Is Cash Club Fund a Scam or A VIP Club for Money Lovers?

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Cash Club Fund says that there’s serious money you can make easily by promoting online services but is Cash Club Fund a scam or we can really believe this claim?

It looks some strange but the truth is that every time that I see a new MMO (making money online) product, I look at it as a scam (even before starting the review) and you will agree with me if you know that 80% of new MMO products are totally scam, so from point of view of a reviewer like me, a new program or website in this field should prove itself as a legit platform from the very beginning.

I understand that my words may hurt you because you opened this page in the hope of finding a great money-making opportunity and I’m going to disappoint you but after reading this review and when you know that all I want is helping you to stay away from scam and not losing your hard-earned money then you will not be mad at me. : )

I know that you like to make money online like all those online millionaires who make thousands of dollars daily. You get ads in your mailbox or Internet explorer here and there that invite you to join their secret system and become a millionaire as well but you are not confident about what they are offering and making $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 in the next 24 hours does not seem logical to you, well, you’re totally right and that’s why you landed in my website, because you want to find the truth about one of these programs that promise you such that income.

To be honest, I’m happy to see you here because you are one of those few people who decided to don’t join into a “get-rich-quick” scheme program immediately and wanted to do your own research and I really respect your decision and I make you sure that it’s the right decision.

I think after reviewing legitimate and scam companies and websites for 4 years, my knowledge in this field is enough to guide you put yourself in the right direction. I know how these programs work and how they attract people with big and unreal promises. It does not important if you’re a newbie or an experienced person, they always find a way to cheat you!

And that’s exactly why I feel about Cash Club Fund and the truth is that my intuition is never wrong! Now I recommend you to don’t join and don’t trust this program and if you need to know all my reasons for this recommendation, I invite you to read my Cash Club Fund review below to find all the facts about this program.

Let’s start!


Product Name: Cash Club Fund

Official Website:

Owner: John (Chad) Stalvey

Type: Make cash from direct mail

Cost to Join: $100

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 0.5 out of 10

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what is cash club fund

What Is Cash Club Fund Exactly?

I am in serious doubt if there’s any possibility to make money from CCF (Cash Club Fund) because you’re just getting into an unlimited circle of promoting and even if there’s a small chance of getting checks by mail (what this company claims), it’s not worth your effort.

After taking a short look into CCF packages, I’ve found that none of their marketing products are valuable. What you will don is promoting and selling these advertising packages but as an online marketer with extensive experience in this field, I make you sure that there’s not any value behind it and both beginner and advanced marketers are not willing to use those marketing strategies because the success rate is extremely low in these methods.

The opportunities that I’ve reviewed before like Selling Family, Tesler or Home Income System had some similarities to Cash Club Fun and that’s why I think that mosts of these systems work similar together.

CCF gives you an opportunity to make money if you can find potential customers and link these new buyers to their lead page. You may get paid by CCF but it’s not easy and the profit that Cash Club Fund makes from this process is much more than what you may earn at the end.

Who Has Created CCF?

By doing a little research about the background of the owner of CCF, you will easily find out that Cash Club Fund is not the only product that John Stalvey released and the same as his previous programs like Traffic Authority or Infinite Leverage System, it could not get the satisfaction of buyers.

So we can’t call John a successful Internet entrepreneur and I even saw that he changed the name of some of his program to relaunch them again. Yes, that’s a trick some product owners use to give their defeated programs another chance and of course, it’s not an honest way to resell your unsuccessful product.

If you take a look around, you’ll probably see other products of John Stalvey that still exist, even a long time after the launch his projects that failed.

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How Cash Club Fund Works Exactly?

Let me teach you a trick here to find money-making or MLM companies that are not worth trying. When you wanted to know about how a platform works and there was no or a little information about that, you should consider this as a red flag and don’t join that program.

This is what is happening when you want to give CCF a shot. To be honest, it does not matter for them why you want to join the program; regardless to your time, money and effort you want to put behind this program, they just look at you as a referrer who can bring them more members (read “money”) and if there is no new member for the program, there’s no money for you as well as no profit for CCF owner.

As you can see, you’re not going to sell a product or service to others; you just sign up and start encouraging others to sign up with CCF but why you are doing this? Nobody knows!

Choosing advertising packages offered by the CCF is another option to earn extra cash which looks to be suitable for persons who don’t have advertising skills or are busy with their routines. Advertising packages of CCF lets you reach a wide range of targeted audience (from 250,000 in the Business Builder Campaign to 1,000,000 in Landslide Campaign).

The price of packages starts from $149 and goes up to $247, and all packages let you promote your affiliate page to hundreds of people.

My past experience says that you should not buy any “all-in-done-for-you advertising package” unless you know the seller very well. And in this case, honestly, I don’t see Cash Club Fund as that reliable seller that you can trust with closed eyes.

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cash club fund pros and cons

Cash Club Fund – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I’m not against Internet marketing at all but let’s be honest here, is Cash Club Fund really a product that you proud of promoting and recommending it to your family members or close friends? I don’t think so.

My social and real friends are important persons in my life and I don’t want to hurt the relationship that I’ve built during the long years with them. Unfortunately, this happens automatically as soon as you start promoting and advising CCF.

Now you may think that there are many other ways like PPC and using paid advertising methods that you can use to promote this program without contacting people you know. Yes, there are but they are “Paid” methods and there’s a high chance for losing money if you don’t know what you are doing.

And to learn paid to advertise professionally, you should take courses which takes time and none of the experienced online marketer is going to recommend paid advertising as a newbie-friendly method to you.

CCF is an EASY Way to Make Money. Is It?!

I should confess here that the creators of CCF are really great at making attractive sales videos. I have a lot of experience in reviewing online products but still, when I’ve seen sales video of CCF, I thought that it may be a program that really works and can make me money as easy as possible.

The truth is that they know what they are doing very well and these unreal claims work like a charm for them but in reality, as you pay the money and join the platform, you’ll find out that in this world, nothing comes to life easily, especially easy money!

There’s a secret o want to share with you here guys; I’m making full-time income from the Internet and I know that how this money-making online process works so I make you 100% sure that not only in the virtual world (Internet) but anywhere else, you never find a system or program that works like a money-printing machine. You should have passion for what you are doing and you should work hard to achieve your dream.

And if you really want to get success in Internet marketing, (which is a great way for reaching financial freedom in my opinion), the first step you should learn is being honest with anybody you are promoting the product to and to do that, you should avoid promoting any crappy (too good to be true) products and help people find the right products that they are really looking for.

is cash club fund scam

Final Word – Is Cash Club Fund a Scam Program?

Ok, we are on the stage of the making the final verdict about this program and I truly believe that you’ll put yourself in a high risk of losing money if you trust Cash Club Fund and give it a try.

I don’t think that trusting John Stalvey and his semi-legit product is the best decision you can make because the background of this person is not as good as he says.

The only thing that stops me from calling Cash Club Fund a complete scam is that there are some reports which show that a few people are making a few dollars from CCF but is it enough to mark this product as legitimate and reliable money making method? Of course not! What CCF can give you after a long time of hard working is not equal to the time and effort you have invested behind it.

Here’s the truth: There’s no serious and sustainable extra income online behind Cash Club Fund.

Also, the potential risk behind paid advertising method introduced by CCF is really high and you’ll be encouraged to pay more and more on ads of Facebook and other social networks to promote this product while there’s no guarantee that you can make a profit or even make back your advertising cost by this marketing system.


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Thank you all for reading my Cash Club Fund review and I would be more than happy to see your comments below.

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