company’s founder. This company has engaged some top brands by conducting word of mouth campaigns and research for them. By the start of 2018, there were more than 1 million satisfied agents worldwide on the website. Over time, this has been fueled by the virtue of the belief that, great outcome for marketers is because of these word of mouth campaigns.

Bizz Agent’s goal is to offer facilities for product testing via its agent’s then pay those agents for the period spent. You may be aware of the reviews I have done of this nature, only that they were with different testing companies with similar products. Therefore, the idea is the same and you just replicate it here and change a few things like the approach and the style.

how bzzagent works

How Does It Work?

It is free to join for the members who are citizens in the countries listed above. Therefore, you can join and thereafter, head to the site and respond to a number of questions. You will also do a couple of studies, rather campaigns. All this is to pick the product type that best types your profile.

These doings result to selecting your product type of choice. You will receive an invite and you are free to accept or reject depending on whether you like that product. The invites may take a while because it picks on presently available products.

The manufacturer will ship the product, and upon receipt, you use and review it. You are required to be sincere with the reviews and use campaigns like words-of-mouth for that product’s manufacturer. (That is, share about the product with your family, friends, and colleagues). In the end, you will do this product’s Bzz report.

These products may be categorized into;

  • Sweeteners used in beverages
  • Lotions and body wash soaps
  • Coffee creamers
  • Children’s Claritin chewable
  • electronic equipment for charging
  • others

What is Exactly BzzScore?

BzzScore is a method used to gauge how far you have moved in a year. There is a scale of 0-10. It considers your surveys, and campaign activities. It also checks on how influential you have been socially. It gravitates down or up accordingly.

In simpler terms, you become a good marketer by sharing about the products to your circle and requesting them to do the same.

pros and cons

Notable Considerations prior to sign that contract with BzzAgent

  1. Ask for Personal Information

As we know, most sites that deal in survey require your personal information. However, on this website, one of the prerequisite before undertaking a survey is to fill a section about your kin’s medical history.

  1. It might not be your choice of thing to do

One of the requirements in this site is that you have to link your accounts on social media as one of the ways to market the product to your family and friends. I am aware that many people are usually reserved about doing product reviews on video, for privacy reasons. You might just be one of these people and this means this is not recommended for you.

  1. Getting Worse

Looking at the website, specifically on complaints, you find that most people have reviewed the site positively because they have sent great products to agents, but they add that, this is deteriorating over time.

4.Potential to earn is Limited

In the BzzAgent business, you only end up with the product you have used after all the effort and time spent. For example, if you take a product worth 10 dollars, you are still required to use about 6 hours to do all those activities. It would not be a very great business idea to sustain you fully as compared to a 9-5 job. This means that despite the fact that you put in a lot of hours, you still need to look for another stream of income.

is bzzagent scam

Is BzzAgent a Scam?

To answer your question, first, BzzAgent business is legitimate. It offers its clients the chance to share about merchandises of different brands. BzzAgent is a real company that comes with some downsides and upsides.

Being a legal company is great; it means it is a business opportunity you can take on the short-term. Nevertheless, I would suggest that you take it for a short time because it will accord you products freely on a monthly. With time, you will bump into other money-making options online that are bigger than BzzAgent.

My Final Conclusion

All in all, I suggest that you work towards building an online business instead of earning about $ 20 every month after working too much. An example of such a business is affiliate marketing.

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