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Is Cash Formula Scam or a Unique Formula For Earning Cash?!

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Cash Formula has an interesting claim; it says you can earn up to 5k a day with their unique formula but is cash formula a scam or they are really believable?

Cash Formula claims that it does not matter who you are and how much you know about computer and online world, “Anybody” can make a lot of money with their “Making Money System”. Cash Formula is going to be your zero effort making money machine this is what the owner of this system (Michael) claims. But since I do not believe any claim easily, I spent some time and reviewed it personally to see what’s going on behind it really.

Cash Formula is all about the binary option and a binary option is all about high-risk Forex/Stock trading. What this trading platform is going to do is analyzing the market and making winning trades. According to they say in their official website, Cash Formula is a “done for you” system and to start making good money, you don’t need to do anything except that running it with a few clicks and waiting for money comes into your account.

And more interesting thing is that Michael (creator of Cash Formula) says that all this process does not take more than 20 or 30 minutes when you want to use Cash Formula system for the first time so theoretically you’ll start to see the result in less 1 hour of using this automated platform.

I think the introduction for Cash Formula and its owner is enough. Let’s find all the facts about it now! )


Product Name: Cash Formula

Official Website:

Owner: Michael

Type: Automated Trading Platform (Binary Option)

Cost to Join: $37

Recommended? Absolutely No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is cash formula

What Is Cash Formula All About?

Before explaining about Cash Formula, I want to tell you an untold fact about the owner of this system, Michael. I personally believe that all products and platforms take credit from their owner, it means if a real and reliable person has been built it then, you can trust it and if there’s zero or a little information about the owner of the product then you should not trust it easily.

This is what happened for me when I wanted to know more about the creator of Cash Formula (Michael) and I could not find ANY information about him! This put a serious doubt about this system in my mind and now I’m sure that there’s not a person called Michael behind Cash Formula!

Now let’s talk about the platform itself and see what’s included inside it. The first thing got my attention was unlimited numbers of claims about the huge potential of making money that is behind Cash Formula. You see this type of claims everywhere, from the first time and first sales-videos you watch to when you even purchase the product, this claims continues to be displayed for you.

Well, this is a marketing method that many businesses use. Unfortunately, it’s been used by scam products during the recent years so without doing deep research, that would be some hard to find which one of these businesses are real and which ones are just scams.

The goal of this strategy is to get the trust of people about the introduced product as much as possible so, about Cash Formula, they want you to believe that a big money behind this platform is just waiting for you and if you purchase it now, you’ll start making hundreds or even thousands of dollars in minutes!

The fact is that you do not need to be very smart to find out that this is not the right way for making money online and none of these top-secret systems can help you build an online business.

Another thing about CF (Cash Formula) is that nobody knows who has created this system! There are many experts and gurus in Forex industry but when I’ve asked them about this binary option platform, surprisingly, none of them has heard about it. This is a big red flag for an online trading system when you do not know who is behind it; we just know a person who is called Michael decided to build a binary option trading system with lots of eye-catching claims!

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how cash formula works

How Cash Formula Works & How to Join It?

Joining steps of Cash Formula is not much different than other trading platforms. A registration form should be filled out by you and you need at least $250 to be able to start trading. This is the minimum deposit required for trading in Cash Formula and after paying $37 fee, you will be a member of this platform officially. Of course, keep in mind that as a beginner member the features you have access to are much less than an advanced member.

Fortunately, Cash Formula platform equipped with a 24/7 support system so you can contact them if you need it. However since this platform has been launched recently, it’s considered new and you will never know if it works as they say or not until you go through it personally.

This is not the only auto-trading forex system so to keep yourself protected from losing time or money, it’s better to wait some while and see how its performance acts in real-time and until then you can join trial versions of another auto-trading proven systems.

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cash formula pros and cons

Cash Formula – Pros & Cons

There are many cons I can say about this platform but if I want to mention to the main ones, I should say about its profit limitation system, unreal claims, and too many popups.

  • Profit Limitation

Your profit is limited to $20k and this is the maximum amount of money you can make through Cash Formula. Although it looks too good but you should know that in reality there’s not any chance to make that much. Your mind may be changed about this program if you know that this profit limitation system is only for members with basic membership plan and experienced members have no limit!

Also, Cash Formula does not provide any training materials; it works just like a robot and gives you buy/sell offers based on currency market status so if want to learn how Forex market works, what is technical and fundamental analysis, how to monitor the market and make successful trades, etc. CF won’t be helpful and you should search for something else. (Probably a training platform)

This is just a machine with artificial intelligence for analysis Forex market and makes money for you.

  • Unreal Claims

Nobody can disagree with this fact that Cash Formula is a binary option system and making $10k, $15k or even $20k (these are numbers claimed by owner of CF) is impossible with an auto-trading machine. I see these numbers just as a way for attracting new customers but in reality, there’s a possibility of making only %50 to %70 profit with an investment of $ 250, not 1000% profit!

Again, do not get me wrong. It’s absolutely possible to make money (even good money) with Forex binary option but not huge amount of profit with a little deposit so keep this always in your mind if you want to give Cash Formula a try.

  • Annoying Popup

The first popup in the website of Cash Formula is a special offer. If like me, you don’t like annoying popups when you visit a website, it’s good to know that you will start to see a repeated popup in Cash Formula. It seems not anything more than an offer at the beginning but the problem is that you CAN’T get rid of it even when CF says if you do not want to watch this video offer, just close it and you won’t see it in the future but when you close it, you will see it again and again until you prefer to leave their official website completely.

The fact is that you never get rid of this annoying offer until you decide to purchase the product! Well, this is called scam for sure when you force people to buy something in different ways, especially a program that makes fake promises.

is cash formula a scam

Final Word: Is Cash Formula a Scam or Legit Finally?

To be honest, it was hard to find reliable information about Cash Formula because this platform is new and there’s not enough information which can help us to make a proper and detailed conclusion about it so people who purchased and worked on it for a while were my only source when I wanted to make a Final Verdict.

According to opinion of all persons who tried Cash Formula personally as well as my personal research on this platform, I consider this program a scam and put it on my Not Recommended list. Without a doubt, there’s no way to reach even near the amount of claimed money which turn this system into an unsafe business opportunity.

Making profit from any type of Forex trading is not as easy as you think. All successful forex and binary option traders spent a lot of time to learn the nature of market. They put a lot of energy and failed many times before getting any success and they didn’t trust any kind of auto-trading system.

In the end it must be said that your personal information IS NOT safe on Cash Formula platform because if you read their FAQ section, they clearly say that if you fill registration form, you agree that your info can be used for promotional proposes WITHOUT your permission which means a lot of spams is waiting for you after signing up in their platform. Also, do not forget that many upsell placed inside the platform which makes the final price much more than $37 for you.

Finally, if you ask me my opinion about Cash Formula, I should tell you that it’s not my recommendation and I do not see any bright future on it. Although there’s a 60 days money guarantee option which let you get a refund but you should know this option is provided by ClickBank (the platform you can purchase Cash Formula from) and we can’t consider it as a positive point of Cash Formula.

The same as products like CashCrate or Profitly, Cash Formula could not provide any value to members. So why you should try such that low-quality auto-trading program when there are very reliable training platforms which are trusted by millions of people and teach you everything you need to make a full-time online. Continue reading to find out about one of the best programs in this field.

my recommendation

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