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Is Easy 1 Up a Scam? – Not Really But…

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Thanks for jumping into my review of Easy 1 Up. This is the important question I’m going to answer in my review: Is Easy 1 Up a scam or it’s a legitimate training program that can really make you money?

Also, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Easy 1 Up and in the conclusion section, I’ll explain why Multi-Level Marketing business has been used by companies like Easy 1 Up CAN’T give you what you want from making money online world.

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is a business model that many companies take advantage of to make more sales and increase their profit but this is not always a win-win game for both companies and their partners.

The problem I have with this type of marketing model is that it’ll put you in an unlimited cycle of buys and sells and product owners and manufacturers are two groups that take the most benefit from this circle. Since you have to buy a specific amount of products from the producer in order to promote it in MLM model there are even chances of losing money if you don’t know how to do it properly and you may not be able to sell even one product!

Anyway, what life has taught me is that I should not just look at the surface when it comes to reviewing a new product even if I don’t feel good about it from the beginning and that’s why I wrote this in-deep review to share all my thoughts about this MLM program with you.

It’s interesting to say that I’ve seen an ad about Easy 1 Up on Facebook some years ago. This confirms that this program was active from years ago but it’s a couple of months now that I’ve not heard anything from it and I was curious to know why they stopped promoting.

I was hoping that there were some issues with the program and they decided to deactivate it because I knew that it’s completely time-wasting but unfortunately I was wrong. I’ve found that they’ve just slowed down the promotional speed because they were creating new campaigns and my theory comes to true when I’ve seen a new ad from them on YouTube last week.


Product Name: Easy 1 Up

Official Website:

Owner: Peter Wolfing

Type: MLM Program based on recruiting people

Price: Start from $25 and can go up to $2000!

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 10

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what is Easy 1 Up

Intro – What Is Easy 1 Up All About?

There are many companies that use the same business model for making a profit like Miracle Breakthrough, NeVetica or Peanut Labs.

If I want to go straight to the point, it should be said that Easy 1 Up is a training program that provides a making money opportunity based on an MLM business model. Unfortunately, not only me but anybody else can’t tell you who created this program, in simple words, it has an unknown owner!

Some basic info plus a list of products or login section are all you have access to in the official website of Easy 1 Up. The most important thing you should know about a program or product (especially if it’s about the money-making) is who is the owner of the product and you should put a big exclamation mark in front of a company/program if it does not give you any information about the owner!

The only thing I know is that a person called Peter Wolfing is the owner of Easy 1 Up but questions like who is he exactly? What he has done before? Can you trust him or not? etc. will remain unanswered in our mind even after reading the whole pages of the Easy 1 Up website.

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how Easy 1 Up works

Start – How Easy 1 Up Works Exactly?

You should know that selling products and recruiting people are the ONLY ways of making money with Easy 1 Up. The company says you’ll promote only hot products which there’s already a demand for them and making sales and getting success is not hard when there’re great potential buyers for the products you’re promoting.

They’ll make a wrong imagination that online marketing is as easy as picking up a digital product and start promoting it everywhere you can, from your personal blog to social networks, email lists, etc.

Of course, I agree that this is a part of online marketing which everything needs to be set up properly to bring the result but what they don’t mention to is that value of a product is more important than your marketing channels when it comes to online selling.

The same as other MLM program, you need to purchase products of Easy 1 Up first in order to promote them and this happens by only recruiting new people into the program. This means you should convince people that Easy 1 Up is a valuable investment opportunity (even if you don’t believe it yourself!) and it’s highly profitable.

Another problem with this MLM program is that your income potential is limited to what you’ve purchased from the company. This means, the commission you receive is only available for the products you’ve bought and if the price of your purchased product is $30 and a person who joins the company through your link decides to buy a $300 product, you won’t get commission for that $300 product because you already didn’t buy it!

And to be honest, you may easily lose money because marketing and promoting Easy 1 Up products takes A LOT of energy and time so if you are not familiar with online marketing techniques and if you don’t have relevant experience in this field, there’s zero chance to get success!

Is It Possible to Make Money with Easy 1 Up?

The commission rates vary from 25% to 75% but there’s a package called Vertex Elite which let you earn 100% commission of the product you’re selling. But again, there’s not any way other than encouraging people to buy different types of packages on Easy 1 Up so if you recruit more people you have more chance to make money.

Once again I repeat that the ONLY possible way of making money through Easy 1 Up is recruiting new member to the program. You’ll be an official affiliate of Easy 1 Up by paying its $25 fee and you’ll earn commission based on this membership which means it does not matter if people you invite to the program buy a $25 product or a $250 product, your commission will be calculated based on the basic membership which is $25 unless you decide to buy upper membership which will cost you more money.

All in all, you are working for Easy 1 Up and good or bad you should follow the rules have been set by this company if you want to make money with them.

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Easy 1 Up review

Easy 1 Up – What I Liked & What I Didn’t Like

What I Liked,

  • They Don’t Scam You – I’ve read many reviews about Easy 1 Up and all people who worked with this company confirmed that they will pay you on-time if you earn any commission.
  • Non-Guaranteed Income – If you know the right way of promoting and making sales then there’s a high chance to earn good commission every month but this is not going to happen if you are a newbie. There’re many things you should learn before making your first sale online and Easy 1 Up is not that newbie-friendly platform that can teach you all these things.

Anyway, there’re income proofs which show that some members made more than a couple of hundreds of dollars every month through Easy 1 Up but they’re highly experienced marketers who have seen many ups and downs in this business before getting any success.

What I Didn’t Like,

  • It’s All About Multi-Level MarketingAlthough MLM (aka Multi-Level Marketing) is a legit marketing business model but it’s not 100% trusted by people because of some main cons. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) monitors these kinds of companies closely and every then and now we hear on the news that some of these MLM companies are no longer available because of legal issues.
    There are many complaints from people who lose a significant amount of money in MLM companies and although there’s not any legal issue with Easy 1 Up yet but IT IS an MLM company and nobody knows what will happen for it in the future.
  • Product Priced Too High – The only way to earn good money through Easy 1 Up is by promoting high ticket products which can cost you up to $1000 for a single item sometimes.
    I don’t see any logical reason for paying that much money for promoting products of a company and more importantly why should you do such thing when you can promote almost ANY affiliate program for completely Free?
  • There’s Chance to Lose Money – Some of the methods (like PPC or Solo ads) you’ll learn in Easy 1 Up are based on paid advertising and although paid traffic sources are very effective but they can be very risky at the same time so if you are not familiar with this type of marketing model and if you don’t know the whole concept of paid advertising very well then it’ll be like a big gamble.

is easy 1 up scam

Final Word – Is Easy 1 Up a Scam?

There’s no reason for calling Easy 1 Up a scam program. Maybe what you pay money for is not the best and most useful information you can get but this fact that they are giving you something for your money put them out of the scam box automatically.

Easy 1 Up recommends you to start selling products to people who are close to you like family members, colleagues, close friends, etc. Let me tell you something here, even professional online marketers don’t start selling items to their close people because they know that there’s a relationship between them and doing something wrong can destroys this relationship completely which can be irreparable.

Also, it’s very risky to invest a lot of time and money on a system, program or company that can be unavailable tomorrow and you are never sure about its future. This is the situation you have to face with for almost all MLM companies and when you decide to work with MLM businesses you’re taking this risk.

There are much better ways of making money online like building a website based on an affiliate marketing business. This is the business many people are doing these days and it’s a great way for having a full-time income.

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe what an in-depth review this is, and brutally honest which is hard to find. I’m glad I came across your site as it’s the info I’ve been searching for.
    I always see friends posting about MLM programmes, boasting how much money can be made and how successful you can become. However they fail to mention the start up costs, which is a big put off for me personally.
    Despite this it is always tempting and I had heard good things about Easy 1 Up. But selling high-costing products is just a no go for me. Sounds like affiliate marketing might be something to look into.
    Also you make a very good point about knowing who the founder is, I haven’t even thought about that before.
    Thank you for a great in/depth analogy, I look forward to flicking through your site and reading your recommendations.

  2. Thank you very much for this article. I appreciate the fact that you make an effort to explain the pros and cons of Easy1 Up as it truly helps me to understand if this program is something which is suitable for me. Since you mentioned that Easy1 Up uses paid traffic and is not newbie friendly, I can straight away strike this program off my list. I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate recently and it has really been a smooth journey for me as its training is very well-structured and detail. Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate is very suitable for newbies like me!

  3. I think that you did a great job in showing point by point why, although this is not a scam, it is by no means perhaps fully legitimate.

    MLM has been around for a good long time at this point, but there are MLMs and then there are MLMs. It sounds as if Easy 1 is an MLM that expects you to buy high ticket items right from the get go while pretty much offering nothing in return.

  4. Super informative article, I really liked the way you broke down the good and the bad. I also like that youo included your top recommendation. I found the information when I clicked to that link really helpful, and I think I have my answer as to which site I am going with…and that is with your recommendation. I look forward to more posts of yours related to this topic!

  5. That was a clear and well-explained review. Actually, I don’t like any MLM programs either it is digital or physical products. I had a very bad experience some years back with MLM schemes and I don’t recommend for anyone. Though easy-1 is not a scam, I will not try it.

    Rather I go for the legit program like Wealthy affiliate and I recommend it for others too. It is the best platform to learn and earn from Affiliate marketing. There are a million people who get benefit from WA training and making money. I will go with your recommendation.

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