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Is Champcash a Scam? – Can It Be Your Next Full Time Income?

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Is Champcash a Scam or it’s a new eye-catching opportunity? Champcash is an Android application that makes money for you based on your ‘level’(up to seven of them) and also from relating people whom you know. Since this application has found out of India, you may discover many matters in another language when you research for it.

Champcash has become famous recently and its fame is mostly because of the platform that android users can pick it out. Recent researches show that Android has been purchased frequently and by now everybody has access to an android phone. But in your opinion, this fame shows that it’s a legal program for making money online or it can be a scam?

More researches show that it is an unsure MLM (multi-level marketing) program and you need to know more before using it! This review would help you to find out more about Champcash.


Product Name: ChampCash

Official Website:

Owner: Mahesh verma

Type: Multi-level Marketing (MLM)

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Ranking: 2 Out of 10

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what is champcash

Short Review – What is ChampCash All About?

Reading this review would help you to know better this scheme. Then you can consider it as a scam or as a legal one! It’s up to you! But if you would really like to earn money online like those who are able to gain more than 4,800 dollars per month, so you have to follow their way and take their advice to be successful!

With Champcash, you need to do nothing except refer other people and earn money! That’s it! Do you believe that it doesn’t want neither your investment? Zero Investment required! The reality is that it’s too easy program to trust!

Champcash follows the pyramid scheme that way you download the app and you get a ‘challenge’ as a reward. This challenge usually includes you just installing and opening around ten apps onto your android smartphone so you get a payment within a few minutes. After that, you receive a Sponsor Code that another referred person by you, puts into their devices and accept the next challenge. Once they fulfill the challenge, both they and you get paid. Then you can refer someone else or they can refer someone else. They get paid by following the same pattern and the person you referred gets paid, and you get paid again also.

The ways of payment include Online Shopping discounts, Band Deposit and mobile recharge and the payment that every referral pays you, depends on your level and is from $5 to $20. You should refer more people if you want to go up to a higher level in order to make more money for every referral. As you see, it’s exactly the pyramid scheme!

how champcash works

Is Champcash Something You Should Try?

If you are who know a lot of people and you feel free to push them and change their program in order to make more money for yourself, so Champcash is made for you! Just be aware that it’s one of the illegal pyramid schemes, a suspicious one that has not been detected yet. Just a scam can pay people to install free a third party application on their phone and leave them open for one minute!

The Support’s Quality

Not only Champcash doesn’t have any support but also there are some unclear matters that Champcash doesn’t explain them obviously and it makes this program doubtful!

You won’t know if you have actually authority with this program to undertake on your homepage? Or everyone can have how many user count maximally? What is the turnaround rate (the rate of people who start in compare with people who finish). You won’t know the answer of these questions because they don’t answer you!

pros and cons champcash

The Good & The Bad

In addition to the brief, here you can find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of this program.

The Advantage

The advantage of this product is that you can gain a few dollars if you are inviting everybody whom you to join it! You should download the App which is in the Entertainment section of the Play store and start to refer people. As you see, it works as a MLM (multi-level marketing) program!

The Disadvantage

The disadvantage of this program is that you are dependent to people! You should know a lot of people to offer them to join it. But even if you know this innumerous people maybe they are not affected to what you do or wouldn’t like to join to this program! Maybe because they know that there are some people who are trying to promote a scam!

If you see a person is appreciating this program, don’t be surprised and don’t trust him because it doesn’t mean this is a legal and reliable program! It’s normal that people who are advancing it, talk positively about it to attract you as a member to this net!

is champcash scam

Final Verdict – Is Champcash a Scam or Not?

Champcash is a doubtful program with many unanswered questions and if occasionally you see some people are trying to promote it and guide you to use their Sponsor ID, make sure that it’s the only positive thing that is happening!

It’s one of the illegal programs with a pyramid scheme that is based on referrals! Generally all programs that you make money by referring people in a pyramid scheme and continuing commissions, are not legitimate and it would be much better to refuse them.

Because if you would like to earn money online, you should really work for that and it’s not possible to make money so easy just by referring other people!

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