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Is Click2Sell a Scam? – My Experience Says…

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If you are looking into trying Click2Sell to create some online income for yourself, you are in the right place! In recent years the number of scams is several times more than actual legit programs, and you need to watch out for those in order to not lose the money and time you invest. Now let’s ask and answer this question: Is Click2Sell a scam or you can really make money by placing ads and banners?

Today I am going to help you figure out whether or not you should be cautious using Click2Sell and if it can provide legitimate income or is just another scam.

But before I start the review, there is something I need to draw your attention to. On the Internet there are several websites with the same name, however, the one I am going to review is called Please, don`t mistake it with other same-name websites.

Now, let`s get started!


Product Name: Click2Sell

Official Website:

Owner: No Information Available!

Type: Buy/Sell Banner Ads

Cost to Join: $250 is the minimum amount of investment

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is click2sell

Intro – What Is Click2Sell All About?

Click2Sell is presenting itself as a website for creating and managing advertisement campaigns. The good thing about it is that literally anyone can start a campaign on this website, increase the sales and make money. It doesn`t matter whether you are a representative of a company, a marketing agency or self-employed affiliate marketer – you can definitely take advantage of this platform. Click2Sell actually doesn`t care how much experience you have in marketing, your background or what exactly you are advertising.

The original idea for Click2Sell was to make advertising easier, to give online marketers a set of tools which not only help them run more efficient marketing campaigns but also communicate and cooperate with each other.

At first sight, the Click2Sell website looks super professional and well developed. But I decided to look around for a little longer to see if it really provides legitimate ways of making money.

Fortunately, it was the right thing to do because after some time spent working with this platform I discovered some drawbacks which you definitely need to know before starting using it.

But first, let`s see how Click2Sell actually works.

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how click2sell works

How Click2Sell Works Exactly?

Although Click2Sell claims that the sign-up process is super easy, there are some pitfalls hidden behind it. First of all, to be able to sign up, you need to provide your basic personal information, including your surname and phone number. But it`s not it.

After you sign up, you have to purchase one of the packages the website offers with prices starting at $200. So basically, in order to be able to use the website, you need to invest at least $200 in it.

As soon as you are done with it, various tools and options will appear, and you can create your first campaign. As I have mentioned, it looks very professional and convenient, but the thing is there are so many tools and options that a newbie can just get lost.

I wonder why they haven`t created a video to guide new users through the website yet! It would have made the experience for most users so much better.

What You Need to Know Before Joining

As there is no guide or video to show you around the Click2Sell website, you need to explore it yourself. For that, proceed to the Marketplace where you can find all the tools you might need.

Don`t get overwhelmed by options you are offered here, just look around and after some time you will get familiar with everything you need to know to start a campaign.

How Much Does It Cost You?

If you are using the website as an independent marketer, you won`t face any fees from Click2Sell.

However, if you represent a company or a brand and are selling your own products, then you have to pay a fee for each sale. This fee is calculated according to the original price of the product and may be different for different companies. But normally, it doesn`t exceed $3 per sale.

Is There Any Partnership Program?

Click2Sell offers independent marketers an opportunity to make some extra money by inviting companies to use Click2Sell platform. This referral program allows affiliate members earn up to 30% of all fees the member they`ve brought in has paid. The only difficulty an affiliate marketer may face inviting companies to sign up is that they have to make sure the company stays active on the platform so that they can get their commission.

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click2sell review

What Are The Main Benefits of Click2Sell?

As I already told you, the click2Sell website is packed with various tools to help every marketer succeed. At first, you may be a bit overwhelmed with all the variety, but as soon as you start using all the tools, you realize that there is no better place for marketing.

The thing I enjoyed the most is that you can track all kinds of aspects of your marketing campaigns: starting with clicks and views and ending up with your income and refunds.

Another important characteristic of Click2Sell is that safety of your personal information is their priority. The Click2Sell website has a highly-developed security system which prevents any information leaks.

What`s more, the Click2Sell platform provides great online support. Although, you might not even need to contact the support at all, because most problems can be easily solved in FAQ section.

Is It Possible to Make Money With Click2Sell?

Comparing to multi-level companies which are considered one the most popular affiliate marketing schemes, you don`t have to invest money to purchase the products you are planning to advertise, and you won`t have to then sell them. So the risks are minimalized on Click2Sell.

Moreover, the website offers much more opportunities for making money than any MLM company. Luckily, on Click2Sell you can create several sources of income.

What I Hated About Click2Sell

  • Black Hat Methods

The most annoying thing for me is that you sign up for a website which claims that it`s totally free of charge and then the website starts forcing their pricey packages or services on you.

Unfortunately, the same thing has happened with Click2Sell too. Although the sign-up is free, most likely you will end up investing money in this platform. The worst part is that they have your personal information and may contact you not only via email but your phone as well.

  • Not Realistic Claims

Like any other schemes, Click2Sell promises that you will earn high commissions with them, just as high as the product price is. Every time you see such lucrative offers, lower your expectations at least by half.

The best scenario is that with Click2Sell you will be able to earn as much as 30%, however, you should be prepared that most of your commissions will vary between 5-15%.

  • No Information About The Founder

Generally, people judge an online service or product through the information can be found about the owner(s) of the product. You don’t know who is behind Click2Sell and you never find out it; the only available information over there is about how click2sell works and where the company is located.

Let’s take a look at a well-known platform and see how it differs from click2sell in this field. For instance, reliable companies like Wealthy Affiliate have nothing to hide from their members and that’s why all members of this company know everything about the founders, Kyle & Carson.

  • Where Is The Training?

Before start writing my click2sell review, I’ve read a couple of other reviews about this site from some skillful affiliate marketers and it’s good to know that all of them said, Click2Sell is not able to provide The Right training materials for beginners and newbies.

After reviewing this platform by myself, as an Internet entrepreneur who has long experience in affiliate marketing, I totally agree with them and confirm that there’s a lack of training. Instead of explaining the training methods and guides used in the program, they’ll only tell about what can happen if you enroll in the course.

is click2sell scam

Final Word – Is Click2Sell a Scam? 

Well, it depends on who you are asking this question. If you ask persons who’ve tried it in the hope of making money, they’ll surely recommend you to stay away from it because it’s not legit at all but if you contact the owners of Click2Sell and ask this question, well, they’ll definitely make you sure that there’s nothing to worry about because they are completely legit and trustworthy; well, every cook praises his own broth!

I think it’s more logical to believe the answer of the first group of people because they’re the real members who went through the platform and tested it by themselves. They’ve looked at it from a customer’s view and if it was not a good experience and could not meet their expectations then it’ll probably disappoint new members like me and you.

To be honest, I don’t see any difference between Click2Sell and another scam product Digital Payday that I’ve checked out some while ago. Actually, I even did not try to make an account in Click2Sell because I see it a useless program. You don’t need to try every single online MMO product to see if it’s valuable or not, you just need to spend some times and see what other people say about that program.

Also requesting members to provide their personal financial information in order to transfer their earned money is another big negative point of Click2Sell which confirms its unreliability.

If you are still serious about putting your foot in the right direction of money making online then I recommend you to continue reading “My Best Recommendation” section below which I’ll talk about a 100% safe and reliable platform which will help you to go from zero to a 4, 5 or even 6 figures online income with a step by step guide and very trustable community.

Thank you for spending your valuable time and reading my Click2Sell review; I hope you’ve found this review useful and feel free to ask your questions or leave your feedback about my article in the comment section below.

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  1. Very very angry they stole my money!!

    I got my lost fund back through the help of Mrs Antonia, she helped me recover both my deposit and profit from this scam broker.

  2. I have fallen victim to and don’t want other people to. THEY ARE A SCAM. Do not invest. They lie to get your money. They trap you with the offer of a bonus. If you take the bonus you will never EVER get your money back. Run away as fast as you can from this unethical company. They need to be shut down. I have reported them to, and

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