is cash finder system a scam

Is Cash Finder System a Scam? – Don’t Click on Buy Button!

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Do you think there is a system that can help you find cash in the online world easily? Cash Finder System says yes there is! But is Cash Finder System a scam and should be not be tested? Let’s find out!

The Internet now is packed with various programs that promise us easy money, stable income and financial freedom. Each program looks more attractive than the previous one. In these circumstances it`s very hard to get lost and choose the wrong one and lose money in the end.

But I`m here to help you navigate among these programs and see which one has a real potential of making you a fortune.

It`s pretty easy to get on the hook of Cash Finder System – you have to pay only a hundred dollars, but learn enough information from it to earn yourself a fortune. Who wouldn`t like that? However, I have to disappoint you – things are not as easy as you might think.

First of all, you have to pay $99 to join, but that`s just the initial price that means that you`ll have to spend much more money on that. And in this review, I will tell in detail about all the payments you will have to do to make it work.

Moreover, just like so many other online courses, Cash Finder System program doesn`t worth its price tag. But let`s discuss one thing at a time. Continue reading this Cash Finder System review and you will find out everything you need to know about Cash Finder System – from what it has in store for you to how much you have to pay for it and why the information they are providing is not actually worth the money.


Product Name: Cash Finder System

Official Website:

Owner: Lee Gilmore

Type: Make money online from real estate

Cost to Join: $99 for the course + $195 and $995 for additional training

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is cash finder system

What is Cash Finder System All About?

In real estate business there is a less-known job called a ‘property locator’.  They don`t sell, not buy any property, but what they do is find properties which are being sold under their actual price and show them to real estate agents. Then if the agent manages to make a profit on it, the property locator gets a good commission on this deal.

In fact, Cash Finder System is an online course which trains you to become a property locater, or property finder. By paying the entrance fee of $99, you will receive access to the real estate training will then help you find underpriced properties.

However, if you take a closer look at this job, it has its own difficulties just like any other job in the world, and by no means it`s going to earn you effortless money. If you decide to pursue this career, you will have to work hard to identify those properties that can earn you a high commission, and if you fail, you will lose all the money you have invested into the training.

Below I`m going to explain why this business is very risky and your chance to lose your money is much higher than earn them.

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how cash finder system works

How Cash Finder System Works?

No matter how Cash Finder System`s promo video is depicting it, but property finder remains to be a job that has be done right and needs enough knowledge and experience to pay off. If you are considering it as a new career, then you should be prepared for the issues you may be facing in this field.

ISSUE #1: Learn, learn and learn.

If you haven`t had any experience in real estate, you will have to learn a LOT of new things. It`s like taking up a totally new job you don`t have a clue about. You will have to learn everything from the start and make lots of mistakes and gain enough experience to be able to do your job well.

The only promising thing here is that the training designed by Cash Finder System team is going to be a really good help in learning this new job.

ISSUE #2: Be competitive.

You shouldn`t think that you are the only one who has discovered this amazing job that, according to Cash Finder System promo video, is going to earn you easy money. There are thousands of people like you who has decided to try it out and are sweating their guts out to make it work for them.

Moreover, there are also many people who have been pursuing this career for years and have gained experience which can be a key to success here.

Now, here is you, taking your first steps in this fields. So you better be ready for the competition you will face here.

ISSUE #3: It`s no work-from-home job.

That`s true that most of the research can be done from home through the Internet, but as soon as you find appropriate property, most likely you will have to take a look at it to evaluate its potential more correctly.

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cash finder system pros and cons

Cash Finder System – Pros & Cons

What I Liked

Fortunately, Cash Finder System is going to provide you with all the information necessary for learning how it works. With the help of Cash Finder System, you will get the proper training to become a property finder.

What I Didn’t Like

  1. Although the initial price of the training is just $99, you will have to purchase upsells which will cost you a lot of money.
  2. In the promo video it looks like a dream job – just a little effort – and you are a millionaire! But in reality, you must work really hard to succeed in this field.
  3. Although Cash Finder System has become quite popular, they haven`t shown any proof that the system works and how much money people start making after having finished their course.

Cash Finder System Hides Real Cost!

The training is priced at $99, but the good news is that there is a way how you can get your money back. First of all, you need to finish the training and complete your first deal. After you`ve received your finder`s commission, just take a photo of yourself and your check, send it to the support team, and hopefully, you`ll get the training fee back.

What About the Upsells?

As I have mentioned before, the investment you need to make into your learning process doesn`t end at $99 fee for the basic training. If you want to get more detailed and more personal training, you need to spend much more than that. Here is the information I manage to gather up.

If the basic training is not enough, you can pay an additional $195 to get access to a more thorough course. If this is still not enough for you, you can pay $995 more to get a personal mentor who you can contact any time of the day and night with any questions or difficulties you may be having in your training or work.

The Cash Finder System offers don’t end here. They have one more upsell, but unfortunately, there is no information about it on the website, and the only way you can get information about it is to call the support and talk to them personally. But the question is ‘Are you ready to spend THAT much money on some training?’

is cash finder system scam

Final Word – Is Cash Finder System a Scam?

When it comes to online earning apps, there are several options like Cash Show App or Square Cash App but Cash Finder System is some different from others. Let me tell you something before giving you a direct answer to the above question.

Tons of online MMO products are creating everyday by different persons. Some of these creators are well-known Internet entrepreneurs who you can totally trust while others are just unknown persons who hide even their first name from you! So how it would be possible to detect the right person, right product and right money-making strategy/method in this situation.

Luckily, there are always persons who are willing to help people to not get scammed by scammers. They make a list of the newly released products in MMO industry and review each of them on a regular basis but the problem is that the number of online reviewers is much less than released or upcoming products so there’s always a gap between released and reviewed systems and this gap plus lack of Internet marketing knowledge in ordinary people are two things that scammers make profit from.

So although there are chances that you may never find a “Good & Honest” review for the product/company/website that you are looking for but it’s ALWAYS recommended to take your chance and try to find an unbiased review for that product with the help of Google or other search engines and with a little luck, you’ll find a quality and honest review for sure.

Ok, now let’s back to our topic and answer the question. With all the pros and cons I’ve seen in the Cash Finer System I confirm that it should not be called a scam program. Yes, the system is not very valuable and there are several important critical issues that can’t be ignored about it and you should really monitor it for a while carefully before purchasing it but the whole concept of Cash Finer System does not let it be put in the group of scam products.

There’s no doubt that real estate (which system of cash finder is based on) is a highly profitable industry and there are many people and companies that make millions of dollars every year from buying, selling or renting real estates in different areas but this does not mean that a simple online system like Cash Finder is able to turn you into a godfather in this field in no time!

Getting success in the real estate industry is much more complicated than what it’s shown in the Cash Finder System and it would not be fair if you jump into a business and start making a huge amount of money while there are people who are active on that industry for years and spent a lot of time over there to get some success. That’s why Cash Finder System never give you what it claims in the sales-videos.

CFS (Cash Finder System) says that with working only 2 or 3 hours daily, your success will be guaranteed in the real estate business with using their system but the truth is that making money in real estate business is really hard because of the strong competition and very limited number of good deals that are there.

If you see rich people in the real estate industry, you should know that they didn’t become rich overnight and every single penny they’re making in this business is the result of years of hard work and effort they’ve put behind this business so from every angle we look at it (theoretically, technically and logically) it’s completely impossible to take their place by using a mobile application and just with a few taps!

There’s also a kind of cheating game when it comes to the price of the Cash Finder System. The price tag of the system is $997 and you see it everywhere when you land on their official website (especially when you go to the checkout section) but what if I tell that you can get it for as low as $79?

You may think that it would be an amazing deal right if you can get it for just $79 instead of $997 right? Well, this is exactly what marketing team of Cash Finder System want you to believe and it’s nothing more than a simple marketing trick.

Let me explain it more. When you are in the purchase page, the price of the product is $997 but it will be dropped to $99 and it’s shown as a one-time discount at the bottom of the page. The story continues and when you decide to close the page (probably because you don’t want or can’t pay that much money for an app) then the price drops again and it shows $79!

All this process happens to make you believe that you’re buying an app that worths $997 at $79 price and the interesting thing is that all those discounts are shown are one-time discounts and if you don’t take it today, it won’t be available tomorrow. Well, I’ve checked it for a full week and the exact process repeated and repeated again so I make you sure that the $79 is their final price and I seriously doubt that if Cash Finder System worths that much!

Want to know my opinion? Well, I advise you to stay away from CFS if you don’t have any experience in the real estate industry. If you really love to work as a real estate agent and the process of selling and buying homes is something you are interested in then you must step in the right direction and should have academic studies but if you just want to have an online-income there are much more valuable options than Cash Finder Systems.

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Thanks a lot of staying with me till the end of this review. I really hope you enjoyed reading this article and I could give you some useful information about Cash Finder System. I read all your comments and reply to them one by one so feel free to leave it in the comments section below )

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  1. I love the fact that you have the will to expose false businesses that only attempt to rob you of your money. I myself have personally experienced false advertising and have actually lost money in the past. However, I am far more aware of who’s legitimate and who are just posers. Being scammed is one of the prime reasons why buyers are starting to become cautious of who they trust. There’s just so many companies out there who have learned to appear “legit”, which is why scammers are still relevant. One small thing I’d like to point out however relates to your second paragraph where you said: “In these circumstances it’s very hard to get lost and choose the wrong one and lose money in the end.” Did you mean: “In these circumstances, it’s very easy to get lost, choose the wrong one, and then lose money in the end.”? Good article!

    1. Yes Torina, you may lose money as easy as anything in crappy making money programs and that’s why it’s always recommended to read trusted reviews before trying it.

  2. Hi,
    Apps are like fashion. One new fad overtakes the previous one. At best most are short lived.
    Promoted on T. V. in my country the other day was a …”Animal Dating” app. Ok I get it, the girl with the poodle you pass every morning, walking your Pit Bull, is quite attractive.
    If it leads to coffee with her while the Pit Bull and the Poodle play, good luck to you. A cheaper alternative would be to say hello as you pass each other.
    But then you might miss out on opportunities from further afield. Sorry, your dog might, we all know how dogs with apps, like long distance relationships.
    The cash finder system, is not new. You tell me you want to sell your house, I list it on E-Bay and my face book page. I get messages, I contact you. This is how dated this is.
    There is nothing new here and certainly nothing in it worth anything remotely close to $997.00.
    Is it a scam? I would say not exactly. Because you do get something for your money. It is very useless, but you get something.
    It is more like something for the naive and impressionable. Who if they do join, will soon realise how foolish they have been.
    My 10 cents worth.

  3. The mission that drives the company is amazing.
    It is amazing to know that it is not a scam, and you are actually trying to help others.
    Knowing that this website can help others quit there 9-5 is also amazing.
    Thank you, for this website it is definitely a game changer and can help change the lives of others.

  4. Hi Ali,
    I like your review about Cash Finders, you are honest and to the point. I have been looking for ways to make money online for quite a while and it is hard to find some honest reviews on anything.

    About Wealthy Affiliate, I like the way to explain it, everything is on the table, there is no surprise when you decide to join because it is exactly as you explained it. I have jointed 2 weeks ago and I have learned so much and got so much support from the owners and all the members. The 24/7 support is awesome, they have answered all my questions within 15 minutes. No BS there.

    I highly recommend WA to everyone of what’s to have an honest business with all the training you need.

    All the best,


  5. Ali,

    Thank you for this great article on the whole cash finder system and whether it is actually worth it or not. Finally I have found a useful article about these programs and how they use marketing schemes to sucker people in by getting their attention with the huge numbers and then showing them that they can get it for 79$ instead of 997$. I almost made this mistake and about signed up for this program because I am always looking for ways to try and make money fast and tend to get ahead of myself but I saw your link and decided to check your article out just before I decided to purchase what they were selling. I hope many more people are able to see this article before getting involved with the cash finder system.


  6. Hi, I want it to thank you for proving us with these I formation. I have never known about property locator.
    I was actually looking for a similar system as I want to get into the locating agent business, I heard it’s very lucrative if you have the right tools. This system sounds like the thing I’m looking for and for $99 dollars to start is not bad to try it out. Looks like it comes with training and all.
    Thank you for writing these article it was exactly what I was looking for.
    Thank you

  7. Hello Ali, thanks for the informative review about the Cash Finder System. It is hard to find honest review site these days. You a taking a bold stand for your readers by simply stating the truth.
    Your alternative MMO, the WA, has a proven record for training beginners to become successful online entrepreneurs.
    I am saying this because I am a proof that WA works.
    Thanks for this to your readers.
    All the best,

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