is clicks dealer a scam

Is Clicks Dealer a Scam or a New Form Of Money Making?

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Let me be honest with you from the beginning. There’s zero chance to make even a single penny with Clicks Dealer but you are always free to see it by yourself. Is Clicks Dealer a scam? Yes but you never know why until you read this review completely!

If you think that you just need to post ads online in your website and collect money that it brings to you, I’m sorry but it’s not possible and you’ve probably got this information from a wrong place!

Some people say many good things about Clicks Dealer but it does not mean that all they say is true. When you’re here, it shows that you’re serious about finding only facts about this money making opportunity and this research will help you a lot when you want to make the final decision.

By the way, since I’m not affiliated with Clicks Dealer, my review is completely honest and I don’t get any benefit from promoting it so you can totally trust this review article and I’ll tell you why Clicks Dealer is similar to another crappy ads placement program that I’ve tested before. Good or bad, you should know that there’s not any benefit you can get from it. Let’s start our review and see what’s going on inside it.


Product Name: Clicks Dealer

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Make Money with Putting Ads in Your Website

Cost to Join: $250 to Start With

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

Short Review:

Everything related to placing ads in Clicks Dealer which means you choose ads related to a topic and put them in the right places then for every click they generate, you make a profit. The main negative point of this platform is that when you purchase the system you’ll get nothing! In simple words, the system they are selling is stopped working some while ago but they’re still selling it to people which is ridiculous!

Also, you’re completely wrong if you think it’s a new system; the fact is that owner(s) of Clicks Dealer has built an ads placement platform in the past and they made it famous on the Internet by using some black marketing methods. Anyway, it was a useless program and it’s marked as scam by Internet users after a short time and it shut down but the creator of this platform didn’t stop cheating people and rebranded it with a new name called Clicks Dealer.

Now you understand why I’m totally against it. Because firstly, it’s a fake product and secondly nobody knows who created and promoted it.

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what is clicks dealer

What Is Clicks Dealer All About?

Simply it’s all about online advertising and how you can make a profit from it. It’s one of those systems which allow you to place ads in third-party platforms and make money from impressions and clicks it gets.

Some websites like Gold Opinions use paid survey technique to attract new customers and some others like Clicks Dealer use ads placing technique. Actually, there are different websites you can put this type of ads but before that ,you need to purchase each of them as advertising packages to be able to sell it to other websites. As I’ve mentioned above, there’s only one way you can make a profit from this system and it’s when people start clicking on ads that you put in third-party platforms. In fact, it’s a kind of buying/selling marketplace of online ads and you make money when you buy ads cheap and sell it for a higher price. I’ll explain more in the next couple of paragraphs.

Who’s Founder of Clicks Dealer?

I’ll give you $10.000 if you could answer of this question! The truth is that there’s absolutely zero information about the founder of Clicks Dealer and I see only one reason for this: They don’t want anybody to know about them because they’re not legit!

Although it has a registered business name (Clicks Revenue LTD) with a physical address but there is a high chance that their postal address, as well as their name, are not real as well. I could not go to their address and check if they really exist or not but when I’ve Googled their address, I’ve found out that there are tons of other companies with the same postal address! This simply shows that they just took a random address from the Internet and used it as their owns.

So my problems with them start right from here when they hide these important information from customers.

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how clicks dealer works

How Does It Work? – Are There Any Other Red Flags?

Yes! There are many other things we should consider as cons and I’m going to list two of them here:

  • Pay $250 to Start in Clicks Dealer With Zero Guarantee!

This is the part where they make the most money from people. Right after opening your account, you’ll be given an option to deposit your money which starts at $250. You need this to start buying ads packages and unfortunately, it does not offer any trial option.

This is not a one-time payment and to have more chance you need to buy more ad banner packages. A discount will be applied to your purchase which makes your profit in the future and this continues like a circle.

Keep in mind that $250 is the minimum amount of money you’ll pay and according to my research there are packages as high as $2000, $3000 or even $4000 which have more features but to be honest, I have not seen any advantages between a $4000 package and a $250!

  • The Ads Packages Are very Expensive

When you accept to pay that $250 and make them happy, now ads packages will be available to you which you can buy it from their marketplace but they’re not free and you need to pay from $20 to $1500 to for a single ad banner.

The fact is that Clicks Dealer is a PPC platform and if you are familiar with this type of advertising model, you know that Google is the best one in this field so to make everything clear for you I just give you a simple example; imagine you are an online shop owner and want to promote your products online.

You want your ads to be shown in the best places in the Internet and someone suggests you to use Google Pay-Per-Click advertisement system then you’ll see another ad from Clicks Dealer which advises you to use their system for promoting your shop. Now, which one do you choose? Google or Clicks Dealer?

I bet you’ll pick up Google and it’s a logical decision because they’re a leader in online advertisement and they are trustworthy. So I assure you that everybody else will choose Google when it comes to PPC so why you should invest your time and money on something like Clicks Dealer that is already a loser in that competition?

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clicks dealer pros and cons

Clicks Dealer – What I Liked & What I Didn’t Like


  • I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say that Clicks Dealer does not have any good point! I went through it and reviewed every single aspect of it but I could not find ANY positive thing that can be mention here.


  • Unreal and fake claims
  • Difficult process to withdraw your payment
  • A high risk platform
  • Require too much personal information which is not normal at all
  • Risk of stealing your CC & other info
  • No information about the owner of the platform
  • Very expensive (up to $5000) ad banners

is clicks dealer scam

Final Word – Is Clicks Dealer a Scam?

If there was a word between legit and scam I would love to use it here but unfortunately it’s not possible because I need to be as honest as possible in this section since it’s conclusion section where some people like you want to make their final decision based on my answer to this question so maybe semi-legit would be the perfect word for calling Clicks Dealer.

I call it semi-legit because there are reports which show some people could get success and make a profit with using this advertising platform and this simple reason is enough to put it out from my scam list. But I highly advise you to stay away from this company and all those people who say that it’s a great way of money making online because of all cons and negative points that I’ve told you about this platform.

I make you sure that you won’t feel satisfied even if you make some extra dollars through it because firstly, the source of your income will be unclear and secondly you may not able to withdraw it at the end because of several issues and that would be very sad after spending a lot of time.

Clicks Dealer became popular for a short time when it promised a huge return on investment to people but like many other get rich quick programs, it started to lose credibility because it had not any real value to offer members. We see these low-quality businesses in the real world too but fortunately, there are rules that stop these crappy businesses to grow freely and we really feel lack of these rules in the virtual world (Internet).

Finally, I recommend you to build a real valuable online business which let you make money the right way by using the right tools. In the next section, I introduce you one of the best platforms that will give you everything needed to start money making online properly so don’t miss next section which is the most important section of this review.

Thanks for reading my review and feel free to share your opinions in the comments below.

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