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Is Dollar Trade Club a Scam? – Steady Profit Or Big Lose?

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This is the second product from Zach Scheidt I’m reviewing which is an online newsletter about investing in stocks and created with the help of Alan Knuckman. Is Dollar Trade Club a Scam? Knowing answer to this question can be like a make a break decision and with promises, you see in the home page of Dollar Trade Club website some serious doubts come up about it.

Reviewing two other investment newsletters of Agora Financial let me know what I should expect from it but to be honest, it was not what I’ve expected at all. By reading my Dollar Trade Club review, you’ll know what is my opinion about it as well as you’ll be able to make a good decision based on facts, not promises and claims.

Also, you’ll find out about different marketing channels and sales-pages that will direct you to this financial newsletter by using a gray method. If you don’t want to fall into a circle of a billing game, don’t leave this page until you read this article completely.

Stay with me!


Product name: Dollar Trade Club

Official Website:

Owner: Zach Scheidt and Alan Knuckman

Type: Investment & Financial Newsletter

Cost to Join: Depends on the type of your subscription

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is dollar trade club

What Is Dollar Trade Club All About?

Among all products I’ve reviewed from Agora Financial, I’ve given the lowest rating to Dollar Trade Club because of several issues. Before talking about the negative side, let me give you a clear overview of this newsletter and its editors.

Buyout Millionaires Club is another financial newsletter that is managed by Zach and I’ve explained all the pros and cons of this product in another article separately. Zach is a writer of several well-known financial books and his expertise in money management and stock trading let him manage a fund worth $1,000,000 successfully during the past years.

On the other hand, I’ve watched a program in Fox Business TV which featured another creator of this newsletter Alan Knuckman as an expert in the floor and stock trading. This alone is enough to consider this guy as a professional financial advisor and what I’ve read about him in some finance magazines like Bloomberg Businessweek and Forbes Money convinced me that he knows what he’s doing and he has a deep understanding of the risky stock market.

In fact, I’ve landed to Dollar Trader Club newsletter when I was searching for a safe way to invest on cryptocurrency and I became interested to take a closer look at it and here’s all I’ve found about it. The main feature of this newsletter is providing profitable investment opportunities that are focused on not well-known stocks while other investors are analyzing the next move of Apple.

Since these unknown stocks are mostly for newly launched companies, you can buy their stocks for as low as $1 most of the times and it’s another benefit of investing in low-cost shares.

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how dollar trade club works

What You Will Have Access to Inside of Dollar Trade Club?

In simple words, Dollar Trade Club builds a bridge between you and valuable penny stocks and low-cost shared so it makes the process of investing some safer for new investors since you don’t have to bring a lot of money to the market to make a profit.

As you know stock & share market sees many movements as well as ups and downs during the week and a feature called Morning Market Stir included in Dollar Trade Club that provides a clear report of all events, buys and sells have happened in the stock market in the last week and with analyzing history of the market, it says what your expectation should be for the next week.

This information is vital for any economic system as well as all stock traders because it helps them find the booming stocks faster and lead the funds in the right direction of investment.

Can You Become a Successful Trader With Dollar Trade Club?

What I really liked about Dollar Trade Club is that it’s not only for professional or people who have a lot of money to invest in share and stocks. It’s a beginner-friendly investment model that let everybody make a profit from even with an investment of only $10.

Of course, $10 was an example and you can’t make any serious profit with investing a few bucks in this market. $300 or $400 is a logical and actually minimum amount of money needs to be invested if you want to retire safely.

Dollar Trade Club has the potential to increase the amount of your saved money rapidly if it’s used in the right way so if you don’t know what do you with your reserve fund or if you have some cache for investing then guides and information provided by Dollar Trade Club is all needed to start your new journey in investment world properly.

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dollar trade club review

Dollar Trade Club – What I Liked & What I Didn’t Like

What I Liked,

  • Knowing about big events before anyone else is the best part of Dollar Trade Club. There’s a gap between the time when the news is released in massive media and the time when it’s announced by the company if you can find these gaps at the right time with the help of Dollar Trade Club, you’ll be the luckiest person in the world because of the huge potential of profit behind it.
  • If you’ve had always dream of buying/selling stocks in the investment markets but you hadn’t thousands of dollars unlike big players to put on the table then now it’s time to take advantage of penny-shares offered by DTC (Dollar Trade Club) and bring your dream to life with just a few hundreds of dollars and start trading stocks like a pro!
  • Do you think market analysis and researching on stock and share of different companies take a lot of your time?
    Well, you should change your thoughts about it because this definition has been changed by Dollar Trade Club since your total amount of trading time won’t reach 10 minutes when you use ready-to-use report collected by experts behind this newsletter. Also, you won’t miss any important news and signals of DTC helps you make the best decision quickly.

What I Didn’t Like,

Ok, we are done with positive points of Dollar Trade Club, now let’s see what you’ll probably don’t like when you want to start online investing with this platform.

The truth is that stocks of big companies (let’s say game changer companies) like LG, Samsung, Amazon, Google, etc. have been shared in the market in the past and it’s a long time now that stock market has not experienced a big movement for a specific stock.

If you were one of those lucky guys who bought Apple’s stock when it has become available to the investing public in 1980 then you’re counting hundred or even thousands of profit you’ve gained from this incredible investment opportunity now but if you didn’t take any action at that time (like 90% of other people since they don’t know what is the real value stock of Apple or Microsoft), I’m sorry but it’s not going to happen again, at least in the near future.

Investing on the penny stocks with a little or an average profit (maximum) is all you can expect from Dollar Trade Club.

is dollar trade club a scam

Final Word – Is Dollar Trade Club Scam?

It’s not fair to call this financial newsletter a scam because all information provided by this company has been monitored, analyzed and confirmed by several experts and professional investors who are behind this newsletter. (Especially the editors of it Alan Knuckman and Zach Scheidt).

I’ve reviewed the parent company, Agora Financial and I have not found any scam sign about it as well as its products. Dollar Trade Club is not the first newsletter has been launched by Agora and when you take a look at other investment newsletters introduced by this website like Buyout Millionaires Club you’ll find out that providing high-quality newsletters with unique features are what they’ve focused on and most of the subscribers are happy with what they receive from them as financial advice on a regular basis.


There are many paid newsletters that give you financial advice but not all of them are reliable. Most of the information provided by Dollar Trade Club has a refund policy which means you can even request a refund if the recommended investment option does not work well for you. This assures you that your initial fund will be safe if the stock goes the wrong way and it also reduces risk of investment as low as reasonably practicable

Finally, it’s recommended to listen to experienced people and experts whenever you want to give a new business a shot and it’s what DTC is going to give you in stock investing. Once again, it must be said that your profit potential is limited when it comes to stock trading and you can’t fire your boss by entering this industry and only big money can bring you a big return on investment in Long-Term.

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Thanks for reading my dollar trade club review and feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Ali,
    This is a great post. I love all the valuable information I got from reviewing your site. It has truly been eye opening & very detailed to say the least. Thanks for sharing your experience & expertise. I have always had an interest in stocks/investing so I decided to check out your review. I’m glad I did. You broke everything down nicely and very professionally. I appreciate that DTC is beginner user friendly & one can get in with a $10 minimal investment that you honestly said wouldn’t make you much of a serious profit. You laid out the pros & cons well. The best part is that you feel this is no scam & they have a refund policy. Thanks again for sharing the new knowledge. I’ll be bookmark & come back to your website & look forward to checking out new reviews in the future.

  2. Hi Ali,
    It an interesting review for Dollar Trade Club. I am not an investor or trader but the information is detail and provides pros and cons that can certainly help those who are looking for a company with a newsletter on recommendation on stock that are “penny stock and or low cost share”.
    I did not see information on possible training from Dollar Trade Club for “new or novice members” that are new to investing, purchasing or trading penny stock or low-cost shares. You do mention that a newsletter is provided. Which give invest advice and recommendations. You also indicate that Dollar Trade Club has a “ refund policy”. Now that sound interesting, but I sure would like to read the fine line on that, but it’s a good indication that they are provide the best possible recommendation on investment.
    Thank you for sharing this review, I found it insightful and I am bookmarking for website or visit again and read other reviews.
    Very best on your endeavors,

  3. Hi Ali,
    Zach Scheidt is one of the editors of the library of investment advisories and has a book called the Big Book of Income that has been commonly associated with a typical get-rich-quick scam but has verified that it is not a scam. You touched on something very important about the information provided by Zach Scheidt that it is monitored, analyzed, and confirmed by several experts and professional investors who are behind his financial expertise.

    It is true, it is ideal to listen to experienced people and experts whenever you want to give any business venture a shot. I thoroughly enjoyed your review of the Dollar Trade Club. I may be ready to accept the risk of stock trading, but I might start out small with Robinhood. What are your thoughts that investing app?


    1. Hey Lisa, well, I’m not a fan of stock trading because of risk involved but if you can manage your funds and if you like online trading then feel free to go for it.


  4. Interesting article. I’ve never been one to subscribe to investment newsletters for a variety of reasons. Sometimes I’ve wondered what they might offer that I couldn’t learn through my own research, but from your review, it sounds like this newsletter, at least, may not be the one to try. I did have one question, though – does DTC only provide information about the penny stocks, or do they also provide a way to buy the stocks, with DTC acting as the intermediary?
    In any case, really good information here, thank you!

  5. Hi Ali, great review of the Dollar Trade Club! I personally have been interested in finding a good way to step into the market, but like you mentioned, a lot of times it’s just not profitable to start trading if you don’t have a decent-sized investment to start with.
    I have a friend that trades in cryptocurrency, and another that does the penny stock trading thing, and I know they’re always on the lookout for any information on possible market trends, so while DTC may not be the best company to go through, it sounds like they may provide at least a little valuable information. If their newsletter doesn’t cost a lot of money, I may mention it to my friends and let them decide if they like it or not.
    I appreciate that you laid out the positives as well as the negatives of this company, a lot of “scam-busters” don’t have the consideration to do any actual research into a company before they start tearing it apart. This gives me a lot more comfort in reading your articles, as it seems like you are trying to be objective about these companies, great job!
    Also, I like that you are sharing the information about Wealthy Affiliates on your site as well, the WA community is highly respected among online marketers, as it promotes honesty and fair-trade practices among its constituents. Affiliate marketing is a great way to break the 9-5 grind that so many people get stuck in, I too recommend Wealthy Affiliates to anyone that’s tired of slaving away for someone else to get rich.
    Thank you for the informative article, hopefully it helps your other readers to make an objective decision on whether the Dollar Trade Club is right for them, as well as maybe helping some of them to discover WA for themselves!
    I wish you great success, and I hope you have an excellent week!

  6. Hi Ali!
    This is a good review with a lot of useful information. I have invested in stocks as well as crypto and I agree with the points that you have in this post. I also think that investing a little bit of money in a new company is not going make you rich in short term. Usually making money requires hard work and there really is no shortcut…
    Thanks for a great article!

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