is changing the future outcome scam

Is Changing the Future Outcome Scam or a Future’s Changer?!

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I have received several messages from people asking me about Changing the Future Outcome (CTFO) company recently. The most asked question was “Is Changing the Future Outcome Scam or legit?”. So I decided to do some research and write a review of this scheme.

Like many other schemes which promise you to make money online really quickly and easy, it sounds very attractive from the first sight. However, it wasn`t enough for me, because all of us know how careful one should be to not get involved with a scam instead of finding paying work. So I dug deeper to find out how it works and whether it`s possible to receive a stable income from it.

Keep on reading the review to see what I found out.


Product Name: Changing the Future Outcome

Official Website:

Owner: Steve Finger

Type: MLM Company for weight loss and skin care products

Cost to Join: Cost-Free if you are a retailer or $47/m to join their MLM plan

Recommended? 50% (And not for beginners)

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is changing the future outcome

 Changing the Future Outcome was launched quite recently, so the CTFO team did a really great job of promoting their company. Wherever you go on the Internet, on social media – it`s everywhere! And I am sure that you`ve already heard of it, too, and probably wondered if it is as promising as it sounds and whether you can instantly start making money with it.

DISCLAIMER! I have to remind you that I am not involved with Changing the Future Outcome in any way. That is why you can be sure that in my review you are going to read about nothing but facts and real information which you can trust. Actually, my job here is to gather all the information together so that you can decide for yourself whether to join the company I`m writing about or not. Continue reading to see what products CTFO offers and how you can make money on selling them.

What Is Changing The Future Outcome All About?

Just a few months ago, people knew CTFO as Chew the Fat Off company. It was a multi-level marketing company which helped people lose weight and stay fit.

However, all of a sudden, in January Stuart Finger, the founder of CTFO, decided to rebrand it and chose another name for the company which would fit into the same abbreviation (CTFO) – Changing the Future Outcome. It was a smart move on his behalf, because having saved the abbreviation, he could still use the popularity Chew the Fat Off has gained and there was no need to do the promotion campaign again. Moreover, the focus of the company hasn`t changed much as well, it still sells health-care products.

Although the name was changed, the main management team remained the same with Stuart Finger`s brother Steve as CEO.

All You Need to Know About Cannabidiol

What distinguishes Changing the Future Outcome from other companies offering health care products is that CTFO`s products are based on the matter called Cannabidiol, also known as CBD. Cannabidiol, as you might have guessed from its name, is the compound of cannabis, which is better known as marijuana.

Now you may think that CTFO is trying to sell you something illegal in the name of medicine, some light drugs to get high, but no. And here is why.

Cannabis, like many other plants, consists of multiple materials. However, the main two of them include Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). Marijuana became famous thanks to THC, as it is responsible for giving people hallucinations and making people get high.

On the other hand, CBD has an entire medical effect and can be used in medicines and health care products. Although even if you take it out of cannabis, there still will be a small amount THC, if its amount is less than 0.3%, then it`s totally fine to use it in medical and health supplies.

While the use of THC is prohibited on the federal level in the US, CBD is permitted for use in the US, so there is nothing to worry about – you won`t get high after using CTFO products.

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how changing the future outcome works

What Benefits People Can Get from Cannabidiol?

After CBD received usage permission in the US, more and more researches have been conveyed in this area, and most of them show proof of CBD`s positive medical effect. According to some scientists, CBD can be used in medicines that treat heart diseases, nausea, neurological problems, and even cancer. Scientists speaking in favor of CBD use, contribute to the increase in production of medicines and health care products containing CBD. And I am sure that in a few years they will possess a massive share of the market.

Although CBD products have a promising future, I wouldn`t say the same about Changing the Future Outcome.

Is Changing the Future Outcome a Pyramid Scheme Company?

Many people believe that all multi-level marketing programs are pyramids which means illegal scams. However, I wouldn`t call all MLM companies scams. That`s right that at first sight they look very similar, but there are significant principles that make them differ.

Pyramids, or scams, are not interested in producing quality products, they don`t want to spend money on promoting them. Instead of the product, they focus on dragging more people into the program and making them pay the initial fee and bring more people in. While most MLM companies are focused on selling their products and recruit people to promote their products.

Hopefully, that will help you tell them apart. If you need more explanation, then you can read an article prepared by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which explains more carefully how to distinguish them. MLM doesn`t necessarily mean that the company is illegal. Some quite respectable companies, including Herbalife, Avon and Primerica, are based on multi-level marketing.

Taking into account all that has been said, we can`t call Changing the Future Outcome a pyramid or a scam, because it produces a range of health care products and offers some guarantees, such as money refund within 60 days. Definitely, before diving into any program, you should do your own research and see whether it`s appropriate for you and if you are ready to invest your time and money in this market, and whether you see a future for yourself in this company. If so, then go ahead and sign up.

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changing the future outcome pros and cons

Changing The Future Outcome – Positives & Negatives

The Positive Points

  • Your Revenue Won’t be Shared with Founders of the Company

Unfortunately, this is true about some companies that take a part of your revenue in their compensation plan. Some of them mention this clearly and some others hide it from you but this is not going to happen in CFO and you can be sure that you’ll get the exact amount of what you make at the end.

The Negative Points

  • Restricted Products

The first con of CFO is that you can’t promote products of CFO in all countries because all of them are in the type of Cannabis and this is a restricted item in some countries. But that would be ok if the product contains its own component.

  • Stigma Of Cannabis Does Not Let You Make Suitable Income

Cannabis stigma which has been used in almost all products of Changing The Future Outcome is an item which makes it hard to promote this type of product. Since using Cannabis stigma is not legal in some states of the United States as well as some other countries (even for medical purposes), it reduces your income potential dramatically.

  • Main Income Comes From Recruiting New People

CFO decides to attract members with a semi pyramid scheme. In this marketing strategy, members should invite other people into the program to make more money and this happens regardless so the quality of product or service so it’s considered a pyramid scheme method which is

is changing the future outcome a scam

Final Word – Is Changing The Future Outcome Scam?

I always have some difficulty answering this question because not all legit companies are valuable and recommended so with keeping this fact is in mind, it must be said that although I mark CFO as a legit business but I put it off from my recommendation list and if you ask why I must tell you that promoting and selling items that made with stigma is one of the hardest things I’ve experienced in earning online businesses like CFO.

Most of the times people do not know anything about stigma and its benefits and even if explain them about all the benefits of products that have been made with the stigma they still have a big doubt about its legitimacy.

The maximum commission you will make from promoting CFO’s products is around 20% which makes it not worth trying when it’s compared to all educating time and effort you have to invest behind it.

I hope my review was what you were looking for and it could help you find the answer to all your questions. I tried to cover all aspects of this business opportunity here and explain why some people do not like it.

In the end, programs like CFO or Global Test Market are not something you will be 100% happy with after joining them. If you still didn’t find your suitable program for making full-time income and build your own online business, I personally invite you to take a look at my best recommendation program below to see why this risk-free and step by step opportunity got my 9.5 out of 10 rating.

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