Is Copy My Cash Flow Scam – Stay Away from It!

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Copy My Cashflow is a new scam system that just launched and today I’m advising my blog readers to stay away from it. You can keep reading to get my honest opinion and review of Copy My Cashflow down below and see exactly why I am not recommending it.


Program Name: My Cash Flow Secret

Official Website:

Owner: Trevor Harris

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

Recommended? No

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My Cash Flow Secret is apparently a method to make money from filling out worksheets for people who has unclaimed property with the government. It means that there are funds, money, that people are owed but they don’t know about it so there is this company you’ll be working with that will help these people get their money back.

What Others Say…

Mark – UK:

If you buy into this program you are only going to be left disappointed. The truth is you will spend money on their products and up-sell products but at the end of the day you will never make the kind of income that they promise. Like I explained, this system is clearly a scam due to the fact that they use fake testimonials and I really have no clue how they managed to get it approved for sale on Clickbank.

My Rating: 2 out of 10


Kyle – US:

This entire system is completely fake and made up. There are no worksheets being processed when you send them in. This is all just a ploy to make this business model seem legitimate and I’ll be honest… This is one heck of a sneaky way to trick people. It seems like it could actually be legitimate for a second.

The only thing that’s happening when you send in your worksheets you fought out along with the $5 bill for each worksheet is they are stealing your money. You are going to get a check in return and you aren’t going to get your money back. As far as I see it you are going to be pretty much completely screwed out of the money you sent and because there is no way of getting a chargeback or anything like that since it is cash.

In closing, I hope you found my review helpful and I hope it saves you from this nasty scam. If you did end up sending money in to this I really don’t know what to tell you. You might want to talk to your local law enforcement office but I’m not sure how much they are going to be able to do either

My Rating: 3 out of 10


Grace – Arizona:

Hell YES this My Cash Flow Secret is a scam, a very elaborate scam at that but anyone like me who’s seen a lot of scams from reviewing different programs would see this from a mile away. To the people who are new to this and are just looking for a decent way to make some money online will not detect any of this as fraud or a scam.

That’s exactly the type of people they target as well because they are banking on you not knowing what’s the difference. These scammers know that you just want an easy way to make some money online but “easy” is what gets you into scams. Making money online is not as easy as it sounds, but there are ways to make it happen, just not with My Cash Flow Secret. I can’t possibly recommend My Cash Flow Secret.

My Rating: 1 out of 10


Conclusion – Is Copy My Cash Flow a Scam?

Having read the user reviews and studied the system, it’s obvious that it’s a big scam. Even though there is some little proof of earning if you work hard, the much you get does not correspond with the money indicated in their advertisements. The idea of making free money also doesn’t add up. A legit business will train you how to earn money first. They will help you start off and provide sufficient customer care throughout.

Users of Copy my Cash Flow claim that they have an inadequate customer care services. However, for those who persevere and bear the hustle, you can earn a few dollars. That doesn’t neutralize the many glaring signs of a big scam in online money making the industry.

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  1. Hi Ali 🙂 I’ve seen so many scams out there and copy my cash flow looks just like another one too. After a while you almost know right up front if it’s a scam or not. Any program that asks for a lot of money is a scam as far as I’m concerned.
    I’ve fallen for the traps before and copy my cash flow would not be one of them. The name alone proves that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. This sure is.
    Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand is not a scam. I know this because I joined and it’s the only legitimate program I ever came across.

  2. Hello..

    Unfortunately, internet these days are full of scams and fraud offers!! a lot of apps or websites promise you money out of nothing and try to gain your trust in many ways. I can understand how can anyone falls into this and be a victim sometimes, “money” word has its power after all, but we have to be more careful to not let them drag us into it!
    We have to keep in mind that no one, company, app or whatsoever might give us money without efforts or anything in return!

    Thank you Ali for your given time to share this out and let us know about it!

  3. I am always sceptical about free money offers. It signals red lights all the way. Copy my cash flow is one of them giving promises that they can’t keep. This is fraudulent and it doesn’t work. They do not reveal their identity. Why hide? right! They also have fake testimonials, people claiming to have made a lot of money and most likely were paid to write those. Copy My Cash flow is definitely a scam and is just waiting for unsuspecting individuals to get their hard earned money and time. Stay away!!!

  4. Thanks Ali for this helpful information. So cash flow is big scam that every one have to avoid. I will check your best recommendation, read your posts and leave you comment if its helpful. im really excited to learn a lot form your posts and advice.

  5. Hi, Ali. There are a lot of companies like My Cash Flow Secret like this. They can get started with your trust, because the companies that usually give money are all made by fraud groups. There is no such thing as giving money and making more money, because making money depends on your own efforts and through research. There is also a mention in your article that Cash Flow Secret is not only inefficient, but also that you can start making money in just a few simple steps, which is a complete trap. These groups can have a variety of fraud techniques every time, which is too pitiful for those who are unsuspecting. I hope that your article will let more people know to avoid the purpose of fraudulent groups. Thanks for sharing.

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