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Is CB Cash Code a Scam? – Be More Careful!

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I know why you are here; you want to know all the truth about CB Cash Code and see if this is a scam system or not. I’ll help you find answer of this question and also I’ll cover some other topics in my review like is CB Cash Code a scam or it’s really going to give you a secret code for earning cash online? what is real income potential of CB Cash Code? Can you trust this product? Is it really possible to earn good money through it?

All above questions is covered in my review so if you read it completely, it’ll answer all your questions and it won’t leave any unanswered question in your mind. Actually it does not important how you got familiar with CB Cash Code because this product uses different marketing channels for promoting itself.

The most important thing is that if it can really be profitable for you or not, especially when you see that ton of other products which are mostly scams claim similar things as CB Cash Code and it makes it hard to pick up the right product among all these scams and scammers.

If you don’t be careful about your decision, losing money is the minimum bad thing that could happen to you. Wasting a lot of time and energy are two other important things you will experience if you choose the wrong making money product!

Now with a long experience in reviewing online product and services, I’m here to help you make the best decision; I want to make you sure about legitimacy or scam of CB Cash Code and let you know how to choose the best way for building a reliable online business. So stay with me! )


Product Name: CB Cash Code

Official Website:

Owner: George Patterson

Type: Making Money Online Product

Cost to Join: $37 at the beginning & other upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

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what is cb cash code

What Is CB Cash Code All About?

The real name of CB Cash Code is ClickBank Cash Code. As its name says, this is a program which claims that you can make about 8k daily through clickbank with method they’ll show you inside the program. I consider CB Cash Code as a new product since it has been run just recently and of course I don’t mark it as a legit product because of all fake claims it makes during its promotional phase.

Making $8000 in a day with some simple click of mouse is not something that would be possible by buying a $37 product and I’m sure all logical persons are agree with me, especially when it says that you don’t need any type of knowledge in advance to get success with this program.

You just need to setup system once and work on it about 15 minutes each day to keep active; everything else will be done automatically for you and system starts to make hundred and thousands of dollars for you. This is what George Patterson claims and it seems that his system wants to turn you into a rich man in a few days!

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how cb cash code works

How Does CB Cash Code Work?

The first thing CB Cash Code claims is that you will be able to make between $15,000 to $25,000 weekly with this product and it’s even promises you making more than $80,000 per month! Well it’s really sloppy to think that it’s possible to earn that much money with 10 minutes of work daily.

CB Cash Code hides you many facts such as how this system really works and what you need to do after purchasing it. None of sales videos are useful and you are never going to make even a couple of dollars through it. The man who talks in sales videos just trying to attract you by showing fake payment proof but the truth is that even the richest people in the world CAN’T make thousands of dollars in minutes because they understand nature of business very well

All information we get from sales videos of CB Cash Code is that this product is related to ClickBank and it shows you how to earn money from it as an affiliate; there’s nothing more information about it.

Of course it must be said that ClickBank has a great potential of making big money and many people make good money though it but promoting and selling products of ClickBank requires marketing knowledge and specific Technics which won’t be taught through CB Cash Code.

You will learn just a little basic information about affiliate marketing inside the program and since I’m an affiliate marketer, I know how this business works well and I know one of the most important part of this business is finding related products to your niche; this is the part that is not covered inside the CB Cash Code and at the end you have a car without motor that will be totally useless for you.

Can You Make Money From CB Cash Code?

It may be disappointing but the truth is that I don’t see any potential of making money through what you learn in CB Cash Code. The training is not definitely what can help you to build a valuable business based on affiliate marketing and except of a little summary information about some affiliate marketing methods and strategy, you won’t find anything else inside the training.

To get success in affiliate marketing you need to learn everything from choosing a profitable niche to making successful sales. It’s not easy and takes serious amount of time and effort. Although CB Cash Code provides both text and video training materials but this “Everything” is not something you’ll be able to learn over there.

And as a simple conclusion, if there is not a good training, there won’t be money as well.

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cb cash code pros and cons

Advantages & Disadvantages of CB Cash Code

With all negative points I’ve mentioned above, we should not expect to see many good things about this product but this is an unbiased review and I should be honest with you, I’m going to list both pros & cons of this training platform, hope it’ll let you know all facts about CB Cash Code.


  • Get a Full-Refund – It’s good to see that there is a 60-day money back guarantee but if I want to be honest, I should say that this is not a pros of CB Cash Code because it’s provided by ClickBank and this money-back option is available for all products that has been sold through ClickBank so it should be considered as a positive point of ClickBank not CB Cash Code!


Since there’s a long list of disadvantages for this training program, I just list the titles here and skip explaining each cons to save your time.

  • Unreal Claims of Making Big Money
  • Unreal & Fake Payment Proofs
  • Lack of information about what type of products you should promote
  • Tons of annoying upsells
  • Trying to convince you that making big money online is simpler that what you think and everybody can do it with a couple of mouse’s clicks.
  • Trying to push you purchase products fast by telling that this is a limited offer and well-known companies will buy platform if you don’t take advantage of it now.
  • Introducing ClickBank as a big secret and unknown online platform! The fact is that I’ve got familiar with ClickBank even before starting affiliate marketing and I have no doubt that a lot of people know this affiliate marketing program very well and it’s one of the biggest online retailer all around north America.

is cb cash code scam

Final Word – Is CB Cash Code Scam?

Are you waiting to hear that this is totally a scam product? Well you won’t hear it from me because it’s a legit training program! Yes it’s very strange to call a low quality product like this legit but the fact is that persons who are creating and run this type of get-rich-quick schemes are smarter than normal people and they know how to make a misleading (but not scam) program.

In this way, they can promote and sell their products LEGALLY in well-known big online market places like ClickBank and make good profit from it.

But if you want to make a logical decision, you need to see both good and bad sides of this program. For example personally I never trust a program that uses fake testimonials to attract people. When a company is willing to pay actors to play a small role for them in front of camera then use it as a real testimonial, it shows that this company does not care about its customers at all.

None of persons who you see in sales videos are real people; they are just freelancers who get paid to read a script and repeat it in front of a webcam. They even don’t know what CB Cash Code really is and what they’re talking about exactly!

There are many misleading information about CB Cash Code, for instance some people (let’s say fake testimonies) says that they’ve started to make money only 4 months after setup CB Cash Code system but how it can be possible when we know that this is a new product that has been released recently!?

Conclusion of CB Cash Code

This training platform didn’t pass my review test at all so I don’t recommend it to you. $7000, $8000 or more is not a little amount of money and it’s impossible to make that much with products like CB Cash Code. Of course making full-time income online is not a dream and with tons of sources and ways, it’s possible for everybody to make an online business but you should find and pick up the RIGHT training program between all scams out there which would be a time consuming job if you have not done a proper research before.

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Also if you have any questions or want to share your opinion with others, feel free to leave it in comments section below.

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  1. Hey Ali,
    You have a great website and I loved this post. You are going to be very successful and the most awesome part is you will be helping people while you do it!

    Be Blessed,

  2. Hello Ali.
    First I must say you have a bright and cheerful website.
    Very easy to read and navigate.
    I agree with you as well. There are tons of “shady”
    products and programs out there. Always be sure to do the research before
    you dedicate yourself to anything.

    Great review!
    Have a Happy Day!

  3. Thanx for Outlining all The Disadvantages of this Clickbank Scam.
    I am infuriated by The Multiple Scams that Clickbank allow on Their Site.

    Fortunately Wealthy Affiliate is a Real Online Program with a Dedicated Network of Helpful Members at a Relatively Low StartUp Cost.

    Keep Up The Good Work.

  4. Hello Ali,

    This is a great and informative review! I am new to affiliate marketing and although I’ve heard of Click Bank, I’ve never heard of CB Cash Code.

    To be honest, it sounds like a ton of other “guru” products that will make claims of making big money with little effort. In fact, it was stuff like this that kept me skeptical and unwilling to try making money online for so long.

    Your review was honest and pointed out that it will take real time and effort to see any returns on your work and more people need to hear that instead of the get rich quick narrative.

    Appreciate the good work and the review.

  5. I really enjoyed every bit of your article, well written, I never knew this much about the cash bank program prior to this time and it really is amazing to know that there is an alternative.

    The issue i have with these wanna be sites is the fact that they lie to get people to register, which in truth is deceptive and in turn disgust people like myself that do lots of research before we invest or go into any online or offline platform.

    Where as all the trainings they offer are things i could easily find on google, with that being said. Your recommendation is definitely something to invest time and money into if a person expects a value for money.

    Thank you for sharing

  6. Hi Ali! From the first glance I start envying you for your site appearance. If I wasn’t at level 2 of training and ambitious I would ask for your help. As for the post, you are delivering here a lot of valuable info and give, at the same time, a signal of warning to those who are trying to make some honest money online.
    PS: maybe I’m wrong but I don’t understand the meaning/construction” Actually it does not important how you got .. ” instead of It is not important…
    Go on writing man and be inspired!

  7. I have heard of ClickBank, but was not familiar with CB Cash Code. However, I would be leery of any program promising me that I could make that much money with little to no effort. We all know this is not, and never will be true. Affiliate marketing can be a profitable business, but it takes time, patience and determination to get there. Get rich schemes, even if they are technically legal, are just that – schemes.
    In copywriting, it is not legal to falsify testimonials. How can that be legal in marketing a program you are trying to sell people? Seems if you are going to falsify your information you would at least make sure your “customer” didn’t claim to use the product for longer than it has even been released, That just sounds laughable.
    Thank your for your review of this. I will definitely steer clear of this program!

  8. Hello Ali. You definitely give your honest opinion when you write an article review. Your use of visual illustrations should get most readers’ plenty of attention that’s for sure.

    Your site is awesome though so keep up the good work!

  9. Hi Ali,
    Such a great review and I think people really need to be informed about the whole truth. As you said it takes a lot to make a really good income and there is many pieces to the puzzle. I would also whole heartedly say that Wealthy affiliate has all those pieces that we can put together to make an awesome income. You have a great website here and thanks for the post.

  10. Hey Ali!

    Thanks for writing this article in such a detail. To be honest, I’ve heard about CB cash code, but was never really sure what is it for and how to use it.

    I’m a beginner affiliate marketer myself and I know how important it is to have a right guidance when you are starting off.

    A lot of us interested in online businesses are low techs to start with so it precious time that we can save choosing the right learning platform.

    I think this is kind of business that you need to invest a lot of work first before seeing any results, so it’s really good to know who can we count on to shorten our learning time and start our earning time ASAP. Especially because it’s so easy to give up if the fruits of your labour seem so far away.

    Thanks again for your review!

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