is Early Investing scam

Is Early Investing Scam Or Early Bird Gets the Worm?

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By now, I’m sure you have heard about Early Investing and you are probably looking for answers as to whether it is legit or a scam. If you have not heard about it too, this is a great opportunity to learn if it is an opportunity to be seized. You have come to the right place and in the next lines, I’m going to answer this important question: Is Early Investing scam or not?! as well as several other questions which will help you to make the right decision!

I think it is important to verify every “opportunity” to avoid taking unnecessary risks that could lead to wastage of time and money. This review will be quite detailed and provide you with answers. Will early investing truly point you in the right direction and cut your investment risk? Is there research to be relied upon as a credible guide for investment advice? Will you make money with Early Investing or is it just another scam?

Let us get to the answers you seek. Let’s go!


Product Name: Early Investing

Official Website:

Type: Cryptocurrency Trading

Owner: Adam Sharp

Cost to Join: $50 or $100 for investment

Recommended? Only if you are willing to take the risk

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is Early Investing exactly

What is Early Investing Really About?

By now, cryptocurrency is no longer strange and crypto trading is now more widely known as a great way to make money with simple investments.  Early Investing is a business venture that works with cryptocurrency.

Unlike programs like Seven Dollar Click, Early Investing publishes digital newsletters to educate about how to make wise investments in cryptocurrencies (especially the bitcoin)—which is still new to the trading industry. They are focused on using thorough cryptocurrency and startup investment analysis to advise the investor; helping him/her take a more calculated risk that is guaranteed of yielding incredible rewards. You can start at a young age too—hence their name.

Apart from the newsletters, their website ( contains podcasts that enlighten on how to create your own wealth by attaining certain investment goals. They claim that you can become wealthy by following the principles contained in their newsletters and podcasts but is that really true?

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how early investing works

How Does Early Investing Work?

Early Investing offers two service options; First Stage Investor and Startup Investor.

  • First Stage Investor

This is the more advertised option of the two. The digital newsletters sell at a $49 annual price and $89 bi-annual price. In this newsletter, potential investors and investors alike will be granted access to Early Investor’s startup portfolio along with their digital currency recommendations and currency reports. You will also be granted access to podcasts on how you can use cryptocurrencies to make more money.

  • Startup Investor

This option was recently added and its digital newsletter focuses on enlightening potential investors and investors on which of the companies will likely generate more profit immediately their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is launched. They provide you with detailed information stemming from thorough research so that you can make the right choices. Or at least that is what they tell you.

Can You Make Money With Early Investing?

Early Investing mainly sells information that stems from their research. If you’re expecting to make money from their website directly, you won’t! You can only make money by following their investment advice about the companies to invest your money. But, remember that you actually have to invest your money in these companies to make more—that is apart from your Early Investing subscription fee.

Also, you have to be careful with the newsletter. Though it makes cryptocurrencies investment appear very easy and direct by just saving and investing into stocks from companies, it’s often not as easy as that. If anything goes wrong—even with their research—you could lose all the money you placed on the company.

early investing pros and cons

Pros & Cons of Early Investing

To provide a balanced view for you to be able to ascertain whether Early Investing is legit or a scam. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Early Investment really simplifies cryptocurrency investments. They do all the necessary ‘muscle work’ so you don’t have to.
  • Creating an account with Early Investing is very straightforward and easy. It’s free to sign up for the daily e-letter.
  • It was created by Adam Sharp and Andrew Gordon, who are truly legitimate people with proper background in finance, investing and cryptocurrencies. This lends an air of credibility to the scheme.
  • Early Investment appears to be able to generate money to consumers who are willing to diligently apply the principles contained within their newsletters and podcasts.


  • Early Investment makes investments look too easy. Just like any business ventures, there are certain risks involved that you have to carefully watch out for. Going into this kind of investment requires you to take every information into consideration; weighing the pros and cons of taking a risk. This is one of the major disadvantages of Early Investing. They make cryptocurrency investment look so simple that a novice would think it is getting money quick scheme while an expert investor will quickly dismiss it as a scam.
  • Early Investment is not free. Having access to their research will cost you some capital and you also have to have money to be able to invest in the crypto-trading.
  • There are already a couple of negative complaints.

“Complete and total FRAUD! They charge your credit card and you receive NOTHING!”

The feedback above is a typical example of the feedbacks some of the subscribers provided, complaining about the scheme.

  • Cryptocurrency investing can be incredibly volatile. You could lose all your investments totally if you go into it blindly. A typical example is the year 2018 when every cryptocurrency came crashing and numerous cryptocurrency investors lost a lot of money. This fluctuation in markets means it’s not a riskless market and you have to carefully consider your options before following their choices of the company for investment.

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Claims of Early Investing

All countries have their own claims and Early Investing is not an exception. Online businesses use several marketing methods to attract new customers and creating eye-catching landing pages is one of the most common ways. If you visit you’ll see the first claim of this company which says that you can be a millionaire through Bitcoin market if you want.

Well, there is no doubt that Bitcoin is a million dollars market in cryptocurrency industry but is it enough to believe and trust any kind of promises you hear in this field? I don’t think so. Always do your own research and see the history of the company to make sure there’s nothing wrong with their claims.

Background of Early Investing

My research about this company shows that most of its customers (almost 90%) located in the United States and the other 10% of visitors come from Europe and North America.

According to (The most famous web traffic analysis online company), Early Investing company has a global ranking of 702,821 and united states ranking of 238,655. This report is for April of 2019 and it may change some (not much) according to the date and time you read this article.

Anyway, the Global and country ranking of Early Investing is pretty cool but what makes me worry about this stats is that traffic of the website has not been changed during the last 24 months and this is not what we would like to see in a growing company.

Anyway, as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words so take a look at the image below to see what I mean by worrying point about Early Investing:

early investing scam


is Early Investing a scam

Final Word – Is Early Investing Scam or Legit?           

It would be easy to dismiss Early Investing as a scam because of the few negative feedbacks or because it makes the investing look too easy but can’t it be. Can’t cryptocurrency investment be easy even with its risks?

Well, after monitoring it, I don’t believe Early Investment is a scam. I believe if the principles contained within their newsletters are carefully applied, it is possible to make get the rewards. The other things that come with their subscription such as portfolios, recommendations and currency and financial reports are actually beneficial in making calculated risks. Investing involves risk-taking calculated risks.

I also believe some of the some of those with complaints are probably newbies at investment who thought Early Investing was another get rich quick scheme.

Lastly, Andrew Gordon and Adam Sharp, the founders are verified, investors. Andrew finished from the London School of Economics and has amassed over 30 years of experience. While Adam is an active investor in more than 70 private startups.

They are legitimate people with extensive knowledge of business and investments between them. I think this counts.

Final Verdict provides a professional platform for online investment and tries to build a strong relationship with members by providing information about what who they are, what they’ve done and how their platform can help new investors.

However, there are negative points and reviews about the company which we can’t consider it easily so I highly advise you to read a couple of negative reviews about Early Investing to find out about all cons of this company. This helps you know both good and bad of Early Investing and let you make the right decision.

Early Investing was designed to help you take advantage of the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies. To secure your financial future through investing in cryptocurrencies. Applying their advice could give you the wealth you desire but you have to remember to consider the volatility attached to cryptocurrencies.

The wealth you seek will not suddenly happen out of nowhere. True and lasting wealth does not happen overnight. It takes time, proper research and wise decisions to get to the height and financial freedom you seek. But you can start out early. Just as their name implies, Early Investing supports investing in stocks and shares even from a young age. That will give you all the time you need to grow in your understanding of the investment business.

Cryptocurrencies and Crypto trading are the future of financial transactions. They have gradually become popular and they will soon be impossible to ignore digital trading. It might be risky but when you’re armed with sufficient knowledge and information, you will be able to recognize and seize wealth making opportunities. After all, what is life without a little risk here and there?

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