is dollar shave club a scam

Is Dollar Shave Club a Scam? – It’ll Rip You Off or…?

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Researching on Dollar Shave Club is a very good job you have done well and congratulate you for that. You decided to not join them instantly after seeing their ads and this shows you don’t want to waste your money on worthless products. Is Dollar Shave Club a scam and useless or it’s really one of those golden making money opportunities that happen in everybody’s life only once?!

My complete Dollar Shave Club review is definitely what you should read before taking the next step in your business life and it helps you discover how a few persons become online millionaires overnight while others lose money day after day.

Do not leave this page until you read it completely and if you don’t have enough time for reading this 1500 words article, make sure to take a look at conclusion section at the bottom of the page which uncovers all facts about Dollar Shave Club as well as let you get familiar with the Right Way of building a business and making money online.

Let’s start!


Product Name: Dollar Shave Club

Official Website:

Owner: Michael Dubin

Type:  MLM (Make money with razors and other personal products)

Cost to Join: $1 to $3 Monthly Fee

Recommended? Maybe yes (keep reading to find out why maybe)

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is dollar shave club

All You Need to Know About Dollar Shave Club

The way of making money from Dollar Shave Club is not the same as I’ve introduced in other programs like OBL Fuel but it can be profitable if you know how to market it. But before that, let’s take a look at the history of this company and all the necessary things you should know about it.

Let’s see why I decided to review this company first. When I’ve landed on the website of Dollar Shave Club, I didn’t expect to see anything other than a normal Multi-Level-Marketing business. As I’ve mentioned above, Dollar Shave Club is an American company which deliveries razors and other personal grooming products through mail service.

I’ve had some situations in the past which I needed to use a service like that but I didn’t know which service works well for me so I started to ask from my friends as well as in social networks and when I’ve listed all suggestions people gave me, I’ve found out that Dollar Shave Club stands out from the crowd.

You may have heard about them and their subscription box service before but for me, it was the first time I’ve heard something like that. With a quick Google research, I’ve found out that it’s pretty famous, especially among the young generation. It’s actually pretty cool when you know that there’s a service which sends you razor blades on a regular basis and since I always liked to have an unlimited number of razors, I decided to give it a try.

To be honest, I don’t believe anything easily and doubtful was my first feeling about this company. Actually, I’ve seen several ads from them before but I never give it a shot because I didn’t know what it is and how it works. Also since it’s a paid service and I’m a foolish person, I stopped me from the sign up with them until a couple of weeks ago.

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how dollar shave club works

How Does It Work & Am I Getting Paid to Review It?

Absolutely no! You probably know about affiliate programs and affiliates who promote a specific type of items and make commissions every time they make a sale. Some of these persons say untrue things about a product and write review articles based on no real information. Why? Because making a commission is the only thing they are looking for.

Well, on the other hand, this can be a great opportunity for website owners who are honest with their readers. Fortunately, my income comes from somewhere else so I don’t need to sell my thoughts! What I wrote here is my own personal experience and I spent time to review it to help people )who have not tried it yet) make a good decision.

Of course, the affiliate program of Dollar Shave Club is really eye-catching and I may join them too in the future but this does not mean that my way of reviewing products will change. From the time I’ve started to review new online products and publish it as articles in my website, being honest with readers of my website was my first and last goal and I assure you that I’ll continue it in the future too.

Of course, I hope you don’t get me wrong; you may think that people who get paid to review something are not trustworthy and you should not trust all reviewers who are affiliates with Dollar Shave Club and get paid if you make a purchase but it’s not true.

Keep in mind that if you buy something from Dollar Shave Club and you return it for any reason, affiliates do not get paid anything so it’s changed, when it comes to your personal view. I also know some webmasters who are affiliated with Dollar Shave Club but they don’t sell their opinions and you can trust them so it’s important to know who is written the article that you are reading now.

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dollar shave club review

Pros & Cons – Is Dollar Shave Club A User-Friendly Platform?

The one word answer is yes, it’s completely user as well as beginner-friendly website and you really enjoy when you surf it. One of the positive points about it is that you can customize almost everything over there. The nice thing about Dollar Shave Club is that customization for almost everything you purchase is possible inside the program.

What About Their Customer Service?

It’s really good and I’m totally satisfied with what I’ve experienced as a customer service. They answer the tickets quickly and take care of customer’s issues as fast as possible. If you have any problem with getting the product or submitting orders, just contact with their support and I’m sure they won’t disappoint you.

Of course, all needed information explained in their FAQ section so you won’t need any additional help if you read that section completely but if you need any help, there’s someone to take care of your issue for sure so don’t worry about that at all.

is dollar shave club scam

Final Word – Is Dollar Shave Club a Scam? 

I’m 100% sure that DSC is a totally legit company and it’s outstanding in offering quality services and producing products at a reasonable price. Well, of course, I was not able to test every product of this company but according to those few items I’ve tested and feedback of other people, I assure you that what you get from them is worth trying.

To be honest, DSC may lose the game to some leaders in the market like Gillette but I think offering some better quality is not a logical reason for setting a too high price for a product and this is what Gillette has done during the past years. Also, I always prefer to try new products rather than the old ones and that’s why I’ve never used old razors like Merkur safety.

The problem I have with old razors is that most of them use a single-blade and although it meets the needs of many people but it’s not going to give me what I’m looking for on my beard. Of course, this is my opinion and we a quick google search, you’ll find that tons of other people disagree with me. They say single-blad shaves are much better than the new ones for several reasons and steel multiblade do not provide a perfect shave.

All in all, I’m not sad with what I’ve experienced in DSC and if I look at it from a comparison’s view with big names like Gillette then I prefer to stay with DSC for a longer time, at least as long as they give me what I want. Why I should go for the beginner plan of Gillette plan which cost me hundreds of dollars while I can get the most expensive plan of Dollar Shave Club for a much cheaper price?

And about money making opportunity provided by DSC, it’s good to know that like any other affiliate program, your effort determines your income. If you can promote their products well then there’s good money to be made from selling shavers of DSC but do not forget that you SHOULD have a marketing plan because you need to convince people that at the moment it’s the company that wins the game of quality and price to big leaders like Gillette.

I’m just a little bit worried about what can happen for DSC in the future since they’ve started to corporate with some leaders in the razor market which can result in increasing final price of DSC’s products in the near future. (If it does not affect directly on their quality and attention to detail).

Well, I’m done. This was all my review, personal experience and opinion about Dollar Shave Club, hope it was useful for you.

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Thanks for reading and feel free to share your opinion or ask your question in the comment section below.

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  1. Being a bald you guy you would know that I consume A LOT of razors and I completely agree with you, companies like Gillette have an exaggerated high price even if the qualities are little better but at the end of the day you’ll need something more practical. This is the first time that I hear about DSC, you covered it from a various views and the information is pretty sufficient, so thank you for that:)

  2. I found your review in depth, and I only found that you do not address whether this company has products for the ladies. I realize that you cannot review a ladies razor, but I think that you may want to at least acknowledge if it is pertinent to women as well.

    I have had a few friends (that are ladies) look into this. I found that my friend was looking to recruit people in order to gain a small sum of money for getting referrals. She did not stick with the program that they have because it didn’t bring in cash for her. However knowing her desire to have immediate financial reward and lack of persistence, I can say that she was thinking that telling one person would render her the million dollar dream.

    Thanks for the review. It was worth the read. Keep up the high-quality content & make sure to at least mention if there are women specific products as well.

  3. Hello Ali! Thank you for a great post! I read not only” DSC a scam?” post but,” Dollar Trade Club a scam?”, ” Buyout Millionaires Club Scam?”. I really enjoy reading all detailed posts, your opinion , advices, pros and cons. Actually , I didn’t hear about DSC but you open my eyes, I will sure go more inside DSC’s and check out what “goodies” they have. Also, easy to order and ,most important, don’t have to drive to store . I will definitely tell my husband to try the DSC just because you tested , you recommend and you advice to others. And we will never run out of razors again!( usually we do).
    I also, read your post ” # 1 recommendation”, and I’m so happy for you how well you do. Also, how perfect in very deep details you explain every step. Keep going Ali , I will visit your website soon.

  4. It was really interesting to learn about Dollar Shave Club! I am glad to know that they are not a scam. It seems like it would be a very useful service. I hope it keeps going and does not get run out of business by bigger companies such as Gillette. I may recommend this product to my father, as it seems like a really reputable company. Thank you for your upfront and honest review.

  5. Great post.

    I’ve used DSC in the past, I was very happy with the product, and it only took a couple of months to have enough razors to last me about 3 months. I actually shut off my account after 6 months simply because I had too many razors lol.

  6. First of all let me start by saying this! Your article is extremely in depth and you seem to have a wealth of knowledge regarding the market and ultimately the facial grooming industry. I love the touch you’ve added with the ‘about me’ page of to the right hand side where I evidently clicked on and it took me to an internal comprehensive link discussing exactly who you are and what you do. This is an awesome way to engage with your clients. Initially I had no clue who you were but after reading your ‘About Me’ section; I have a thorough understanding of your expertise.

    Furthermore, you have addressed all the points that are valuable to the customer with regards to: What this product is, does it work, pros and cons of the service and also the final verdict.

    Overall a very comprehensive and thorough overview of this product. Having used the Dollar Shave Club service myself; I can honestly say that this review is right on the money!

    One thing I will note (very minor) is that there are just a couple of grammatical errors within the article. Other than that, keep the reviews coming! Looking forward to more in the future

    Kind Regards, James (Founder of Iron Warrior Fit)

  7. I might have to try Dollar Shave Club after reading your review! I spend a small fortune at the store to get a decent quality razor. If I can spend less and get a good or better razor, then why not? Its always a bonus if you can get it delivered to your door! I love reading reviews on a company before purchasing or signing up so that I don’t waste my time or money. Also having good customer service when you need it is a huge relief.

  8. Hello there. What a nice informative review you have made about the Dollar Shave Club! A dollar a shave is a pretty convincing marketing tactic for sure. My facial hair tends to grow very thick before it starts to itch. I will then shave it off. Never can keep enough razors in the house. A lower price for the perfect shave is always helpful. There is a substantial amount of money that can be generated from sales in this affiliate program. As you said prior, the amount is determined by your effort and perseverance. No program will ever make loads of money with zero effort. Regarding if the program is a scam or not, the question could be asked like this: is it a good way to make money if you are willing to invest time and commitment? Then the answer is yes. If you wanted something that prints money for you in return for giving a perfect shave razor to other customers, the answer is no. Anyways, great review. I really enjoyed it. Look forward to your other posts!

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