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Is Cash Show App a Scam? – Find The Hidden Money or…?!

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Is not it wonderful to earn real cash from Trivia games with the help of an app called Cash Show? Yes, owners of this app claim that you can simply earn money by answering trivia questions on your phone but is Cash Show App a scam? Let’s find out!

Every day more and more new apps which help (or pretend to help) people make money online are born. People`s desire to make easy money without the need to actually work drives developers create new opportunities; on the other hand, there are many companies which want to take advantage of it by launching various scams.

These days, it`s getting pretty hard to tell scams and legit schemes apart. Luckily, I`m here to help you out! This time I`ve tested an app called Cash Show, and in this article I`ll be sharing my experience with you – from how the app works to how much money it allows you to make and whether you should sign up for it or not.

I think Cash Show App is the tenth mobile application I’ve been requested to write a review for during the last 2 months and it’s not surprising to see that most people ask: Is cash show app a scam or it has been created by a legit company?

This is a common question because making money from mobile applications it pretty famous these days and unfortunately, everything that gets popular among people, scammers jump to it somehow! It does not matter if it’s an opportunity with a huge making money potential behind like Internet marketing or an opportunity with a potential of making just a few extra bucks each month with paid survey platforms or earning mobile apps, scammers are everywhere!

Unluckily, only watching out for scammers won’t protect you from landing in a crappy app or company, in addition to looking after scammers, you should be careful about unrealistic claims that have been made by real owners of these apps.

Fortunately, Cash Show App is not included in any of the above groups but it has something unique which let me take a closer look at it which is answering trivia questions! Unlike most earning apps, you don’t need to take online surveys, complete mini tasks or play games and watch videos in order to make money instead you enter to a trivia game which can bring you money for each question that you answer correctly.

Personally, I’m a fan of trivia game shows and enhancing my general knowledge in a variety range of topics through a trivia mobile app and making money at the same time can be my winning bet! So if you or any of your family member are familiar with trivia game and this is one of your interests which you do in the spare time then why don’t give Cash Show App a chance?

So don`t waste your time and scroll down to read the review!


Product Name: Cash Show App

Official Website:

Owner: Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll

Type: Trivia Game With Cash Prizes

Cost to Join: Free

Summary: Cash Show is an app you can install on your smartphone that helps you make some cash online. It is totally legit, however, it`s probably not the best option that is there on the Internet to make money online. There is a more effective program that will earn you more money and in a more efficient way that I would recommend to use.

Recommended? Yes but just for fun not making money

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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What Is Cash Show App All About?

Cash Show app is pretty easy to install. This app is available for both Android and iOS, so you can download it for free from Play Store or App Store depending on your smartphone`s operating system.

It’s nice to see that well-known worldwide online payment system PayPal is the way Cash Show App uses to pay winning players because it makes the process of receiving cash prizes easier and faster. At the end of the game, the application will share the total amount of earned money between all winners and they’ll get paid through their PayPal account.

Cash Show is based on the same basic ideas as many other online paying apps. First, you need to download and install the app, then complete a short sign-up process. As soon as you sign in, there different online tasks you need to complete (from the most popular – taking a survey – to rating the app on Google Play or sharing them on social networks).

You get paid as soon as you complete the task. However, the money stays on your account until you manage to sum up enough money for the cash-out. This minimum sum of money also varies from app to app.

Now, let’s see how this app is created and who is the owner of it first. Cash Show has been developed, created and published by ZenJoy which is a Chinese company focused on creating online games for social networks and mobile applications.

This application is one of the few apps that offer cash prizes based on trivia games so if you’ve played trivia game before you know that only answering questions correctly can move you to the upper level and this upper level means earning money in Cash Show App.

The basics of Cash Show are no different, so if you have used another similar app or website before, you will find it pretty easy. However, we are not looking for the easiest-to-use app here, right? We are looking for the most efficient one, and unfortunately, Cash Show is not the case.

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how cash show works

How Does Cash Show App Work?

While in other apps you need to answer the questions of surveys, in Cash Show you need to answer trivia questions in order to win money.

The games start three times during the day, so you don`t want to miss any of them. A little trick for that – just turn on push notifications for Cash Show app and be on watch out for the new game.

Every game is based on 12 questions covering all kinds of topics – from entertainment and cinema to history and science. Every question offers answers to choose from. Most of the times the answer is right on the surface, but as you get close to the last question, they may get a bit tricky.

Each question must be answered in 10 seconds. And if the answer is wrong, the game is over for you.

What Is The Real Income Potential Behind It?

If you fall out of the game before the 6th question, then won`t receive any money. But if you managed to get all your answers right, there is a chance to win something.

The harder questions get, the higher is the winning prize, the last, 12th question being $1,000. However, you need to keep in mind that you are not alone on the game, so if you managed to win this final prize, you will have to share it with all others who got their answer right too. It`s great if there are just 10 or 20 other winners, but taking into account how popular Cash Show has become, most likely you will get just a few dollars out of it.

Another problem you might face is that there is a minimum you should reach to be able to cash out your prize, which is $10. If you win less than that, then you have to play again and again to finally transfer all your winnings to your PayPal account.

How You’ll Get Paid?

As I have mentioned above, you need to accumulate $10 on your account to be able to get the refund. And although it seems like a very little sum of money, it will take time, because you will have to win in several games to save it.

There is only one refund option – PayPal, so if you don`t have an account there, it`s time to create one. On average payments take up to 2 weeks. Having read tons of reviews about Cash Show, I never heard anyone complaining about the app not paying the money which is a good sign.

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cash show review

Cash Show App – The Good, The Bad

The Good,

There are many pros to Cash Show. For example, where else can you get paid for playing a game? Cash Show can be a huge success for those who are into quiz games and has a very good knowledge on trivia.

Another good point is that you don`t have to invest any money into this. Installing the app as well as participating in the games are totally free of charge.

Even if you haven`t made it to the last question, you will still win money for each right answer after question 6.

Finally, Cash Show uses the most popular platform for money transfer – PayPal, so you don`t have to create another account to gather your winnings.

The Bad,

The biggest issue with Cash Show, in my opinion, would be the fact that although the chance to win is high, you won`t get much money out of it, because the number of winners I usually quite big.

It looks like the Cash Show app is available only in two countries for now – the US and the UK. The app itself needs improvement, and its developers should spend more time on solving the bugs.


The ratings the Cash Show app has received on both Play Store and Apple Store are above average, and in total, I must admit, people like it. However, if you dig into the reviews, you might find some complaints and issues users are experiencing with it.

Surprisingly, one of the most popular complaints is related to the host of Cast Show. Many people would find his behavior very irritating and sometimes even distracting.

As I said before, there may be some bugs which can ruin your game. So make sure your Internet connection is stable and no other apps are working on the background.

Most people installed this game only to make some cash online. So when they found out that the winning sum can be as low as several cents, they get angry. Another popular complaint related to the payment is that all payments must be made within 90 days which means that you have to play as much as you can in order to save enough money to do money transfer.

Why I Don’t Recommend It?

It’s good to see that unlike platforms like Acti Labs, you don’t need to promote anything in Cash Show to earn money but this does not mean that everything is just positive about it. Although there are things I liked about this application like having much fewer bugs compared to other similar trivia apps but the total number of its positive points were not enough at all to change my conclusion about it.

I know that it’s not good to judge a book by its cover but if I want to be honest with you, I should say that Cash Show App is only a nice copy of well-known and successful game HQ Live Trivia Game Show and Zentertain (creator of Cash Show App) could not make significant changes inside the app.

The way Cash Show App uses to attract people is the exact way has been used by HQ Live Trivia Game Show before which start with watching a video and ends with an annoying torrent.

is cash show app scam

Final Word – Is Cash Show App a Scam? 

Cash Show App is not a scam and you won’t get scammed by it for sure but it’s sad to say that this app is far from a real Trivia show. You may say that it’s just an app and we should not expect much from it, well you were right if it was the only trivia app out there but when we see successful experiences like Jeopardy, Trivia Crack 2 or Show Off Your Trivia Expertise, we feel that creators of Cash Show App didn’t put enough time and effort behind it to make a competitive app which is not a loser before starting the game!

The same as me, my friends and all people out there, using an app and answering trivia questions in the hope of making a lot of money is just a mirage and it never comes true but if you want to look at it just as an entertainment app and enhancing your general knowledge is what you want to gain then the story is totally different.

Personally, I think that if we put Cash Show App in the fun group instead of making money group then there are many interesting things inside it. You can learn many new things from interesting questions are asked in tons of different topics available on Cash Show App so if you want to have fun then I would definitely recommend you to give Cash Show App a shot but if you are looking for a way to earn even a few extra bucks through a trivia game, Cash Show App is not worth trying.

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Thanks for reading my review article of Cash Show App and feel free to leave your opinion about this post in the comments section below.

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