Is cash tracking system scam

Is Cash Tracking System Scam? – Be Careful!

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Is Cash Tracking System Scam?

Well to be honest, I’ve not heard good things about this company and I’ve seen many negative feedback from people who worked with it before so I decided to review it by myself and take a closer look inside it to see what’s exactly, how it works and if it worth your money and time or not. Cash Tracking System works based on MLM (multi-level marketing) business which you register on their website first then subscribe for one of those packages and start to promote their website by yourself or building a team.

Actually it’s called cash-gifting in the internet and it’s known as a common scam if you have a little knowledge about internet marketing. But before giving you my yes or no answer, let’s go inside of Cash Tracking System and see if it’s a legit company or you just lose your money easily.


Product: Cash Tracking System/Financial Freedom

Owner: Unknown

Price: $250 + up

Official Website:,, + more

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

Recommended? No

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what is cash tracking system

What is Cash Tracking System?

As I’ve mentioned above, it’s based on a cash-gifting which means a Cash-Pledge will be given to members with better ranking by other members. The process is simple, you sign up there and create your account then you pay for pledge and you start to find other people who want to pledge you cash-gifts. Four levels is determined in the system which starts at $500 and goes up to $3500 (there are also some hidden fees as well).

Imagine, you join the program first then pledges cash to the member who recruited you. Then that member tries to recruits more people and this continues….Also there is a $39 monthly fee when you have to pay in addition to hand over a cash-pledge and as I’ve told you, the minimum cash-pledge starts at $500 which guarantee your place in their business.

Cash Tracking System provides a website for all the members to let them promote their product and attract new members. Well, do not expect to get a professional designed website; it’s just a simple (less than simple) website for promoting their official site.

There is one more thing that I need to mention here. Let’s say how you pledge works…. You only able to make money from people who pledge $500 IF you pledge $500 too. It means, you’re only available to increase your income by pledge to higher level ($1000 and more) which let you make money from people who pledge on $1000. And it continues to the end and if you think it looks like a very scam, you are right!

Cons of Cash Tracking System

I always write both positive and negative sides of a program but to be honest, I’ve not seen any positive point in this program so I decided to write about its cons which are not a few.

The first and biggest negative point is that it’s too expensive. You’ll pay for sign-up fee, Cash pledge, Subscription and up-sells and you may ended up with paying +$1000 just for starting on their program; And more interesting thing is that you will not get ANY guarantee to get success and make money with their platform. That’s ridiculous!

You can guess how it would be difficult to just bring back that $1000 into your pocket. You’ll have to promote their program as hard as you can and you probably start with your friends on social networks which will put you at the risk of getting banned from that social network.

Or you may go for paid traffic and spend more money in the hope of getting your money back from Cash Tracking System but it does not convert because people who see your ads on Google or other search engines have probably done a little research about Cash Tracking System and are not interested to join that network at all.

It’s sad but you’ll lose your money for sure and more importantly you’ll lose your friends on social networks because of spamming them as well! These are just two main negative points of Cash Tracking System and you see more red flags below:

  • Sales Videos without ANY information
  • Too Expensive Program to Start with
  • Misleading information about Making a lot of money
  • Hidden costs at the sign-up process
  • Providing only one option (Cash Gifting) for making money online

All in all, I recommend you to stay away from it if your time and money is valuable for you.

Is cash tracking system a scam

Conclusion – Is Cash Tracking System Scam?

Yes for sure! I think now you know all needed information about this program and high risk involved on it. It’s not a good place to start making money online, especially for beginners who have no or a little information about internet marketing.

I say beginners because experienced marketers never waste their time on scams like Cash Tracking System. They work on reliable ways to make money online and it’s not too hard to make a legitimate website and make money the right way. Want to know how to make money the right way? Read my best recommendation below.

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