is digital elites a scam

Is Digital Elites a Scam or an Exclusive Way For Online Earning?

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I’m sure you’ve seen ads from one of those guys who made millions of dollars online without any academic knowledge or special skills. They didn’t do anything except making a good decision at the right time. Then you thought why you don’t make an online business and become a millionaire from the Internet like them? Digital Elites says that you can! But is Digital Elites a scam or it’s an exclusive way for online earning?

It looks like an easy job with good money that can bring you a lot of cash simply but the truth is something different than what most people think. If you are one of those persons who want to have an online business and make money in this way, keep in mind that you are not alone and many people want to put their foot in the same direction but the fact is that 90% of them don’t know where and how to start properly and that’s why 95% of beginners can’t make even a dime.

Unlike programs like Zija International, Digital Elites works based on list building with email marketing technique. If Digital Elites got your attention and you think to give it a shot, stop and read my Digital Elites review which gives you all necessary information about this opportunity and let you know very well that if you should try it or not.

I assure you that this is a complete review and I covered all parts of this life-changing system in my article. By reading my unbiased review, all your questions about this program will be answered in details and with knowing about its negative and positive points, you will find out if it’s a valuable program or not.


Product Name: Digital Elites

Official Website:

Owner: Chuck Nguyen

Type: MMO by List Building

Price: $47 Monthly (You also need to pay $7 for 1 week trial)

Recommended? 60%

Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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what is digital elites

What Is the Digital Elites All About?

I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say that Digital Elites works best for business owners. It helps you expand your business and move it to the next level. But on the other hand, Digital Elites says that you can build your own online business too and they’ll teach you how to run a successful online business step by step so you don’t need any kind of specific knowledge in advance to start your journey with them.

The process of Digital Elites is a little different with similar making money opportunities. Instead of make money through doing simple things like watch online videos, playing games or taking surveys, it recommends you to get your chance for winning cash prizes.

Of course there are many categories you will learn about in Digital Elites like how to generate traffic for your website/blog, how to turn your website into a thriving online business, how to attract customers with email marketing and so on but beside of all these things you have chance to win thousands of dollars online.

One of the things Digital Elites focused on is its auto-pilot system. They claim all process will be done with an auto-pilot system so you don’t need to do anything.

Is This A Brilliant Opportunity?

“You want to leave your everyday job and make a great online business for yourself? Then Digital Elites is the best choice for you!” Wait! This is not what I really believe, it’s just what Chuck Nguyen (founder of Digital Elites) claims.

If you believe what Chuck says, you can join it right now and start working in Digital Elites but if you ask my opinion, I advise you not believe everything you hear, especially in the online world.

Digital Elites works based on email marketing which is a great and powerful marketing model that can increase traffic and sales of your website amazingly but you are wrong if you think that it’ll be ready to use with a simple setup process.

To get success in the email marketing industry, you need to have a well-designed website and landing page in advance as well as you should know how to create outstanding content for your audience. Also without having previous experience and specific skills in online marketing, your chances to get success as a newbie in this area is near zero and this is a fact which is totally against what Chuck Nguyen claims.

All in all, it must be said that Digital Elites is not definitely a newbie-friendly program so it’s not suitable for everyone. Only experts and experience Internet entrepreneurs who have a long experience in setup online campaigns and could increase their ROI (Return on Investment) significantly with email marketing techniques can get benefit from Digital Elites and make money with that.

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how digital elites works

How Does Digital Elites Work Exactly?

Affiliate marketing and email marketing (aka list building) are two marketing models that Chuck is going to teach you. In simple words, you will learn how to use email marketing techniques to build an effective list of potential buyers then you’ll attract them with quality content and finally you’ll start to offer products related to your content to them.

Since the visitors are interested in what you write in your email, they’ll start to check what you offer as well and when they purchase any of the recommended products, you’ll make commission and money.

You learn all this process in 4 dedicated categories: Learn about marketing method – Generate traffic for your website, Find potential customers and making sales. Although you do not have any one-on-one coach in Digital Elites but there are always mentors who are ready to help you understand everything clearly.

What Training You’ll Get Inside Digital Elites?

To become a pro email marketer Chuck gives you several pieces of training. It starts with a 9-step program which makes you ready to run your first email campaign successfully. Then you’ll go through another section called “Millionaire Mindset” that prepare you to become a millionaire with a proper plan. And the last section is “The Affiliate Challenge”; in this part, you’ll be given the test every day to complete for 1 month and if you can get success in all challenges, you’re ready to apply all you’ve learned in a real business.

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digital elites pros and cons

Digital Elites – The Good, The Bad

The Good,

  • One of the first things I’ve noticed in Digital Elites is that you can contact with the owner of this platform (Chuck Nguyen) directly and fortunately it’s not like a fake communication and Chuck replies to all messages personally. So if there’s something you can’t understand in the course, don’t worry about that, you always have an option to contact with Chuck and ask from him about the issue directly.
  • To be honest, this is one of the quality email marketing courses I’ve ever seen. I speak about the quality of the training carefully because it’s not still the best course in this field but it’s much better than much other low-quality training out there. By the way, as a bonus, you’ll receive 30 pre-written email messages for your autoresponder when you finish the training.
  • Support is another positive point of Digital Elites. I really liked how they care about members’ issues. The response’s time was pretty fast and they’ll guide you how to solve the problem clearly.

In addition to support and owner (Chuck Nguyen) there are other persons who are ready to help you with anything. They are experts in email and online marketing and have got much success in this field before; they also helped tons of other people and beginners like you in the past so they are familiar with most of issues newbies have to face with. This is the community of Digital Elites that makes you sure that all your questions will be answered very well.

The Bad,

Do you remember that I’ve said that the community of Digital Elites is one of its positive points? Well although it’s true but it’s one of its negative points as well! This helpful community is available only in FB and this means to get help from experts and experienced members you need to create a Facebook account. Of course, your current Facebook account can be used for this purpose but many people don’t like to using personal account for business.

It seems that some payment proof and financial results are not for Digital Elites and they’ve gotten it from somewhere else. The only aim behind it is that this big numbers are showing to attract you join the program. If honesty is important for you, Digital Elites loses the game in this field.

There’s not any free trial inside the program. Most online courses and training platforms let you try the course for a while but to do in Digital Elites, your only way is paying $7 to see how it works for 1 week.

is digital elites scam

Final Word – Is Digital Elites a Scam?

No Digital Elites is legit but if I want to be honest with you, I don’t see any unique feature on it. With all the good things, I listed above for this training program, it should be said that it does not have something special and is not much different with other similar courses.

Yes if something is unclear, you can simply contact with Chuck but this does not bring you to result because Chuck knows what he’s doing and he’s done this business for a long time but it’s your first time and you are not familiar with terms of email marketing.

Fortunately, if you are not satisfied with the result you can request the refund and this option is available for 60 days after joining the program so you won’t lose money but keep in mind that you’re investing your valuable time as well which can’t be refunded in any way.

Finally, as I’ve told you in the middle on my review article, Digital Elites can’t make newbies happy because many things are difficult to understand for beginners and there are some limitations which make it harder to get success with this program for a newbie.

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my recommendation

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