is dish network a scam

Is Dish Network a Scam or a Great and Fun Entertainment?

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Television is a standard part of our everyday life for centuries. That too, after the fact that now we have the other facilities like the Internet or so! Hence soon in this post, we will be going to provide a DISH network review. Suitable for one who is using any other TV service and searching for other user feedback and views to further switch on the DISH! Here is the question: Is Dish Network a scam? Let’s find out!

We decide not to spend any more only to watch TV programs, but we can’t do it! Do you think about why it is so? It can be due to the added convenience and features that direct to home broadcast services are offering like DISH. So let us get started!


Product Name: Dish Network

Official Website:

Owner: Jim DeFranco

Type: U.S. television provider

Cost to Join: $59.99 to $89.99

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 10

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what is dish network

What Is Dish Network Exactly?

DISH is a widely known direct broadcast satellite television service. The headquarters of DISH Network Corp. is based on Colorado to offer its television service to customers of the US. The dish could be your choice if you desire a great variety of channels.

If you are living in any rural area, then you can also avail of the service by applying for DishNET that is a satellite broadband service. Some people also recognize DISH as Sling TV or utterly over-the-top IPTV.

About the DVR

You can choose one from two different types of Hopper or DVR equipment, Standard and Premium.

Premium Hopper:

If we talk about the premium DVR then, it comes with many exciting features such as:

  • You can watch 4 HD channels at the same time.
  • Without any conflicts or other issues, a user can record about 16 shows simultaneously on it at a time.
  • It can automatically record the primetime for you that you can watch at any of your free time in the future.
  • A search feature is there to look at the programs available on Netflix, On-Demand channels, details on DVR, and Channel guide.
  • A convenient feature of Dish Network DVR is to have a remote finder. Hence, do not worry if you do not remember exactly where you had placed the remote of the DISH last night or before going to the office.
  • One can store the programs of about 2000 hours on it.
  • You can also use the AutoHop feature to save much of your time!
  • A DISH subscriber can get many Apps preinstalled on Hopper like YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, and Weather.

Standard Hopper:

Now, let us have an outlook on the features available on a standard Hopper DVR;

  • It allows you to use mobile apps for watching live TV, do monthly recharges or bill payments, and schedule the recordings.
  • The standard DVR comes with parental control function for one. So that adults can do necessary settings on their Hopper to limit the essential enjoyment of their children.
  • A user can feel mesmerized with watching to the best in class picture quality. It is good to have the Dish Network DVR that can support to display higher resolution content.
  • It is a good experience for a gamer to have the Game Finder feature on the hopper. Hence, one can come to know the current stats and scores of a game without disturbing the enjoyment.
  • You can record the programs on your DVR and share it everywhere in your house.
  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, so it is much convenient for a user to connect good quality external speakers to the Hopper. The best part is there is no hassle of wires or so.

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how does dish network work

How It Works & What are the Features?

DISH is offering the best in class DVR options for its subscribers to choose from at a pretty nice price. You can skip the commercials on them and use the recording feature to save your programs to be watched by your loved ones anytime ahead. By the way, they are offering a decent amount of storage space on DVRs to record more than 100 hours of programs at a single time.

Additionally, as specified earlier, one can record more than two channels concurrently. It saves much of your time, especially if your favorite programs are scheduled at the same hours, and you do not want to skip watching any single of them.

Also, if your home has more than a TV at your different rooms, then you can take the multiple TV connections from the Dish Network. It is possible by only spending a few more bucks of about $5 per month; that’s it.

DISH Anywhere app helps one to watch both recorded and live TV programs at any place. Therefore, you can always be connected to the world of entertainment wherever you will be at any point in time! You can go for Hopper Go that can help you to share your earlier recorded programs with others without using any Wi-Fi, or storage space of the device.

The voice search feature is something that grabs the attention of any of your guests for sure. You can give voice commands to the DISH and ask it to function as you need. A user can also opt for DISH Outdoors that can help you to tailgate or travel with a high definition TV screen.

What are the User Benefits?

The best part is you have the option to buy an internet subscription as well with your TV package at a discounted price. Yes, their combined rates are, most of the time, a bit lesser as compared to subscribing to each of them separately.

A useful fact to be with the subscription of Dish Network TV is the truth that you can watch your missed programs later at your suitable time On-Demand! So it is a great feature to consider other than cable TV.

It is because, in the case of cable, we do need to take out the time to watch our favorite shows and movies by compromising with the essential work. So with DISH, you do not need to sacrifice anymore!

A useful fact about its packages is you will get sports channels even with its affordable package as well. So, you hardly need to pay more only to watch any sports up to a great extent and only if you do not wish to view any specific sports channel of your choice.

A significant benefit of paying your hard-earned money on the subscription of DISH is the fact that it does not limit only to enjoy their services on TV! Yes, if your TV is not working or you are out of your home, then still you can access the service or watch your favorite programs anywhere you are!

It can be accessed from either on a computer, tablet, or phone! It is all possible by using the DISH Anywhere app, as specified earlier, that comes with a lot of other beneficial features. Thus it should be a must-have application in your smartphone if you have already subscribed for its service.

An Outlook on Whole-Home DVR

The best feature is you can convert your whole home into a Dish Network friendly zone. It means you can use a single DVR to enjoy entertainment in any room of your home. They called it a Whole-Home DVR.

So you can install more than one TV anywhere in your home with no wires and experience watching the same program in all. E.g., if you are watching cricket on your hall and you feel hungry, then pause it wherever the program is currently.

Next, reach your kitchen’s TV and resume the program from the same place where you left it, and so on. By the way, you can also access the DVR recordings and guide on different TV sets available in your home to not disturb your enjoyment.

At the same, it does not limit you to sit at one place or a room until your favorite show is ended. So, all in all, it is a useful feature that can take care of your fitness as well. The reason is that it is indirectly helping you avoid a sedentary lifestyle, especially if you are homesick!

All of this is possible with Hopper 3 that needs to be used with secondary receivers, i.e., Joey’s as a part of the complete ‘DISH network’ for your home. So the Whole-Home HD DVR system is exciting for one to look ahead. It is useful if you are planning for something better inconvenience other than just watching your favorite TV channels.

Can you save Money with that?

There’s always an option to make money in the products that I’m reviewing like Digitapp, Conversion Pros or Tigerfish.

Yes, it is a good option if you are planning to use it for years to come is to buy the long term package or say the contract with them. So, it would save a lot of your money if you dare to pay a lump sum amount at once for the contract.

Thus, on an approximate basis, one can save about 10-15 dollars per month. You might doubt that if you have already gone for a deal for savings and after some time, you will realize that you need to come out of it at any cost. So at that time, the only option left for you is to pay the penalty.

And this would be higher than what you will be paying for each month if you continue with subscribing to the package without the contract. It is a big decision for one to thought about money or the freedom to change the pack or service!

Before applying for a Dish Network service, it is useful if you check its list of packages. In other words, it is good to check what all channels you will get on your chosen monthly budget range. The most important fact is whether you are getting what you had desired at your price!

By the way, a smart tip for you is to buy a cheap package even if you are not satisfied with it. You can spend some more money to purchase add-ons for your favorite list of channels that you are eager not to miss watching ahead!

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dish network pros and cons

dish Network – The Good, The Bad


  • It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for your added convenience.
  • The good thing to know about the Dish is the same price for everyone. So that it does not matter at which region you are currently based and where you will be going to relocate in the future. You can pay the same price as any other guy in your neighborhood is paying, merely no biasing like that in case of a cable TV.
  • An individual can choose the package as per the choice of the DISH channel packages, so watching your favorite shows can be in your budget for sure!
  • You can get almost all Genres of channels no matter whatever is your choice of spending your time watching dish network!
  • An additional benefit is a fact that one can also apply for the internet with DISH TV subscription as a bundle that too of impressive speeds.


  • It might be expensive for the initial days of its subscription in comparison to a DIRECTTV. But if you are planning to stay with it for the long run, then you will find DISH is the affordable option among the two!
  • If you are an NFL enthusiast and looking for Sunday tickets from it, then you might feel a bit disappointed on this side.

Is it worth the money?

If you do like to watch high-end multimedia that comes like 4K content, then there are no dedicated channels to support that much resolution. However, DISH is compatible with 4K, so for now, if you have a similar resolution TV set, then, for now, you can watch Netflix’s original shows in it.

You can watch many numbers of college sports content on DISH as compared to DIRECTTV. Also, in case of any issue, doubts, or help regarding the service, a customer can straight away contact the customer service agents of the DISH.

As feedback, they are good at their work kind and knowledgeable enough to serve you the best of whatever you are looking for within minutes. They also listen to you and your needs! But yes, they need to work on reducing the time to wait for a customer until their agents join the conversation!

For your quick information, the range of Dish Network packages starts from 190 channels to 290 channels. All in a price of about $60 to $90 per month and that of the first year, it will be applicable if you have opted for two years of the agreement with them. As an offer, you can also get two Google home minis for free if you book a service online. The DVR comes with a Google voice remote.

is dish network scam

Conclusion – Is Dish Network a Scam?

One can get a good deal while going with the DISH, even the cheapest package of it contains a good number of channels, to kill the tedious hours. And if you are a TV geek, then you can raise your budget a bit and subscribe to the more premium package available with them.

Now the Dish comes with a more robust and high featured DVR, and it is Hopper 3. A small sacrifice that you need to do or know before going with the DISH service is the fact that it is not featuring HBO till now! But we hope to get it sooner from them if possible!

So ultimately, Dish Network is an excellent service to subscribe since it allows the free installation of DVR and equipment. They make it possible for one to spend on enjoying using smart home services and a customer service that is available 24/7 for a customer in case of any help!

It is a big network available for its nationwide users and offers strong signal strength. And the most important is they have an award-winning customer satisfaction service. Their service technicians can reach the home to serve a user quickly.

Finally, if you are planning to be with the DISH service for more than 2 of the coming years, then yes, it is the best choice to go with without any doubt. It will definitely save much of your penny!

You can also do check their official website to get more ideas about their service. Their platform has lists of comparisons about their service against other industry-leading ones! So overall, Dish Network is an excellent service that can match your budget and choice of channels.

Wishing you a Great Time watching TV!

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