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Is Clout Cash Club a Scam? – I Bet It Is!

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Thank you for visiting my website to read this detailed review of Clout Cash Club. In this review, I’ll share all facts I’ve found about Clout Cash Club and in the conclusion section, I’ll tell why I put CCC (Clout Cash Club) in my semi-legit and not worth trying list. Now here is the question: Is Clout Cash Club a scam survey platform? Let’s see!

There’s only a little information about this product and it’s some strange because there are many people who have been attracted in the big claim of making up to $150 for completing a single survey with this website and now they are curious to know if it’s real or not.

Helping those people to find out the truth was my main aim for writing this review and I hope that it’ll be helpful for everyone who is looking to know the truth about Clout Cash Club.

Actually, CCC is the 50 or 60 paid survey website that I’m reviewing and if like me, you review survey sites for a long time (a couple of years), just by taking a quick look at the website you can easily find out if it’s a trustworthy money-making opportunity or not.

This is what I’ve done and I can give you a direct answer but I advise you to read the Clout Cash Club review till end because in the article, I’ll tell you what dirty tricks scam websites use to get your attention and how you can stay safe from get scammed by these websites in the Internet.

The same as all my past review articles, I’ve tried to be as honest as possible in my review. Also at the bottom of this article, you’ll find out about a reliable making money method that I’ve personally used for years and it works very well for everybody who is willing to put effort to have an online income. So don’t miss reading My Best Recommendation section.

So here is all the truth I have found about Clout Cash Club and also if you take a look at the Best Recommendation section at the bottom of the article, you’ll find about a reliable strategy which let you have nice solid online income.

Let’s start!


Product Name: Clout Cash Club

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Paid Survey Platform

Cost to Join: Free to join

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 10

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what is clout cash club

So What Is Clout Cash Club All About?

In short, Clout Cash Club is a kind of community of people who are looking to make some extra money from online surveys. It offers high paying surveys up to $150 and it’s free to join this platform.

I see CCC as a new survey website because its domain age shows that it’s just 2 years old and has been launched in 2017 for the first time.

Although platforms and systems that I’ve reviewed recently like Automated Income System, Teespring or Bizrate Rewards were not survey platforms but there were several common things between them and Clout Cash Club which I’ll mention below.

I sort survey websites into two main categories: The first group are websites that work legitimacy and don’t pay you more than a few cents for sharing your opinion but the second ones that are mostly scam, try to attract you by unreal promises like paying +$100 for completing one survey.

You can use the same strategy to find out the legit paid survey websites. This means, every time you see a survey platform that is willing to pay you +$10 for taking a survey, you can mark it as a scam website and stay away from it and every time you find a website that pays less $1 for taking surveys, you can consider it as a legit one.

By taking a look around the web, you’ll find out that there are tons of scam survey sites (like: Survey4Checks, Take survey for cash, maximum paid survey, etc.) so it’s always worth to spend a couple of minutes and read some reviews about the survey site that you want to join.

Spending a couple of minutes to do a research, in the beginning, is much better than spending a lot of time behind a scam site and become disappointed at the end!

How Much Does It Cost to Join Clout Cash Club?

It’s totally free to join this survey platform and that’s probably why many people are willing to try it at least once; they think that they won’t lose anything if it does not work but the truth is that they’ll lose something much more important than money and it’s the valuable time they’ve spent behind it which will never come back!

Here’s the second trick I’m going to teach you here. Every time that you see a survey website requires you to pay money to join their platform, you mark it as a scam immediately because none of legit paid survey companies request you to pay anything upfront to participate in their business.

In this case (Clout Cash Club) although we are not going to pay anything to join this platform but don’t forget that you’re going to invest your time behind it and you let them access to some of your personal information.

For example, they’ll have your email address and can send you promotional emails as much as they like or even worse, they can share it with other marketing companies.

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how clout cash club works

Here Is How Clout Cash Club Works Exactly…

If you’re familiar with Internet marketing you know well that companies use different marketing techniques to attract clients, from, 301 Redirect to using Autoresponder System or Cookies.

CCC has one of the easiest sign-up processes among survey websites. To sign up with this company, you need to give them your personal email address. They say that a survey offer of $150 will be sent to your mailbox as soon as you complete the sign up process, I went through it to see if it really works or not.

I’ve done it and I’ve received an email from Clout Cash Club but it was not a survey task. It was just another promotional email which promoted their website as a +$300/Day opportunity. If you remember, I’ve told you that most of the times, these eye-catching offers are nothing more than a scam and they never give you what they promised.

I clicked on some of the advertised survey sites and I’ve seen them very crappy offers. None of them look legit and I’m sure that there’s zero chance to make any money from them.

Is it possible to earn some extra cash from Clout Cash Club?

The point here is that you will receive an invitation from different survey companies when you join CCC so the possibility of earning money depends on the company you receive the invitation from.

What I’ve personally experienced says that most of the invitations come from not legit companies and making money from these cheesy websites are far from reality. If you’re lucky, you just waste the time on them but some times, they start to request you pay money to have access to a long list of high paying survey websites.

This list does not exist and if you decide to pay to them, you’ll end up losing your hard-earned money.

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clout cash club pros and cons

Clout Cash Club – Likes & Dislikes


To be honest, I couldn’t find any positive thing about CCC that I can list here so I have to leave this section blank and go for negative points of this program.


  • No Way to Contact Support!

Providing different ways to contact with clients from email address to phone numbers is very common among online service provides and all reliable companies take this seriously because they know that happy customers are equal to more new customers and more profit.

So when you see a website that does not provide any contact info, you doubt its legitimacy seriously and you’re right. This is what you are going to see in Clout Cash Club, no contact info, no email address, no physical address and no phone number. It seems that they prefer to stay as hidden as possible while they’re offering their service.

I don’t like the websites and programs that don’t give me any contact information because I think it’s my right to know everything about the website, person or company that I’m going to work with and no contact info does not mean anything except than scam scheme for me.

  • Annoying Messages in Your Mailbox

Spam emails is another negative point of Clout Cash Club. As soon as you create an account in CCC, they start to send survey offers to you but in addition to these offers, you will receive emails with links that will direct you to unknown websites. These are spam messages and be ready to receive many of these messages when you join this platform.

  • Lack of True Information

It seems that they are far from what they call themselves, a survey aggregator. At be beginning, you feel that Clout Cash Club is a middleman between paid survey companies and you but when you work with them for a while, you’ll notice that they just send a links to you on a regular basis.

This is not what we’ve expected to get from Clout Cash Club and it seems that they use this as a marketing trick to attract more people and more new members for their company.

is clout cash club scam

Final Word – Is Clout Cash Club a Scam?

I personally don’t mark Clout Cash Club a scam company but if someone does, I can completely understand him/her. Misleading information is the first thing you have to face when you become a member of this website.

You’ll probably be surprised when you complete the registration process because the first link you receive from them will direct you to no a survey offer but a totally irrelevant web page which suppose to be profitable ads for them.

Also if you think that you’ll work with a survey aggregator, you’re completely wrong because it’s not a source of valuable survey offers at all.

I think it does not matter if we call Clout Cash Club a scam or legit website, the important point here is that I never can exceed your financial expectations and making $15 or $20 for taking a single survey will remain just like a dream.

What I can make you sure about is that Clout Cash Club is not the recommended survey website which can bring you even a few extra bucks. There’s a simple rule that I always follow to protect myself from getting scammed by untrustworthy programs and I’m going to share it here; never trust a company or website that don’t give you any contact info.

There’s no information about the founder of CCC, where they are located, what’s their contact phone number, etc. and all these are red flags for a company from my point of view.

All in all, I recommend you to save your valuable time and don’t waste it behind crappy websites like Clout Cash Club. It’s true that it’s free to join this survey program but it doe not take a long time for you to understand that your dreams of making part or even full-time income never comes true by joining survey platforms like this.

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my recommendation

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