Is cash for patriots a scam

Is Cash for Patriots a Scam or The Government Is Behind It?!

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The most important thing about programs that offer you making money opportunities is their legitimacy issue and it’s what we should talk about Cash for Patriots too. Is Cash for Patriots a scam program that cheating people? Don’t worry, I have a clear answer for you. Keep reading! )

Last week, I wanted to review a new MMO program called The Profit Shortcut and when I’ve entered the search query of “making money online” I was shocked to see results on Google!

Well, if you look at it from this point: “Almost EVERYBODY is looking for a way to make a little, some or big money online” then you would not be surprised too much and of course if you use that search term now, the results you get is probably more than what I’ve mentioned above because every single day and every hour some trustworthy, as well as unreliable persons, are creating new products for earning money from the online world but which ones of these products work and which ones don’t?

Now, what if I tell you that one of these programs claims that it’s officially supported by the federal government of the United States; they even didn’t stop at this and says that this program confirmed by the president of the United States! Yes, you guessed it right, we’re talking about Cash for Patriots!

According to what they say, with enrolling into the program you’ll be eligible automatically to get patriot checks every 30 days from the company and it’s available for everyone who sign-up with them. Then the program gives you an approximate profit which you can earn every month from the platform and you’ll probably be surprised if I tell you that this profit can go up as high as $8,000 for a month!

You are free to join Cash for Patriots right now and take your chance but if disappointing and depression are things you don’t want to experience, I highly recommend you to continue reading my Cash for Patriots review to find out if it’s a No, No program or you’ll really enjoy every moment of your time over there!

Let’s find out! )


Product Name: Cash for Patriots

Official Website:

Owner: Zach Scheidt

Type: Make money with substantial checks

Cost to Join: It starts at $49 but can go up to $89

Short Review:

It’s hard to believe but the truth is that there are many people who want to make big money easily and exactly, for this reason, there are many persons who take advantage of these people. Zach Scheidt is one of these persons who try to get your attention with his low-quality product, Cash for Patriots.

The story is that Zach tells you that he has access to a government’s secret list of people who receive patriots checks every month without doing anything and for a price of $49, he can put your name on the list too!

Ok guys, let me tell you the truth here. Not only the government of the U.S. but as far as I know, government of any other developed country DOES NOT have any list like this for sending people any kind of check so living in a dream of receiving check for 8000 dollars or even $1000 from the government for doing nothing on a regular basis IS WASTE OF THE TIME.

Also, you should forget about the money that you give them for putting you on this list because there’s not anything like refund policy or money-back guarantee in their system.

Cash for Patriots is absolutely in my “Stay Away” list and the best decision is to not believe anything you hear from the owner of this program.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 10

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what is cash for patriots

What Is Cash For Patriots All About?

This program has been created by Agora Financial company. Previously, I’ve reviewed some products from this company like Nova X Report or Bauman Letter but they all were financial newsletter and Cash for Patriots is the first thing that offers something different.

With a quick research, you easily find out that the creator of this program is a guy who called “Zach Scheidt” and he says that to earn a salary as regular checks from the government you just need to join his program; he says that your name will be put in a secret list and this list includes people who government pays to them as high as $6.5k every month automatically!

The problem is that unlike what Zach wants you to believe, there is not any “government program” or something like that which can make you rich simply. And if you pay a little attention, you’ll understand that the “government program” term has been never used by Zach during the sales-video of Cash for Patriots but he gives you this wrong impression that his program is supported by the government which is not.

Actually, as you can see, I’m not talking about the quality of Cash For Patriots here, what I want to tell you is that Zach could not build a relationship with his customers because he WAS NOT trust in the introduction phase of the program.

The truth is that the technique he used to market Cash for Patriots is a back hat marketing model and it means when a person tries to increase the traffic of a website or increase number of sales with activities that violate Internet marketing’ terms of service.

If you have visited, you’ve probably seen that eye-catching title which says “ a budget of +$2.5 trillion dedicated to Patriots Program by the president of the united states, Donald Trump!”. Well, I don’t blame Zach for using fake claims like this and I think the main qualities are people who believe such that claims without doing any research.

I make you sure that Cash for Patriots is not linked to the U.S. government or president of the United States and taking advantage of the name of Donald Trump is just for giving it a legitimacy skin. After seeing the unreal claim, I also doubt about all those people in the sales-video who said that you’ve made more than a couple of thousands of dollars from this program.

About The Creator

The good thing about Zach Scheidt is that he’s a real person and unlike many scams that use a fake name as their owners, we see a real identity here. Zach started to work as an analyst and advisor in investing and financial markets after he graduated from Lee University. Of course, accounting was the field he has entered after receiving his Master of Business Administration in the University of Georgia.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about his background but the summary above shows that the finance and accounting were the fields he was interested in from the beginning.

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how cash for patriots works

How Does Cash for Patriots Work Exactly?

All we know is that Cash for Patriots is a program provided by the government of the United States and for a fee of $49 that you pay to Zach, you’ll receive some tips that help you to be a member of this program. After joining there also will be a guide which let you know how to receive these checks every month.

To be honest, while I was writing this review, the most difficult thing for me was finding a “how-to-guide” about the program. Information about the program itself and the huge income potential it has was everywhere but information about how the program works and how it can bring all these claims into the reality was nowhere!

All I’ve found is that you are going to invest some money and let Zach to manages it. This money will be invested in the stock and share market and the profit you’ll make will through it will be sent to you as checks.

“Adams has received his $3,400 check last week”, “Tony has already made +$5,000 with Cash for Patriots”, “ This program brought $6,200 as profit for Alex” etc.; these are just a few of many testimonials you read in the website of Cash for Patriots and it’s a kind of misleading information because what will happen after joining the program is very different than what is written in the testimonials.

But for now, let’s take a closer looks at the above claims and extract some numbers. If you remember I’ve mentioned that this is an investment program and you NEED to invest some money to make any profit.

I’ve gathered information and the minimum amount of investment required from the website and if we imagine that you want to receive a check of $6,000 every month a minimum investment of $120k is required and keep in mind that this is just for one month so for the whole fiscal year, it’ll need an investment of +$1,000,000!

I don’t know about you but if I’ve had one million dollars or even $120k, why there were much better and safer investing options than Cash for Patriots.

The Truth About Cash for Patriots

If you remember, from the very beginning, I’ve told you that I doubt seriously if there’s such that program not only in the United States but in any other advanced country which let you being part of a program and get monthly checks from the government.

The logic Zach uses to convince you is that this program receives a specific budget from the U.S. government and companies that are in this program will distribute money in the form of dividends so you, as a shareholder, receive a good profit from capitalized money by the companies.

Anyway, my research shows that the U.S. government does not have or support any program called Patriots so the story ends here so it’s not necessary to research for other parts of Zach’s program. In my opinion, Cash for Patriots is nothing more than an investment guide which tells you what stocks and shares MAY be profitable in the future and what companies are investing in this area.

So since this is far from what Zach says in the sales pitch and there’s not any guaranteed money to be made from this program, the best decision is to don’t waste your time over it.

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cash for patriots pros and cons

Cash For Patriots – Pros & Cons

Ok, you know everything about this scam-scheme program and now let’s take a look and its positive and negative points.

Positive Points

If you think there’s really any positive point about Cash for Patriots that I can mention here, you’re completely wrong! Agora Financial is the only legit company that is behind this program and if it wasn’t I labeled it 100% scam.

I think the U.S. government does not know anything about this program and unfortunately, more research about the legitimacy of Cash for Patriots does not help too. Taking advantage of the name of the president of the United States as well as the government of America can get it in serious trouble soon.

Negative Points

Here are the biggest negative points of Cash for Patriots and you should not forget that I’ve made this list as short as possible to save the time. Actually, I could write a book about the cons of Cash for Patriots if I wanted to list ALL the cons of this program.

The first thing I disliked about this program is its membership fee. There’s a cost of $49 if you want to become a subscriber and start receiving financial reports and to be honest I really don’t think that the reports worths $49.

Then we see some untrue information in the sales video and it effects on our trust to this program negatively. Lack of information about how Cash for Patriots really works or what are the main benefits of this program are questions that Zach does not answer in the sales page.

And about that “supported by the government” thing, it must be said that Cash for Patriots DOES NOT get any support from the U.S. government, so if you hope that the government of the United States takes care of everything and the only thing you need to do is sit and collect the paychecks… I’m sorry my friend but this is not going to happen!

And finally, the fake income proofs Cash for Patriots uploaded in their website to give itself credibility is something should be avoided. I’m telling that they are not REAL because there’s not any verification for that.

I can’t simply make some pictures and put them on my site as income proof of people and it’s sad to say that this is a common trick that many crappy sites use to attract new clients and this trick has been used from many years ago till now because it works like a charm for them!

Believing claims like receiving paychecks up to $8,000 every month with put yourself in a list is a big mistake you may make today so always pay attention to the background of a program, its creator, reviews from other people, etc. to don’t get disappointed after trying it.

is cash for patriots scam

Final Word – Is Cash For Patriots a Scam? 

It does not matter if you are interested to make money from a romance site like Pure Romance or working in a finance company, there are always SCAMS out there! And although Cash for Patriots is not a 100% scam but this does not mean that I’m going to call it a legit program. So I think it should be named a semi-legit product that is not recommended!

Although linking to Agora Financial company and its well-known newsletters Life Income Report or Nova X Report, gives more credit to it but since it’s a newsletter for stock and share market, there’s always a risk involved and some of the advisements should not be used by new investors or ordinary people.

All in all, if it was a free newsletter then I could maybe recommend it but with a cost of forty nine dollars, no! I never convince myself to put it in my recommended list.

Trading stock and shares is risky and the most popular market for trading is Forex (The foreign exchange market) which can make or rich or poor overnight.

I recommend you to choose low risk or risk-free businesses if you’re new to making money online. The platform that I introduced you below as My Best Recommendation gives you what you are looking for in mone making the online world so take your chance and give it a shot right now!

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  1. Wow, this is a really an interesting and great article you have written here. I never understood why someone would want to create a website like Cash for Patriots to get people to sign up thinking they will get thousands of dollars in a month especially like you stated without doing anything, that is ridiculous! It does not make sense that websites like Cash for Patriots are active out here and not shut down. I love how you went in depth on this particular website because I have seen a lot of websites that also mimic this type of mentality, your article explains exactly what people need to know when they see websites like this and to not get caught up in it. Amazing Article!

  2. This is an excellent review Ali. Very insightful and it sure explains why one would NOT want to take a chance with this program “Cash for Patriots”. Thank you for taking the time to do the research and provide me with legitimate reasons and the pros and cons of this program. Trying to act like they are supported by the US government is ridiculous and promising the big paychecks can’t be real. I appreciate you taking the time to steer me and others in the right direction to stay away from this company. A legitimate business like Wealthy Affiliate looks like a great choice to build a proper business! There is no such thing as get rich quick online. I will be checking back at any further reviews you have of different opportunities as well. Thanks again!

  3. Hey Ali,

    I just took a look into this whole “Cash for Patriots” business and I couldn’t get to the site (via Google) without seeing all the other sites calling it out for shady business practices. I do however really like the report that you did here and I think it will help a lot of people stay aware of scams like this in the future.

    Making money online takes a bit of work to get going, but it’s worth it as long as you don’t get scammed by sites like cash4patriots. A little research can go a long ways in my opinion, haha!

    Anyways keep up the great work pal and best of luck!

    – Tyson

  4. Wow! This post gives a complete deep analysis of the Patriots program.
    Actually, I haven’t heard about Patriots program, I only know some online ads that tell you that they are doing some virtual money program and has attracted so many big companies, famous investors and celebrities join this investing program and get dividend return monthly.
    Some of my friends want to join this program but we don’t know is it a scam or not.
    After reading your post and your recommended program, we all know the best way to make money is to choose a low-risk, stable platform.
    Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

  5. Hi Ali,

    A very interesting article you put together here. As I started to read it ‘Pyramid Scheme ‘ kept flashing into my mind, due to no product being mentioned. Later on you mentioned the payouts are a result of returns from the stock market. Yet Zach provides no detailed experience nor methods he uses to ensure profitable returns. In my country, large companies run superannuation schemes which guarantee returns for their members, from investing on the stockmarket. These companies are highly regulated by laws and are monitored by government bodies. There is no way a one man show would be allowed nor capable of operating on this scale

    I’m surprised ‘Cash For Patriots’ hasn’t been investigated by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC)…..then again maybe they are watching him and preparing to pounce. This is the type of scheme people should be reporting to the FTC.

    Have a great day

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