is dadaabc a scam

Is DaDaABC a Scam or a Great Earning Way for Educators?!

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When you see an opportunity to work from home you are very excited and for a really good reason. Having a way to work from home and earn a good amount is always cool and interesting. But it also ends up being tricky too. That’s because, as you can see from the DaDaABC review, there can also be scams but is DaDaABC a scam really? Let’s see!

Sometimes if things end up feeling too good to be true, there might actually be like that. Which is why you really have to figure out what approach to focus on and what you can do in order to make things work for you.


Product Name: DaDaABC

Official Website:

Founder: Hui Zhi

Type: English Course Provider

Cost to Join: $20/hr to $25/hr depends on the course and teacher

Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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what is dadaabc

What Is DaDaABC All About?

DaDaABC is a China based online ESL tutoring platform. It’s designed for children aged 4-16 and they changed their name to Dada and removed the ABC. Not sure why that happened, but probably there’s a good reason behind all of that. The idea here I that you have a one to one teaching experience with an online classroom. You have chat and video, even a virtual whiteboard where there are preplanned lessons, drawing tools, games, animations and lessons.

When you first visit the website, you will notice that the experience seems very professional. Those that say the DaDaABC scam exists will see that the site is very well done. It doesn’t have stock images like a lot of other sites like this do. And everything flows nicely. The overall design is professional, the quality is second to none and you will appreciate the great experience and unique attention to detail that comes from all of this.

Right on their website they guarantee that there are always students for you. So if you are a teacher, you will always have people to work with. Offering such a guarantee might lead to the DaDaABC scam idea, but in the end it might very well be true, so you have to keep that in mind and think about both the pros and cons here.

What should you know about DaDaABC is that they do allow you to work from anywhere. The best place is obviously from home, since you can organize stuff a lot easier and you just get to have the attention to detail and quality you want without any hassle. It can be tricky at first, but if you pay attention to the process itself you will find that this works super well and it’s very adaptable to your own requirements.

A lot of people say that they are working from home in their pajamas and they make quite a lot of money anyway. It’s a great method for people to work the way they want and make bank if they want to. That really pushes the boundaries and in the end it shows that with the right approach and commitment you can get stunning results.

And while there will always be tricky situations, what really matters is the experience and how you adapt and adopt everything. Once you do that correctly, results will shine, and DaDaABC is definitely here to help with that.

Then there’s also a lot of flexibility involved. You can choose regular hours to work on, but they also have a part-time approach. You just get to figure out on your own what feels flexible and what doesn’t. And then you adapt and adjust the process as you go along.

It’s definitely exciting to have such an opportunity and control. Yes, it will require some attention from your side but for the most part, we found it professional and very fair, which is what you really need from something like this.

Who is The CEO

DaDaABC was created by Hui Zhi, which is a mother and an entrepreneur. She wanted to make it easy for people to find ways to work from home and also take care of their kids. Obviously it’s a great opportunity to make money from everyone, but it’s easy to see that this concept was created specifically for mothers that want to work from home as much as they can.

It’s amazing and unique, certainly one of the coolest experiences out there. And it’s clear that the founder is very passionate about this product and idea to begin with. Which is what matters the most, because the more passion you add to these things, the better it will turn out in the end.

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what is dadaabc

How Does DaDaABC Work Exactly?

The way DaDaABC works is quite easy to understand. You first need to sign up for the account and get in touch with their team. Show your credentials, let them know what you want to teach, and then they will give you all the information that you want.

You will be assigned to a classroom based on your preferences and when you want to work. The clear idea with this is that the DaDaABC review process is very subjective, since not everyone will have the same experience.

And it’s easy to see why. A lot of people will need to do this from home, others will end up working from a café. And even the working times are different. You will find people that don’t work during the day at all, they have to work during the night during the timezone differences.

Because there are some differences like that, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how every teacher will feel. Which is why we are leaving that aside, because this will be subjective. Yet there will be people that are unhappy with the approach and which obviously want more than just a single thing like this. And that’s fine at the end of the day.

Normally this is the type of idea that can make you a ton of money. And it all comes down to how it’s implemented and how people are getting the income they need. It’s important to note that a lot of people want to learn English, so having a service like this does make a lot of sense. It’s a rewarding and impressive, interesting way to help others while also making some money on the side.

For some people this will be too much of a commitment because the virtual class needs to take place at a certain hour. So it needs to be live, and that’s the main issue. It’s not something you can record. The sheer idea behind the DaDaABC platform is interaction, and that alone is a great concept.

Yet it can be a challenge for a teacher that just doesn’t have a lot of time to commit every day or every week at a certain hour. It’s definitely something you need to commit once you start it, and that alone will need a bit of thought before you get into. But they do a pretty good job at letting you set the terms for yourself. aside from the paycheck, but we will get to that in a second.

Is It Possible to Make Money with DaDaABC?

While I was reviewing websites like 22 Minutes to Profits, Cash Formula or Amissio Formula I’ve mentioned that when a new teaching program released, there’s probably a making money for that and it applies for DaDaABC too.

What we noticed with DaDaABC is that they are very focused on the idea of promoting the concept. They say that they are paying very well, but it seems the pay is around $15 to $25 per hour depending on the experience. It’s below the industry standard. But the thing that might be a bit tricky for some is the fact that you just can’t make money like pros right away.

And this is a good starting point. Plus, if you just want to do this on the side, it can be a great source of income if you use it properly. As we mentioned already, it all comes down to what you want from the platform and how you use it to achieve that goal on your own. Honestly they are offering quite a lot of tools and features in front of you, which is always nice.

But at the same time you don’t really have to invest that much in this experience. A computer, microphone and time is basically all you need. Of course you also need to have proper English knowledge, they will do their best to test you and provide the best possible information they can regarding all of this. But for the most part the DaDaABC review is all about the experience and bringing in the support and quality you want. It helps immensely and it gives you the unique appeal of pursuing and improving on your career.

So yes, you will have an initial assessment via an interview, and then you will be scheduled. Then you have a technical and system training., and then there’s a probationary performance review. As you can clearly see here, they are very serious about who they work with and how they do that. Which is great, because stuff like this is what gives you more support and a great experience overall.

It’s definitely a bit tricky to adapt and customize all of that right from the start, but DaDaABC does an amazing job at letting you know all the information and exactly how you can manage everything in a meaningful manner. It’s definitely not an easy thing to do, however it can end up being a problem.

So as you can see they are very strict when it comes to how they make their business. You can be accepted, or you might not be accepted at all. Not only do you need to know English, you also need to be good at teaching. And that’s a skill not everyone has actually. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to commit to the process and make it work in a meaningful manner. As long as you understand the process and you adapt to it nothing is impossible.

They are paying you at the middle of the month. That might feel a bit restrictive for some people but that’s ok. It would be great if you can withdraw whenever you feel the need for it. But this is pretty much like a teacher business, so being paid once a month actually makes a lot of sense.

They are offering bonuses like a 30% increase if you become a teacher to the regular students. If you convert students from a trial class to a regular class you also get $7 per student. So yes, there are some bonuses to be had with it, which is always nice to find.

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dadaabc pros and cons

DaDaABC – The Good, The Bad

When it comes to pros, the fact that you can arrange appointments and hours is always up to you. Also, you are free to apply for part-time hours aside from the contract hours. There are lots of trial classes and you can also convert regulars. Plus, the platform is easy to use and very convenient.

The downside is that these rates are low and the bonuses are low too when compared to the market itself. The penalty rates are very high, even if you have leave requests. They don’t really communicate with you a lot once you are admitted. And the courseware is not interactive.

dadaabc pros and cons

Final Word – Is DaDaABC a Scam?

Even if there are some downsides, the DaDaABC review shows this is not a scam. You may want to know if this is a DaDaABC scam or not, but this is not a scam at all. Which is great because it allows you to focus on just making money doing the stuff you love. That doesn’t mean it will be easy to do so, but the experience itself and the value as a whole will be incredible and quite astonishing.


DaDaABC might not have the best rates on the market. But they are professional and you can find lots and lots of students out there. Which is a good thing, since you will have tons of work to do if you pursue such an avenue. It works great, the platform is seamless.

It would be better if they just add more information and content that would improve how you handle classes. But overall, this is an amazing experience and if you want to earn money legit as a teacher, it will be worth it for you!

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