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Is CashCrate a Scam or It’s a Box Full of Cash?

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People are always interested in GPT (aka Get to Paid) programs and websites because it’s one of the easiest ways to make some extra money online without any hard work. CashCrate is a new GTP platform which gives you a list of mini tasks that can bring you money if you complete them. Now here’s the question: Is CashCrate a scam or it’s a valuable GTP platform?

After doing a quick research about CashCrate, I’ve found that there is not a white or black opinion about this program. Some people who joined it believe that it’s legit and they made money from it while some others consider it as a scam that only waste your time and does not give you anything in return.

My in-deep review of CashCrate shows you which one of these groups are right and I’ll tell you what decision about this website would be the best and most logical decision at the moment.

Let’s start and see what’s hidden behind beautiful skin of CashCrate.


Product Name: Cash Crate

Official Website:

Owner: Joe Coleman – Patrick Clochesy

Type: Get to Paid to Complete Mini Tasks

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? Yes but only for making some extra cents not more

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is cashcrate

What Is CashCrate All About?

There are several memberships you can sign-up through CashCrate. After choosing your membership type and completing registration’s phase, you will be given a list of tasks and mostly each one can be completed in less 5 minutes. For completing each task you will be rewarded by a small amount of cash.

CashCrate is not the only GTP platform and other websites provided similar opportunity for people before, for example, Inbox Dollars is one of the most well-known platforms in GTP industry.

Also there is a partnership program which let you invite friends and family members into CashCrate. When a person accept your invitation and open an account with CashCrate, you will be rewarded with a little amount of cash and If you refer more, your income potential will be increased automatically.

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how cashcrate works

Work’s Process – How Does CashCrate Work?

There are several ways to start working with CashCrate. The same as most other GtP sites, taking surveys online is the main way for earning online through CashCrate. In addition, referring other people into program and doing online shopping are two other ways that you can make money with from this website.

Also there are some other less-known options available like online gaming or competing in different types of contests. These options does not bring cash into your account directly, instead, they will give you a chance to win prizes available over contests.

It’s good to know that there is not any cost for joining CashCrate and when you sign-up and complete profile section, you’re ready to start making money immediately. After registration, you will have access to different types of surveys. The surveys listed in two main categories: Daily Surveys – Targeted Surveys

Targeted Surveys will be sent to you according to several parameters like your geophysical location, age, gender, etc. You can’t choose how many targeted surveys you prefer to complete and CashCrate determines how many surveys you’re eligible for.

Unlike Targeted Surveys, Daily Surveys will be sent to you automatically and it does not require any additional action from you. Normally you receive 2 daily surveys per day and each one takes several minutes (according to length of survey) to be completed. Potential of income is significantly more in targeted surveys but you can expect to get up to $0.80 for daily survey as well.

How to Sign-Up in CashCrate?

Joining CashCrate is pretty simple. You just need to enter email address and password then complete registration form. There is a bonus of $1 which will be credited to your account after activating it. Keep in mind that only persons who are above 13 years old can register in CashCrate and gladly, there’s not any membership fee or other cost for joining this network.

When your account has been created, you should active it through activation message that will be sent to your mailbox; activation process let CashCrate makes sure that you’ve entered a valid email address and you are a real person not bot or anything else. Also there’s not any geographic limitation which means you’re free to join CashCrate from ANYWHERE in the world and after activating your account you can start making money from website.

What is Income Potential Behind CashCrate?

There are several ways you can earn money through CashCrate. Some of these ways pays you more and some others pays less. You can pick up an earning way according to your interest. Let’s take a look at all earning ways in CashCrate:

  • Watch Online Videos – This is one of the easiest way to earn extra cash through CashCrate. You just need to click on a video (which is ads mostly) and watch it till end. You should not expect to receive more than 1 dollar for a 5 minutes video.
  • Playing Online Games – Some mini-games are available in the website that you can earn few cents for playing each one. You normally will get paid when you complete specific level of the game.
  • Taking Surveys Online – CashCrate is not a survey based platform but it provides this option for members as well. The same as other similar platforms, your potential of income will be increased if you take longer surveys (which normally takes more than 30 minutes) and for short surveys (those ones that only take between 5 to 15 minutes, CashCrate will pay you something between 20 to 80 cents.

Of course well-known survey sites like Swagbucks have done a better job compared to CashCrate so feel free to take advantage of them if you’re interested in taking survey field.

  • Inviting People into Program – This option is paying highest amount compared to other ways but you need to be able refer many people into CashCrate successfully. The total commission is 30% which comes from your referral and referrals of your referrals. So if you can build a strong and active downline for yourself, you can expect a good income from it.
  • Complete Mini-Tasks – Sometimes you have chance to complete an offer and get paid for that. For example you can request to test a product for free and if you’re eligible you’ll receive product for testing and you’ll get paid for that as well. Some other offers like airplane tickets with special price or online shopping costs you which means, you should buy that offer to receive bonus.

How You Will Get Paid?

The same as other famous online earning websites like Fusioncash, CashCrate uses an online payment system that let you receive your money into your PayPal account but to be eligible to receive money, you should reach their minimum threshold which is $20 and it takes almost 3 or 4 weeks (if not more) to reach this amount because most of earning options pays you less 1 dollar.

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cashcrate pros and cons

What Complaints People Have with CashCrate?

This is probably what you don’t like to hear about but since there are many complaints about CashCrate and I should be honest with my readers, I’m going to cover a part of them here;

  • You Will Not Get Paid for Pre-Surveys – There is something like questionnaire that you have to complete sometimes to access to real survey. This questionnaire takes about 20 minutes of your time and the negative point is that you won’t get anything for completing that.

How you can find out if you are completing a real survey or questionnaire? I’m sorry but there is not any way for understanding that! You will find it only when survey is completed.

  • Payout is More Than Many Other Websites – This is one of the main problems with survey platforms. The real ones those that you can trust confidently, won’t pay you more than a couple of cents for completing a single survey so imagine if there is a minimum payout of $20 or more, how long you should wait a to reach that amount? Probably more than one month!
  • Lack of Privacy Policy – If you have worked in a survey site before, you probably noticed that after a short time of joining, you will start getting a lot of spams in your mailbox. Have you ever think where those spams comes from? The ugly truth is that 80% of survey platforms sells information of their customers (people like you and me) to other companies to makes profit from and unfortunately CashCrate is not an exception as well.

You should say goodbye to your personal information like address, phone number, email address, etc. after joining this website because they’ll sell it to other companies to make profit from and you will ended up with a mailbox full of spams.

  • Very Low Quality Support – If you could contact customer support of CashCrate, you should know that you’re a very lucky person! They normally don’t response to people’s questions and only refer them into FAQ section. If customer support plays an important role for you in working with a company, CashCrate will disappointed you for sure!

is cashcrate a scam

Final Word – Is CashCrate Scam Finally?

No, CashCrate is not a scam and it works legally for a long time. Although this does not mean that I recommend CashCrate or platforms like it because the income potential in these websites is really low and it does not make you any serious money. The highest income is for referring people into the program but if you want to build an online business based on referral programs, affiliate marketing can give you much better result than online earning platforms and paid survey sites.

Keep in mind that there are always negative points about survey websites and to be honest, I have not seen an online earning website with zero or a little complaints. This is what you should think about it seriously if you are interested in taking online survey websites or mini-tasks platforms.

However if earning cents is not what you are looking for, it’s better to don’t waste your energy behind mini-tasks platforms and survey websites. As I’ve said, ways like affiliate marketing are much better than survey platforms and more importantly you won’t put your personal information in risk when you’re working as an affiliate marketer, also your income potential is significantly more than completing surveys online.

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  1. Hi Ali, you do great explaining the ins and outs of cash crate. I have used something like this in the past and although it’s not a scam it’s not worth the time either. The time it takes you to make just a few dollars you could have worked a whole day and made way more. Its easy enough for people who just don’t want to work, but in terms of making extra cash, I think it’s a waste of time. Unless you can get people to sign up for cash crate you really won’t make much from it. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion. It could really help people decide if this is for them or not.

  2. Hi Ali. I really enjoyed this article! This gave me some good insight into cashcrate and wether it is right for me or not. I think I will try your suggestion to make money in the future!


  3. I have never heard of cashcrate personally. I do appreciate you taking the time to review and shed some light in on the service. Based upon what you said, I don’t think it is a scam. I instead walk away from this review better understanding that avenue of generating revenue is not for me. Lol! I want a higher income potential and using the time spent on cashcrate can be accumulated doing something else.

    Thanks for the review and insight.

  4. Wow!!.. This is such an informative post!… I have learned so much. I like that you talked about the pro and cons of Cashcrate. You let me know that although Cashcrate was an option to make money it isn’t something to consider if I really wanted to make a full time income from home. You are no amaetur at this. You did your research and it shows. A post similar to this is what got me started in Wealthy Affiliate. Great job and I look forward to reading more of your informative post.

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