Is Cash From Home a Scam

Is Cash From Home a Scam? – Suspicious Activity Detected!

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There are opportunities of making money online while being in the comfort of one’s home. A lot of people have leveraged on the opportunities made available by the Internet to build established online businesses. Cash from home lets you make money by completing surveys online but is Cash From Home a scam or it’s considered as a safe investment?

The opportunities made available by the Internet include affiliate marketing and dropshipping. In this review, we consider whether Cash from home is one of the available opportunities for making money from the comfort of one’s home.

Cash from home, just like the name suggests, is a program that claims to teach people how to make money the comfort of their homes. This program is supposed run by a Mary Rogers. According to Mary Rogers, one can work based on a formula created by her team by making a lot of money by link posting. In the video that welcomes on to the site, Mary Rogers shares the fact that by staying on the site, buying the product and putting a certain amount of time, one is bound to make money which, per the calculator, would be a lot.


Product Name: Cash From Home

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Paid Survey Platform

Cost to Join: $97

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is Cash From Home

What Is Cash From Home All About?

According to information available on the site and shared by Mary Rogers, the site is all about link posting which one can begin to benefit from after they buy the product. The product costs $97 dollars and there are claims of other charges after buying the initial product.

From available indications, the $97 is just the initial investment. Afterward, one is encouraged to buy more products to enjoy the full benefits of the opportunity. Thus, Cash from home tries to upsell its product.  The product is meant to teach one how to make a lot of money by link posting. According to Mary Rogers, she can double her income in a specific period, although the period and income wasn’t stated.

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how Cash From Home works

How Cash From Home Works?

The idea behind Cash from home is to make money from home through link posting. The purported claim of Cash from home is that one can make a specific amount of money from link posting, a claim which is not completely true.

Link posting is a thing but it does work as is claimed by Mary Rogers and her team. One only makes money from link posting when someone buys a product from the link which they put up on any platform. How Cash from home supposedly works is different hence the claim that one can make a lot of money within a short period. One is also encouraged to buy more available products on the platform to improve their chances of making a lot of money.

Instead of describing the platform as affiliate marketing which is run independently, Cash from home is introduced as a job opportunity through which one can make a lot of money by posting links online.

Can You Make Money with Cash From Home?

Affiliate marketing is an established way of making money online. Affiliate marketing serves as a source of steady income for persons who have remained committed to the process and sold products consistently through their affiliate links. Affiliate marketers put up their affiliate links on platforms which they develop, drive traffic to those platforms and establish a relationship based on trust that encourages users of their platforms to buy the advertised product.

For example, a blogger could build a steady following on a subject matter and then sell related products through affiliate links. The link takes the buyer to a platform where they can make the purchase. After the purchase is made through the link, the affiliate marketer makes a certain commission.

Link posting is thus supposed to be an activity associated with affiliate marketing and requires a lot more work than just putting up links an earning a specific amount of money.

Critical Issues You Should Pay Attention to

There are ugly truths about Cash From Home that I need to mention to here.

In my past reviews on Cash Show or Square Cash, I’ve mentioned that some warning signs are common among almost all scam platforms.

The first thing is about their news videos. The videos are not trustworthy because there are all around the web with the same concept and it’s strange to see that CFH has not been mentioned in any of them. This means they’ve just taken some random videos from YouTube and used them to increase their credibility which is totally unfair.

If you don’t believe me, just search the name of the video on YouTube and you’ll be surprised by seeing the amount of the same videos on YouTube.

The second issue is about the sources like USA Today, ABC News, Fox News, BBC, etc. that CFH used as its featured channels. It’s a kind of trick that CFH used to show itself as a legit company; On the one hand, these news channels have tons of ads for different purposes and Cash From Home could be one of them but on the other hand, when we look at the official website of those news channels, we don’t find anything about Cash From Home!

The third problem we come up with Cash From Home is about its owner. According to what we read in the website of CFH, Mary Rogers introduced as the owner of the product but there’s not any information about this person and his background in the whole web so how you can trust a company with an unknown owner?

More importantly, there’s serious doubt about the Cash From Home itself so when we put this doubt beside an unknown person with a fake identity as the owner then we sure that this product should be avoided without a doubt!

Scam Sites That Will Charge You Multiple Times

I’ve reviewed different types of scam products in different niches and I’ve rarely seen that a fraud company takes the money of its victims several times. Generally, they scam you once then they disappear, but this story has been changed during the recent years and today we see scam sites that sell a product/program to you for more than one time.

There’s not a specific number for the amount of time they charge scammed people but some reports show that some people get scammed up to 10 times by the same scam! Yes, that’s too bad but unfortunately, that’s true.

It happens because of several reasons and the main reason is the lack of knowledge in scammed people. In theory, when you get scammed for the first time, you really don’t feel that so you simply try to compensate lost money but since you still don’t know that you’re working in a scam site, you try to use other available options on the website to get your money back or even make some profits.

These options vary from bonuses to additional packages that mostly are available in a higher price so you buy them in the hope of making money and you get scam again because you’re buying from a fake site and it’s sad to say that this cycle repeats as long as you understand that there’s something wrong with the company OR somebody stop you from buying more from them.

Scammers work very smartly and they know how to make a relationship with you very well.

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Cash From Home review

Cash From Home – Pros & Cons

It is difficult to identify pros of the program because of the fact that its claims are quite exaggerated. Mary Rogers claims that when a person buys the product being offered, they will be able to post links and make a specific amount of money for the links posted. That is however not the case. One cannot even ascertain if users of the platform make any money from link posting.

The cons of this platform include the exaggerated claims made. One can make good money from affiliate marketing and not just link posting as claimed by the platform. The fact that one is urged to buy more products to make the most of the platform is another red flag. Programs that run such convoluted systems tend to have little substance.

Is Cash From Home Scam

Final Word – Is Cash From Home a Scam or Legit? 

Based on the fact that the claims made by the platform are quite exaggerated, Cash from home can be described as a scam platform, one of the numerous link posting scams. Research has also shown that Cash from home is linked to 37 clicks, a platform that has been flagged as unworthy. 37 Clicks make promises similar to those made by Cash from home which is basically untrue.

Cash from home has even been described as one of the ways the people behind 37 clicks get attention to their product, rebranding it through different platforms.

Other indications of the fact that Cash from home is a scam platform is the fact that its founder, the so-called Mary Rogers is not a real person. The photo of the said Mary Rogers can be bought online from stock photo platforms.

The exaggerated reviews on the platforms are other red flags one should note. The reviews including the videos were culled from websites that have been linked to scam products in the past. Also, on a closer look into the website, one would find out that the content seem similar to those from scam platforms.

Cash from home’s offers are too good to be true and without justifying means, indications of a scam.


Link posting does not work as is alleged by Cash from home. Mary Rogers is more of a fictional character than a person. Reviews and content are copied from scam websites. Cash from home has no basis for its promises.

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  1. Wow you have done a lot of research on this topic! I have often wondered about Cash from Home as I have thought about doing it myself but have had doubts about whether it was a scam or not. Thank you for confirming to me that it is a scam! I will definitely stay clear.

    Thank you!

  2. This is a very good in depth review about a site that would appear to be totally scam, it is very important that these sites are brought out into the open so that all can be made aware of the dangers of being scammed not to mention the loss of money.

    Having being the victim of a major scam when my bank account was emptied think that these sort of posts are needed to warn those that are not aware of just how devious some people can be.

    Thank you for bringing this site to the attention of all, will endorse your recommendation regarding Wealthy Affiliate as a super honest site.

  3. Hi, Ali.
    Thanks for your Review on Cash from Home.
    AS you mentioned, it is correct that merely by Link Posting, one can not earn money. Link posting is just one of the processes of Affiliate Marketing. So Red Flag-1 from my side.
    Red Flag-2 is on the status of the Owner. No owner No authenticity.
    You have saved a lot of our time by thorough information on all the Red Flags. That’s why you are called Pro Blogger-Ali.

    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur.

  4. Hi!
    Thank you very much for this article and warning about Cash From Home.
    It’s a pity that there are so many scam sites out there.
    Your recommendation seems interesting, though. I will give it a check.

  5. Hi Ali,
    I’m really glad that I came across this review for cash from home. My son is very excited to be learning about online opportunities to make money, and this was one of the sites he was checking out.

    I will be sure to show him this and let him read it for himself. Link posting sounds like some black hat SEO that I would not want to be involved with. $97.00 seems reasonable to join, but as you said – there will be more charges to follow and that seems expensive. Thanks again for putting this review together.

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