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Is Digital Payday a Scam? – Facts Are Uncovered Here!

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What is the real difference between Digital Payday with other similar opportunities like Insiders Cash Club or Monat Global? Is Digital Payday a scam or it really works?

The idea of quitting a nine-to-five job, moving somewhere warm and working a couple of hours a day from a hammock has become super popular during recent years. Who wouldn`t like to quit the job that is taking almost all their time, start an online business and receive monthly paychecks without the need to work hard and put so much time into their work? Of course, it sounds like a paradise many of us are looking for.

Naturally, the first place we turn to, to find answers to our questions is the Internet. has claimed that the number of Internet users in the world has reached 4 billion people. The Internet has become a significant part of our lives. I`m sure that nowadays people don`t call their parents or friends for advice anymore, instead, they just look it up on the web. If you want to buy something or go out, you Google places in your area.

All of this makes the Internet a huge market place where people sell products, services, and even opportunities! Like an opportunity to make money online and forget about hard, time-consuming work. The problem is only a few of us realize that this dream job just can`t be true what makes other people a good target for scams.


Product Name: Digital Payday

Official Website: Can’t be recognized. Registered with many different domain extensions

Owner: The name of the founder is Daniel Bluth but it’s a fake identity

Type: Earning Online Opportunity From Home

Cost to Join: $250 Plus upsells and buying ads packages

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is digital payday

What Is Digital Payday All About?

If you are reading this review, you might have read the ad which made Digital Payday popular – it claims that they give you an opportunity to earn $5k every day with no need to work.

Come on, it`s a big, fat lie! There is literally no way to earn that much money daily without any effort. Of course, I am not talking about those CEOs who spent years, and sometimes their lives, on building a company which is now paying off.

If you have even little experience in online marketing, you`ll know that in order to succeed, you need to learn a lot and put a lot of time and effort into it. You just can`t become a millionaire overnight in this field.

Moreover, I would say that Digital Payday may have the opposite effect on your life. If you decide to join this company, you may lose a lot of money before you realize it. I understand that the promise Digital Payday is giving is too tempting to turn it down so fast, but make sure to read this review up to the end, and I`m sure your opinion about Digital Payday will change drastically.

Who Is Behind Digital Payday?

If you take a quick look at Digital Payday website, you will find out that it was launched by an Internet entrepreneur Daniel Bluth who succeeded to earn millions of dollars after he learned how Facebook and Google have become so popular. Now that he has become a millionaire, he wants to share his secret with others.

Does it look real to you? Well, not for me. After a quick search, I found out that his photo is freely available on stock photo websites. What`s more, “secrets” Digital Payday is relieving are not actually connected to Facebook or Google in any way. Their names were used only to help it look more important and attract even more people.

All of these facts give us a reason to think that there is no such person as Daniel Bluth. He was created by people behind this huge scam.

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digital payday review

How Does Digital Payday Really Work?

Digital Payday website claims that the only thing you need to do to start making money signs up. No need to pay any fees, no need to do anything specific. As soon as you sign up, you are redirected to Clicks Dealer which allows people making money by flipping ads. However, it is a scam too as there is no such thing on the Internet like flipping ads.

In the Click Dealer website, you will be introduced to the Marketplace where you can purchase banners to start making money. After you do so, you will see how your profit will start rising in your account and you might feel that you have finally succeeded. However, things are totally the opposite.

Say goodbye to the money you have spent on the banners, say goodbye to your profit because you won`t be able to receive your money in cash.

Another thing that drew my attention is that I have seen the women in the promotional video in videos at other similar websites which turned out to be scams. It makes me believe that she was hired just for this video which is another reason why I believe it`s a scam.

Do Not Believe Any Testimonial on Digital Payday

Publishing testimonials are the best way to prove that the scheme works. However, if there are no clients who liked the scheme and would recommend it to others, companies create fake testimonials. All-positive, pitch-perfect testimonials is a very obvious sign of a scam.

Unfortunately, they work pretty well, and many people get easily take the bait.

Unreal Claims, Unreal Testimonials

After I recognized the girl from the promotion video, I looked her up on the Internet and discovered her profile on Fiverr website. If you haven`t come across it, Fiverr is a website where you can purchase video testimonials for as little as $5. I didn`t have time to look up all the people who posted their testimonials on Digital Payday, but this one was enough for me to get suspicious about all of them. As they say, once a liar, always a liar. No respectable and trustworthy company would ever use fake testimonials.

Now let`s see how ads work. If you have a website, you need to draw as much traffic as you can. To achieve it, it makes sense to advertise your website on such major websites as Facebook or Google. If you place your ad on a smaller website, you will get less audience drawn to your website and it will take a longer period of time to achieve the traffic you are aiming at.

What`s more, you don`t actually need to use any program or contact these major platforms via a third party, you can work with them directly.

As soon as your website becomes popular and has stable traffic, you can think of placing ads on your website and start making money. Some platforms like Google Adsense will place ads on your website for free, which can significantly cut your expenses.

Now, if you take a look at how Digital Payday works, you will see that you have to buy banners and ads and you have to invest your own money in it. The question is – why would you need to pay for it if it can be done for free? Wondering where your money is going? They are flowing into the pocket of people behind this system.

Everything About Digital Payday is Completely Fake!

If you doubt about testimonials on Digital Payday, you should know that all of those testimonials are fake and have been made by paid actors who are getting money to say anything you want. I don’t recommend you to use these paid actors but if one day you decide to have not real testimonials, you just need to land on one of freelancing websites like Fiverr or Upwork and search for “actors/actress” then an unlimited list of people will be shown to you which are professional in making anything fake from backgrounds to success stories, etc. And more interesting thing is that you can hire any of these actor/ actresses for as low as only 5 bucks!

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digital payday pros and cons

Digital Payday – The Good, The Bad

The Good,

  • Zero pros! Unfortunately, I didn’t find even a single positive thing in Digital Payday. It’s very sad to say that the cons of this platform are much more than its pros.

The Bad,

  • You’ll pay much more than the membership fee when you join Digital Payday because they’ll push you to spend more money by showing you different types of upsells.
  • There’s not enough information about the owner of Digital Payday and we don’t know who created and run the system really.
  • There’s a similar crappy MMO online product called Clicks Dealer and Digital Payday is only a simple introduction for that.
  • They hired fake video creators from freelance platforms to record a video and say positive things about Digital Payday.
  • The minimum payout you need to withdraw your money is pretty high. It’s about $250 and you won’t be able to receive your money unless the threshold has been reached by you.

is digital payday scam

Final Word – Is Digital Payday a Scam?

I have no doubt that this product is totally a scam. There are several red flags I’ve seen in Digital Payday but the first and biggest one is where it works as a sales channel for Clicks Dealer. You may be wondering what is Clicks Dealer but there’s nothing good about it and the best example I can say is that a scam program is promoting another scam!

Digital Payday says that there’s not any cost if you want to use the product and everything is completely Free but as soon as you create a new account in their website, you’ll have to pay a membership fee!

If I want to list the cons of Digital Payday, I can write an article like this only for things I didn’t like about this company but your time is gold and I don’t want to waste it so I only mentioned to the main cons of this program in my Digital Payday review and skip many other negative things.

For example, you don’t get what you paid for! They promise you some unique features but what you really get in the end is far from our expectation. They focus on ‘Free’ word to convince people that not a single cent is needed to pay to use the system but in reality, they’ll force you to purchase different upsells and tell you that only by buying these, you’ll be able to make money.

All in all, I don’t see any difference between Digital Payday with low-quality MMO programs that have been created by scammers with only one purpose: cheating people and make a profit from their hard earned money.

There’s nothing believable about claims and promises of Digital Payday and not only you but anyone else can’t make a suitable income from the introduced method which works based on ads system. In addition to creating unreal testimonials, they take pictures of famous online marketers and use it on the website without getting their permission to give legitimacy skin to their business.

I don’t believe, I don’t recommend and I don’t work with Digital Payday and I put it in my “Stay Away” list as long as they continue to cheat people.

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  1. Hi Ali,
    thanks for this post, well noted. I am always cautious when it comes to online money making sites, as so many of them are a scam. Sometimes, only a little online research is needed before you join them and you will be able to diminish between fake and legit program. Last year, with a very little knowledge about how this works, I joined Passive Income program by Patrick Chan and just after that, I did some research. I am not saying it is a scam, but it takes quite a lot of work and money to actually start (although he claims that it is easy and fast with no additional investments). Luckily he offers 30-day money back guarantee so I decided to ask for a refund. What do you think about his program?

  2. Hi Ali.
    I agree with you that people are not asking anyone for their opinion, they prefer to look it up themselves on the web. You are also right when you advise people to be careful with who they are doing business with.
    I tend to agree with your comments on Digital Payday, there are enough red flags that indicate that this is a scam.
    Like you, I am part of Wealthy Affiliate and so far they proved their honesty and that they are not there to always get money out of you. Great post.

  3. Thank you Ali for putting this in-depth review out for the general public. Too many of us are trying to work for ourselves and make a decent living. These scams and fake business opportunities like Digital Payday really discourage people from trusting the real programs that are available to change their lives for the better. I’m so grateful to have found your #1 recommendation. I tell my friends about it all the time. Thanks again and take good care.

  4. This is a very informative post! Not only does it share info about this company, it also teaches how to spot an online scam. I feel like all of us need some practice in spotting those “too good to be true” deals the internet is always tossing up in our faces. I like how you shared the process you went through to identify this company as a scam. I will not be trying out Digital Pay Day any time soon. Thank You!

  5. I find it sad to see so many people online without integrity, preys just waiting to take our money. For that reason, reviews like yours are excellent, and I thank you for taking the time to research and write articles such as this one. I was appalled at the idea of using a stock photo for one’s profile. That alone is enough to send me packing. Thanks to detectives like yourself. Keep writing.

  6. Hi Ali. Wow, this review is a real eye-opener for me. I accidentally come across your site and after 5 mins browsing around I saved it in my bookmarks. Your reviews are really honest and straight forward.
    Regarding Digital Payday, it seems that it is a 100% scam. It present itself as a work-at-home opportunity that promises you up to $5,000 a day in passive income. That’s very impressive to be true. On top of that, they are using fake testimonials.
    It is vital for all of us to do our homework before signing in to any of these platforms. Your site and reviews are essential. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  7. Wow. Thank you so much for the in depth review. It is so true that nowadays all people want is to be able to relax and “easily” make money from home. In the face of all the promises that companies like these make, they tend to forget that nothing good comes easily. It takes hard work, dedication, and persistence to make it out there, there is no get rich quick schemes. I heard recently about the people advertising to make promotional videos for companies on Fiverr, and all I have to say is how incredibly shady is that?? I’ll definitely be checking out your recommendation, thanks again!

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