is copy my email system a scam

Is Copy My Email System a Scam? – Unfortunately, Yes!

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It’s good to see that you have decided to do a research about CMES (Copy My Email System) before jumping into it. In my review article of this program, I’m going to answer this important question “Is Copy My Email System a scam or legit?” as well as several other questions which will help you find all the facts about this money making system.

I’ve never had an optimistic view of the making money products that are ‘too good to be true’. To be honest I don’t know exactly from which marketing channel I’ve landed in the official page of the Copy My Email System (CMES) but claims and promises I’ve seen there convinced me to take a closer look at this program and see how it works. Then I decided to gather all my information and put them all in one review article here.

Is Copy My Email System a scam? Or it’s better to ask, can you really trust Copy My Email System program or the same as many scams out there, it tries to get your trust first then steal your hard earned money by sending you to another fake program?

I have no doubt that advertising and claims of CMES was attractive enough to get your attention and you are thinking if you should give it a try or not. Making $50, $100 or $200 in just five or ten minutes with zero effort is the main claim of Copy My Email System and reading my in-deep review of this program is the best way to know if it’s really possible or not,

Also, I’ll tell you about all other marketing methods have been used by these types of programs to make a relationship with customers then get the advantage of this relationship. I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed after reading this review and by finishing it, you’ll be able to find the Right Way for making a significant amount of money online.

So stay with me and read my Copy My Email System review till the end.

Let’s jump into it now! )


Product Name: Copy My Email System

Official Website:

Owner: Bobby

Type: MMO With Email Marketing

Price: $1 + $29/m + $97 + tons of upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is copy my email system

What Is Copy My Email System All About?

In simple words, it’s an email marketing system which is automated by the owner and is ready to use. You probably know that email marketing is the most powerful weapon in the online business and digital world and every single subscriber is very valuable for email list owners.

CMES claims that it’ll give you a long list of subscribers when you purchase the program and you’ll get paid every time you send an email to this subscriber’s list.

Well, everything seems legit at the beginning and you think that you’ve really found money making machine but the problem comes up when you want to know some more about the background of the CMES’ owner and it’s the time when you understand that a person called Bobby Does Not exist in the real world and it’s nothing more than a fake identity!

But why an owner or founder of a program should hide his/her identity? Does it mean anything other than they’re doing something wrong? Does not it put a big question mark in front of you about their legitimacy? How we can trust a product or system when we don’t know who has built and run it?

Regardless of the legitimacy factor, I believe that it does not matter how big a company is. People have the right to know everything about the background of the owner/founder of the product or company and if there’s no or fake information about the owner, it destroys people’s trust completely.

Just imagine how it was possible to trust big brands like Microsoft, Apple or Amazon without knowing anything about the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos.

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how copy my email system works

How Does Copy My Email System Work?

It’s easy to join Copy My Email System and it has a trial offer which will cost you $1. You may think that it’s great because you can pay $1, test the system and leave it if you don’t like it but it’s not as easy as it seems.

First of all, this $1 is just for entering the system and it does not give you anything else. For example, this system is based on sending promotional emails to a list of potential buyers and to have this subscriber’s list, you need to pay $29 every month.

This $29/m is for the first 500 subscribers and you can purchase a list of 1000, 2000, 5000 or even more of subscribers and of course, it’ll cost you more but to make money you should have a bigger list of subscribers.

After choosing your package, you’ll start to send a promotional email on a daily basis to your list and you’ll earn $0.20 every time one of the subscribers click on your promotional link. Copy My Email System says that there’s a potential of making $200/Day easily with tons of clicks you can get from subscribers but there’s an important question that has not been answered by CMES in the sales videos.

The question is: If this is a profitable list, why they’re selling it to you?!

I have experience in email marketing and I’ve even tried to buy subscriber’s list from different sources in the past. I know that none of the legit list providers are willing to pay $0.20 per click to the list’s owner. This is just a dirty marketing trick CMES used to sell its useless lists of subscribers.

Also, if you take a look around and read some suggestions of email marketing experts, all of them will tell you that you SHOULD build your own email list rather than buying lists from others because when you build a subscriber’s list by yourself, you know how you gathered it (the right or the wrong way) but when you buy it, you don’t know how this list has been built before and if it’s really worth or not.

Making a serious amount of money from email marketing is definitely possible and it’s done by many persons before but the point is that you should find the right way and buying a list from another person for $29 is not that right way for sure.

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copy my email system review

Copy My Email System – The Good, The Bad

The Good,

I don’t want to disappoint you but I really didn’t find any positive thing about CMES. I’m sure that you won’t feel satisfied after giving CMES a shot even if you go for that $1 trial so I don’t want to make a list of fake positive points (like what CMES has done).

It’s better to go directly to the negative points of Copy My Email System and see why I put it on my No No list!

The Bad,

  • Who Is The Real Owner of CMES?

Nobody knows! The only thing I could find about owners of this program is about Michael Beeson and Brian James who have introduced as the owners of Copy My Email System but I’ve several reasons which show that they’re not the owner of this product and even their identity are not real. This is the first scam sign of CMES.

  • Risk of Losing Your Money

It’s very sad to hear that CMES cancel the membership of the people for no reason! According to complains people made about the program, when they’ve started to make some money, their account has been deactivated suddenly and they could not withdraw their earning.

Unfortunately, this is a common method among scammers which they get your trust first by paying a couple of dollars then when you upgrade the membership or buy additional features on the program which will cost you more money, they block your access to the platform. Can you call this anything except than Stealing Money?

  • Unreal Testimonials

You may be wondering how many people could make tons of dollars with CMES and share their income report on their official website if this is not a legit program. Well, the answer is simple because those testimonials have not been created by real persons!

There are two scenarios:

  • Copy My Email System has been created all those testimonials by itself by add credibility to the platform.
  • Affiliates are behind those testimonials who make money by promoting a product or service so they don’t need to tell the truth.

is copy my email system scam

Final Word – Is Copy My Email System a Scam?

The same as similar platforms like Paid Surveys at Home there’s not any benefits in using CMES. Although there are many things I didn’t like about CMES Live System but the truth is that they’re not enough for marking a product or system as a scam.

The main reason stops me from calling it a scam is that there’s a refund option available to the customers. Of course, this refund option is not provided by the CMES and it’s given to members by the ClickBetter (the payment platform that transfers money into CMES).

If there was not such that option for getting your money back, I called this program 100% scam. Anyway, even with that refund option, I don’t see any value inside the program and it’s not something that I’m going to recommend to you.

Many red flags and scam signs have been detected on this system by the experts and people are losing money for lack of knowledge. Persons who are behind CMES know that many people like you want to find a simple making money method so they build a system based on this need and start to promote and sell it to that kind of people. And of course, none of these “get-rich-quick” schemes are going to work for you; unfortunately, most people understand this fact when it’s too late.

Luckily, I’m here to help you walk in the right direction of making money online. The system I personally use Does Not make you a lot of money in a short amount of time and it requires a lot of work and more importantly patient because it’s a Legit business model.

I’m using this business model for 2 years now and I’m at the level of making a full-time income from it. The best part of this system is that you explore your interests first then build an online business based on your hobbies so you enjoy every moment of the time you spend on this business.

There’s no limitation for your earning potential (making six or seven figures is very normal in this modern online business) and although it may take 2 or 3 months in the beginning to see the first result but when it happens, it just grows and it just gets easier and easier for you.

If you are interested to know more about this new business model which is my recommended method for making money online too then continue reading the Best Recommendation section below.

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