is Commission Hero a scam

Is Commission Hero a Scam or a Simple 3-Step to Make Cash?

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Firstly, I want to thank you for choosing my website ( and Commission Hero review. This is an honest review of this product and I’m going to share all detail and information you need to know about this platform in the next couple of paragraphs so if you’re looking for the truth about the Commission Hero and find answer of this question: “Is Commission Hero a scam or not?”, make sure to stay with me and read this post till the end of this review.

Commission Hero is the newest product of Internet marketer, Robby Blanchard which claims how Facebook advertising can make you an unlimited amount of money! Robby says that the minimum earning potential with his system is $1,000/Day and it can be increased easily. The story becomes more interesting when you know that you even don’t need to build a website or create a digital product in order to make $1,000 or more daily!

But is this a real claim that we should believe or like many other scams out there, this is just another crappy program with an eye-catching (but fake) claim? Or can Robby’s course turn you into a super affiliate marketer even if you have zero knowledge in Internet marketing?

Let’s find out!


Product Name: Commission Hero

Official Website:

Owner: Robby Blanchard

Type: Online course about Facebook advertising

Cost to Join: $997

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is Commission Hero

First Question, What Is Commission Hero All About?!

I’ve seen this online course when I was searching for new released digital products in ClickBank marketplace. Robby Blanchard created this online course and teaches you some simple but very effective techniques to use in Facebook advertising which can bring you big commissions.

Well, the “Big Commission” term is enough to encourage everybody to try this system but there’s an unspoken rule which says “You should not believe things easily without having to be convinced”. And this is what most people forget about when they want to try a new digital product or online course.

The process is simple. Expensive products are something you should focus on to make 50%, 70% or even more commission and Commission Hero shows you 3 different ways as secret methods to find affiliate programs with high-paying commissions.

First, you’ll learn where you should look to find high-paying affiliate programs and after picking up the right products, you’ll start to run promotional campaigns in the most popular social network, Facebook. Finally, Robby gives you the secret weapon that lets you force people to purchase items and products only from you!

Well, it’s very nice if something like this can really happen in real life and it looks like an outstanding making-money method but is this a practical strategy that can be applied to real business as well? Keep reading, I’ll answer this question as well as several other important questions about the Commission Hero shortly!

Background of the Founder

That may look impressive if you know that the founder of Commission Hero (Robby Blanchard) is one of the best Internet marketers in the world that has been made many successful sales with ClickBank. This naturally may lead you to believe claims of Robby but as study says, the first impressions is not accurate always.

According to what Robby says, he has a record of making $45k or even $50k in affiliate marketing business but what he does not like to talk about is the cost for running marketing campaigns that resulted in that much profit.

What you need to know here is that there’s not room for Free Traffic in Robby’s system and it’s clearly said that the method of Commission Hero is based on Facebook paid ads and this automatically brings a huge amount of cost to your business.

It’s hard to say what’s the net-profit for Robby because affiliate marketers who use paid traffic methods always are paying and investing money on a regular basis so if a person tells you that he has made $50k with paid traffic, he may simply spend 90% of it to make that much. And most of the marketers prefer to keep these numbers secret and don’t share it with you for several reasons.

Now let’s see what Robby is going to teach you in the course for $997.

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how does Commission Hero work

What You Learn in Robby’s Course

The course is sorted into 8 different sections. It starts with “Getting Started” which teaches you the basics about affiliate marketing business, affiliate programs, ClickBank, etc. Also, other training sections are:

  • Pick-up an Offer

In this section, you’ll learn what type of products and items are profitable more in the health and wellness industry then with provided guide, you’ll be able to pick up the best product to promote.

  • Creating eye-catching ads

Everything about designing a quality ad is covered in this part. Also you’ll find information about choosing the right designer and what elements you should consider in the design of your ad.

  • Build your own landing-page

Setting up a landing page with the help of ClickFunnels is something that focused on this section.

  • Set Up a Facebook Ads Campaign

All necessary steps to build a successful campaign on Facebook are covered in this part of the training.

  • Social Media Traffic Tracking

Tracking your marketing activity is a must-do task to know all the positive and negative points of your campaign. You learn how to track your traffic properly here.

  • Scaling Your Business

Everybody likes to move to the upper level and expand his/her business. You learn where and when your money should be invested if you want to scale your business in this part.

Quality of ClickBank Products

In all products that I’ve reviewed recently like ClickBank University, Weekly Money Call or 4Life, I’ve mentioned that all digital products should be created in at least average standard level.

When you become an affiliate or retailer in Commission Hero, you’ll start to promote products of the Clickbank marketplace directly so it’s important to know what kind of products you’re going to promote.

It’s really hard to find out why the quality of some of the products that have been sold in Clickbank has decreased dramatically. It needs some in-deep research to find out the main reason but most of the items we see in Clickbank these days are lower than standard-level which makes them not-worth-trying products from point of customers.

But why the quality of Clickbank’s products should be important to you? Because in order to make money and commission as a Clickbank affiliate, you’re going to find buyers and customers for these products and when people don’t see the value and quality that they are looking for in your offer, they don’t buy those items; this means, you’re not going to make any money!

Clickbank used to be considered as a valuable marketplace for High-Quality products in ANY niche in the past but the problem started exactly from the time that it opened the door to ALL product owners and affiliate marketers without requesting any quality test.

From then some very low-quality (or even scam) items started to release in this marketplace day after day and they have been promoted by affiliates who were looking just to make money instead of solving a problem. And it decreased the reliability of Clickbank as one of the Internet retailers.

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Commission Hero – The Good, The Bad,

The Good,

  • You can start it with zero experience in affiliate marketing
  • You’ll have access to One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • It’s rated #1 in training section of ClickBank
  • The refund option is available (up to 14-days after purchasing)
  • Ready-to-use sales/landing page templates

The Bad,

  • It’s costly because it works based on the paid traffic and you’ll never know how much cost you may end up with.
  • The platform is similar to some of the MLM businesses that I’ve seen before.
  • Your traffic comes from Paid Facebook ads so you should have already some money to start running your campaign.

What About the Facebook Group?

Robby introduced his private facebook group as one of the main features of Commission Hero. It’s a group for both beginners and experienced Internet marketers. You’re free to ask questions regarding your business in this group and you’ll get an answer from an expert in less 24 hours.

Members who joined Commission Hero earlier share their thoughts, tips and success stories in the group which can be used as a big and effective encouragement for new members like you. When you see and talk to people who have already built an established online business with the help of Commission Hero, you feel that it can happen for you too and making a full-time income won’t remain as just a dream for you anymore.

And yes, the Private Facebook Group of Commission Hero is really one of the main features of this training platform which makes it different from similar online courses.

How Much Does it Cost You?

Robby set the price of $997 for the course but if it’s too expensive for you, there’s an option which let you pay the course fee in two payments of $597.

Stay Away from Commission Hero If You’re…

The truth is that the Commission Hero can’t be your best friend if you belong to one of the below groups:

  • If you’re looking for a quick way to make money online and don’t want to invest enough time to build your online business.
  • If you don’t think about making passive income and it’s not your concern.
  • If you’ve enrolled in other similar training platforms before and found it a time-consuming job.
  • If you’re looking for a risk-free business and if you’re not in the situation of taking even a little monetary risks.
  • If you prefer to work in a company, have a boss and an ordinary 9-5 job rather than building your own business.
  • If you look at online business as a shortcut to make a large amount of money.
  • If you’re not ready to experience all ups and downs that will definitely happen while you’ve just started.

Final Word – Is Commission Hero a Scam?

Fortunately Commission Hero is a legitimate training program and although it has its own pros and cons but all the advertising methods that you’ll learn over there are legit and reliable. You can start to create facebook ads and promote products of Clickbank or create marketing funnels and use it as an advertising channel. All these methods as available as training sections in the Commission Hero.

Although I still don’t know what’s the real cost of running a marketing campaign based on the paid method of Robby Blanchard but what I’m sure about is that Commission Hero teaches you a practical method and the owner (Robby) shares all his experience and knowledge in Clickbank and Facebook marketing with you in an honest way so you don’t need to worry about getting cheated by this guy.

Is Commission Hero My Best Recommendation?

To be honest, no. Well, I accept that this course is useful to learn basics of paid advertising on Facebook but I know that $997 is not something many people can afford for an online course, especially if you’re at the beginning of the making-money online industry.

I don’t think that everything about affiliate marketing is covered in detail in the training of Commission Hero; also, although you have a 24/7 support in Facebook group of the program but there are always moments when you need something more than a simple Facebook group like an online chat platform or ability to contact professional marketers directly and this is not provided in Commission Hero.

If you really want to learn affiliate marketing business, you can take a look at My Best Recommendation section below to find out about a training platform that is rated 9.5 out of 10 (Highest rated training program among all my reviews). It’s Free to join and right after setting up your account, you’ll find out that it’s something much more than a normal training program.

Commission Hero teaches a normal method to start selling Clickbank products but my recommended program gives something Unique and Special which will bring you Financial Freedom and it paves the way for unlimited income potential!

Keep reading to learn more about more best recommendation program.

my recommendation

My Best Recommendation

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Thanks for reading my review of Commission Hero and feel free to ask your questions in comments below.

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