is clickbank university a scam

Is Clickbank University a Scam or $594 Worth?!

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Let me get straight to the point! You’re here because a program called Clickbank University has got your attention with a making money claim and then you’ve asked yourself: Is Clickbank University a scam or you can trust their claims?

Clickbank University (CBU) is a training program to teaches you everything about affiliate marketing with the Clickbank market. Of course, Clickbank is not my choice for starting affiliate marketing because the quality of products offered in this platform has been decreased a lot during recent years and most of them don’t provide any value to people.

If you’re thinking about making serious money from affiliate marketing and build successful business websites then you should learn it properly from a proven training center like Wealthy Affiliate it’s #1 Training Platform to learn this profitable business and hundreds of people joined and got success with their provided quality training.

Let’s back to our main topic, Clickbank University. Well, if you’re a product’s owner then using Clickbank as a digital marketplace can be helpful to promote and sell your product but if you want to join this platform as an affiliate then it’s not my recommendation.

Also, you’ll have to deal with upsells which will be promoted continually as soon as you become a member of Clickbank university so although it’s said that the membership fee is $47/month but you should not be surprised to see that the final cost can go up to +$500!

Continue reading to know why Clickbank University can’t be the best deal for you!


Product Name: Clickbank University

Official Website:

Owners: Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz and Matt Hulett

Type: Training center to create your own digital product

Cost to Join: $47/month plus upsells up to +$500

Short Review:

The training materials, guides, and information provided in the Clickbank university platform are good enough to encourage you to try it at least once and although you should think about how you want to pay its high price of membership fee but it’s not something that can stop you from trying it.

There are some active members in the program but in total, the community of this platform is not as active as it should be. To become a successful affiliate marketer and build profitable affiliate websites that can make passive income, Clickbank University can’t be your best choice but if you’ve already created a digital product and want to promote it somewhere then CU isn’t a bad option.

Recommended? Yes but not the best choice for beginners

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is clickbank university

So What Is Clickbank University Exactly?

In short, you’ll learn how to create a digital product and find potential buyers for it at Clickbank University. You also have the option to become an affiliate and make a commission by selling other digital products available on the Internet.

The training is listed in two categories:

The Training for Vendors (12-Weeks)

Everything about creating a digital product (from doing market research to manufacturing, marketing, selling, etc. ) is covered in detail in the ClickBank University.

Some sections are theoretical and some others are practical. So you learn the necessary steps to create a digital product first then you can apply it in the real world to build your own product.

Some lessons covered in this section included:

  • What’s a digital product
  • How to build a website and landing page for your product
  • What information should be included in your sales page
  • How to find pro affiliates to promote and sell your item
  • And …

The Training for Affiliate Marketer (8-Weeks)

If you don’t want to go through all the difficult process of creating your own digital product and are looking for a way to make a side-income from promoting products of other people then you should start with this training.

To be honest, this section is not as complete as the training for vendors section because the main focus on Clickbank University is teaching people how to build their own product and you can learn only some basic info of affiliate marketing business in this part of the training.

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how does clickbank university work

Can Clickbank University Make You Money?

The process is simple and straightforward. You need to create a product then sell it online to make money; in order to do that, you need affiliates who can promote your product around the web and Clickbank is the place where let you find these affiliates.

So as you notice, everything starts with creating your product. Of course, you can put your product in Clickbank market place and hope you someone buys it from there directly.

Another option is a very effective way of online marketing which is called Email Marketing. In this method, you start to build an email list by encouraging people to subscribe to that then use this list to sell your product. This is one of the oldest and best ways to sell online products if it’s done properly.

You learn about all the above methods at ClickBank University and of course, the quality and price of your product play an important role in your success. By choosing the right niche and right group of audience, your success is guaranteed in the affiliate marketing industry.

Is Clickbank University Your Best Money-Making Chance?

No, I believe that there are more effective options to make money online and you can get more benefits from some other quality training platforms like this Top-Rated Recommendation Program.

But if creating a digital product is one of your dreams then your dream can come to true with the help of ClickBank University.

Otherwise, if you think that creating a digital product does not exceed your expectations and if features of internet marketing are something that got your attention then with a logical realism, Clickbank University is not what you should be focused on.

If you’re interested in Internet marketing then you can take a look at the Best Recommendation section at the bottom of this review to find out about the Right Way of affiliate marketing.

Clickbank University – Complaints

To be honest, among the products that I’ve reviewed recently like Fast Fortune Club, 4Life or GoodLife USA, there was not any product WITHOUT a complaint!

Like any other market place, ClickBank is not free of the complaint. I believe that it’s still one of the worth trying products in the Internet marketing world but we should not close our eyes to its problems.

For example, many students and members of this course complained that they didn’t have access to All training even after paying the whole membership fee. Owners of ClickBank University accept this complaint, they say, all members need to pass the specific amount of hours to be able to access to all training.

Of course, on the one hand, this brings some limitations to the members and does not let them see what’s included in the next section but on the other hand, it stops you from skip training and let you fully understand all training before going to the next phase.

So what happens if you’ve already known some parts of the basic training? Yes, you have to wait till the next training will be unlocked and this definitely affects your progress negatively.

Also, it must be said that some of the training will be unlocked just after purchasing upsells and buying this upsells will increase your initial cost automatically but the truth is that to have access to ALL training buying these upsells is necessary.

You probably can’t make a successful business without having access to the full course so prepare yourself to pay more than the standard membership fee if you’re serious about creating and selling your own product.

Also the support of Clickbank University needs some improvements because in some cases, it may take even a week-long to get a response for your ticket from support.

Video training of the course in the traffic generation section is another part of the program that some people didn’t like. It seems that many questions remain unanswered even after watching all videos and this does not let you apply all strategies and marketing models that you’ve learned in the course.

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clickbank university pros and cons

Pros & Cons of ClickBank University


  • A Marketplace with Long History

Without a doubt, Clickbank is a well-known market place to promote and sell digital products. Many people trust this company and it has a huge potential for attracting new potential customers. So when an established company like this provides a training program, it shows that they know all the ups and downs of this business perfectly and can recommend you the best ideas for creating digital products based on the hot trends in different markets.

This is the most positive point of this online course and I think that the significance of Clickbank’s name is enough to make sure that only proven methods and quality training are included in the course. As soon as you’ve created the product, you’re ready to put it in the marketplace of Clickbank and by taking advantage of all you’ve learned during the course and having a little chance, affiliate marketers find you and your item will be sold like hot cakes!

  • Refund Is Available

There’s a money-back guarantee for the course so if you’re not happy with the result and training of the course, you have a refund option. Actually I trust companies that give you a refund option more than those that don’t have this money-back guarantee.


  • Upsells Are Everywhere!

I don’t feel comfortable when I see upsells in a training platform, especially when the price of upsell is more than the membership fee. The first and main upsell of Clickbank University called ClickBank Builder and you need to pay $594 to purchase it!

This upsell will be promoted to you constantly right after creating your account with Clickbank University and it’s said that to get the full features of the program, purchasing this upsell is necessary and if you don’t do that, follow a substantial part of the training will be impossible!

  • Not a Good Place to Learn Affiliate Marketing

You should definitely find a another platform if becoming a successful and professional affiliate marketer is something you’re looking for because what you learn about this industry (affiliate marketing) in ClickBank University is not enough to build a thriving affiliate marketing business based on that.

Of course there are many products in the Clickbank marketplace which you can promote them but it’ll limit you to only one source (ClickBank) while affiliate marketing is a worldwide business with unlimited income potential.

So why you should limit yourself while there are other marketplaces like Amazon that let you choose products according to your interest.

is clickbank university scam

Final Word – Is ClickBank University a Scam?

Of course it’s. I think if you’ve read just a couple of sentences of my ClickBank University review then you can easily guess why I believe that this is a completely legitimate training center and you probably agree with me.

There’s huge useful information about the digital product creation process and as soon as you complete the training successfully then there’s great hope to make a constant income online. We live in the 21st century which is called virtual world (online world) as well and making a full-time income from your comfortable home is not a dream anymore if you choose the Right Way.


I’ve tested previous versions of ClickBank University in the past and in this new version I can clearly see that they’ve improved their training center and added a lot of new features to it. To be honest, it’s not easy to choose a good training platform or online courses about making money online methods these days because there’re always scam and scammers and you can easily get scammed by one of them if you’re not careful.

Anyway, ClickBank labeled as a legit training program and if you’re ok with its negative points like high price of upsells ($594), poor support or not complete training for affiliate marketing section then you’ll probably enjoy your time over there but believe me, dealing with daily upsells is not as easy as you think. You’ll have really a hard time to deal with these annoying promotions. There’re even people who are willing to buy these upsells jut to not see them again!

my recommendation

My Best Recommendation

If you’re serious about making money online and are willing to put time and effort behind a Legit & Reliable program to make a living from the internet, Here is My #1 Recommendation!

It’s my Top-Rated program with a trusted community of +1 Million Members and here is why I highly recommend it:

  • It’s totally FREE to join. No Hidden Cost at all!
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Thanks a lot for reading my review. Now let me know what do think about ClickBank University? Have you made any money online with that? Or do you have any other experience with similar marketplaces like amazon?

Looking forward to seeing your thoughts in the comments section below and I’ll definitely come back to you with a reply!

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