is doTerra a scam

Is doTerra a Scam or Pyraid Scheme? Find Answer Here!

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To find answer of “is doTerra a scam?”, we need to do some research and take a close look at this company. There is a lot of information about that can only be validated through extensive research.

Of course, you already have a formed opinion about the company probably on basis of online reviews. While the posts can be true because researchers take their time to gather information, it might be an individual’s opinion and therefore biased. Taking time to research on the topic is crucial, am glad you thought about it.

In the spirit of credibility and sharing helpful information, you should know am not related to doTerra in any way. This places me in the best position to disclose to you reality of what it sells, how it operates and if its structure matches a pyramid scheme.


Product Name: doTerra

Official Website:

Type: Producing Oil & MLM Company

Cost: $135 to join Compensation Plan

Summary: doTerra is an MLC company, which choses to use direct selling other than mass marketing as its strategy in selling essential oil to people. Members who are the sales representatives in this case work on basis of a commission.

Unlike other companies with the same structure, doTerra has a lucrative compensation plan. Joining the company to work on compensation basis requires you to pay a $35 registration fee. Also, you will be required to pay $100 every per month to purchase products for sale. These are the two requirements to qualifying for a compensation plan.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is doTerra

What is doTerra Exactly?

The company was launched in 2008, courtesy of David Stirling with the sole intention of selling essential oils. The company has stayed true to its objective by selling different types of oils since then. Originally, do Terra was selling 25 single oils and 10 blends. Since then, the company has introduced other types of oils and technologies of manufacturing a variety of essential oils basing on changing user preferences and fashion in the market. The word doTerra means Gift Of The Earth in Latin.

What are People Saying about their Products?

The main cause of criticism in the company is its production process quality. doTerra have a lengthy extraction process, which they use to prove no additives or harmful chemicals are added to their products. However, critics stick to CPTG Quality Testing as basis of discrediting the company.

how doterra works

How to make money from doTerra?

While the company is presented as a quality essential oil producer with extensive experience in the market since 2008, people only join or buy the products to make money. This is a typical structure of an MLM company.

The company does not offer any salary to its members; the only earnings come from a compensation plan, which begins with recruiting people. This is the simple structure of doTerra, which links it to an MLM company despite its claims to fit in the manufacturing category.

To get started with the company, you have to pay an amount as registration fee. They have designed a structure after that to make you feel comfortable in the job by calling you “Wellness Advocates.” Basically, you are the company’s distributor.

Moreover, doTerra requires members to pay $100 every month for buying products. Therefore, you will need to pay $135 for the first month. I think this is too much for an individual who just joined the company. The monthly payment is also too much for a beginner.

pros and cons

Pros & Cons

The Good

The company is BBB accredited with A+ ratings.

Essential oils is a growing company in the world, which doTerra is a major player. Although it is an MLM company, it stills helps people make money. It is all about finding the right audience for the products

The Bad

The only way to earn from the company is recruitment. It is an endless and tedious process. Obviously, direct selling is not easy. The startup cost is too high. The $35 registration fee and $100 is impractical for a starter who has probably been unemployed for months.

The company’s products price do not match the quality. It is challenging for the marketers to convince people and make a sellout of the products because of their average quality and their high price.

The time and effort required to earn from doTerra is not equal to the earnings. Spending time convincing people to buy a product for several hours a day can only amount to $100 per month, which should be a monthly pay to the company for product purchase.

is doTerra scam

Final Conclusion – Is doTerra a scam?

DoTerra is not a scame because it has a definite business structure where members work and earn through commissions. While it denies operating like an MLM company, nothing links DoTerra to a scam. Also, the company deals with essential oil products, which are on high demand in the global market.

Is DoTerra a pyramid scheme?

First, it is crucial to understand the meaning of a pyramid scheme before labeling any company. People often link Multi-level Marketing companies to pyramid schemes, while most of the MLM structures end in pyramid schemes, there are legitimate MLM companies.

DoTerra is a legitimate MLM company because it offers real products, relevant to society and there is an increasing market for its goods. In fact, the company has expansion plans to meet the increasing demand for essential oils, which is the main business. Earning from the company is on commission basis after sale of the products.

DoTerra is not a pyramid scheme. The company runs its business just like any other legit MLM company. While it is an earning opportunity, I would recommend other means other than waiting for the commissions and paying monthly for product purchase. Affiliate marketing is my all-time favorite business model, which you should consider instead of working for an MLM company.

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