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Is Easy Cash Code a Scam? – Facts You Never Knew!

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Is easy cash code a scam or legit? Let me give you my honest answer, yes it’s scam! And you should run away. It’s very hard to make money with this. They will only make you spend your money for nothing. There are other better companies that can fetch you money instead of this. Some won’t even demand for your credit card information, unlike this one.


Product Name: Easy Cash Code Does

Official Website:

Owner: Reginald Stinson

Cost to Join: $18 + Many Upsells

Recommended? No!

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

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what is easy cash code

What is Easy Cash Code All About?

On Easy cash Code’s website, you will see a lot of promotional info on how you can make a lot of money. But the system is basically designed to grab money from buyers and fetch the owners money.

What you get when you purchase products from the system 

The initial product is a WordPress guide that tells you how you can set up your own WordPress site. You also get a plugin software from Easy Cash Code. The plugin is okay but not as great as they make it seem. The plugin is designed to create squeeze pages or sales letter that can get credit card details and email addresses. But you must know how to craft good words for squeeze pages, or you won’t get much good from them. You must also know how to use them effectively.

A squeeze page alone can’t fetch you money like some systems will tell you. You need to have a product or something genuine behind the squeeze page before you can generate money from it.

You also get some training files when you purchase the system. The training is nothing to write how about. The training files are three PDF files that could have been copied from other systems. You can learn a few things from the training files, but you will get a lot of product recommendations and upsells.

They tell you about a 6-week coaching program. But the 6-week coaching program includes just 6 recorded webinars with information about the basics and some more upsells.

how easy cash code works

How Does it Work & How Much Does it Cost?

They tell you that their system is free. But the Easy Cash Code system costs $49. If you check out their affiliate system, you will discover that the Easy Cash Code system is designed to take money away from you. It will be difficult to make any money from this system.

At the bottom of most of these websites are links that tell you more about their affiliate schemes. Read these links to get more info about the system that you are trying to go into. You will get information that tells you how genuine they are.

How the Easy Cash Code System is designed to take money from people

The easy cash code system is designed to take away about $400 to $700 from buyers. You start with the initial $49 purchase, but you get a lot of upsells that try to push more and more products to you. These upsells are more expensive than the initial purchase. These expensive upsells are not even that different from your initial purchase. Quite dishonest from a supposedly ‘free’ system.

Affiliates of this system get offered an affiliate commission that is as high as 60%. You will hardly find any genuine system that offers that affiliates 60%. That 60% is nothing to them because so long as they get visitors that make purchases. It is basically free money from visitors that the creators of the system didn’t do much to get. This on its own is highly suspicious.

pros and cons

Pros: No worthwhile one

Cons: You’ll read about how it’s free only to discover that it costs $49. The upsells could cost you over $680

Fake testimonial videos

On the website, you will see a lot of testimonials about how people are making thousands of dollars daily from the system. The videos will promise you a whole lot of things.

The promotional video will tell you about how you will see proof that the system is legit, but the video provides none of that.  You will only see earnings reports and nothing that proves the system is legit. Those earnings reports can be from anywhere.

The testimonials are fake ones with hired actors who are paid to say what the owners of the companies want them to say. The promotional video tries to hurry you up to make your purchase. It tells you that the video will soon be taken down. But the video has been there for long without been taken down.

The video shows you people with expensive cars and magnificent mansions. But yet, they can’t afford good quality microphones and video setups. Be wary of these testimonials as a lot of these people rent these cars and houses to pose with them.

From poverty to millions in mere days

These guys tell you how they went from being broke to being millionaires in a few days. This is a plain lie. You can easily detect that it is all made-up stuff.  They tell you that their videos can’t be faked, but anyone can fake these testimonials.

is easy cash code scam

Final Conclusion – Is Easy Cash Code System a Scam?

No, the Easy cash Code System is not a scam. You do get something in return for your money even though what you get may be very little compared to how much you spent. There are testimonials and reports about how you can make money with the system. But most people have not made as much as the testimonials claim. There are some people making a few hundred dollars a week from the system and not more than that.

The system is put together with poor information and poor-quality things that you can find elsewhere for free. You need to be very careful with this system as not much separates it from an actual scam.

If you want to invest your hard-earned money in this system, don’t be suckered into their funnel or you will end up wasting a lot of money on extra products that you don’t need.

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