Is EasySureSale a scam

Is EasySureSale a Scam or The Best Fashion Online Shop?!

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Sometimes writing review articles about the new online stores is more difficult than anything in the world, especially when there’s a new online shop that people want to know more about but there’s not much information about it. EasySureSale is a new fashion online shop that provides a making money opportunity but is EasySureSale a scam or legit? Let’s find out!

This rule applies to Easysuresale and although we know some stats about it like how long it’s up there or how many people visit this shop every month but this information is not provided by the EasySureSale and we gather it from other online sources like Alexa.

Anyway, I try to do my best and give you as much as information possible to help you find out answer of this question: Is EasySureSale a scam or it’s one of new attractive stores that provide high-end fashion items?!

But I definitely recommend you to wait some more time and don’t buy anything from this store until there are enough details which let us have a clear conclusion about it.

According to what I’ve found in, EasySureSale is a new brand shop which has an income report of ~$500.00 monthly. This website is created in less 1 year ago and it’s ranking is +2,500,000 among all registered websites in the Internet.

Scamadviser and BBB (two leaders in monitoring scam websites) mark it as a legit website but I believe that it’s because of lack of enough information. When a website is labeled as “Safe to Browse”, it does not mean that you won’t lose money over there.

Let’s take a deeper look inside the EasySureSale and see if it’s a trustworthy or untrustworthy website.


Product Name: EasySureSale

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Online Shop for Fashion Items

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? No (it’s too soon to give a conclusion for it)

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is easysuresales

What Is EasySureSale All About?

There are some signs and techniques which you can use to consider a website scam or legit even if it’s launched recently. This is what I’ve done about EasySureSale and I’ve found out that it’s not an online shop that you can trust even if it sells wigs and other high-end fashion items.

EasySureSale is a new website but during a short amount of time, it received many complaints. Some customers mentioned that the items they received was not what they ordered and some others say that EasySureSale didn’t send their ordered item at all! So you should be very careful because you may get nothing for the money you pay for.

Normally when you shop online, you want to make sure that everything will be done as easy as possible so when there’s a risk of losing money in an online store, other kinds of risks may be involved as well like lack of privacy policy which may result abusing your personal information like email address, phone number, CC info, etc. So it’s very important to make sure about the credibility of a website (EasySureSale in this case) before buying anything from it.

What Do People say About EasySureSale?

Knowing what is the opinion of people about a product or program is always important and I always paid attention to it while I write a review article. If you take a look at my past reviews like Jump Manual, MyEcon or 22 Minutes to Profits, you’ll see that reading other reviews of a company can help you a lot to make the right decision.

There are only a few feedbacks from customers who have experienced buying from EasySureSale and it’s sad to say that most of these feedbacks are negative.

For example, I’ve read a feeback from a customer called Gildardo who has bought a jacket from EasySureSale in April with a discounted price but EasySureSale never sent it to him! The customer tried to contact EasySureSale several times but because of the problems in contacting the website (I’ll explain more about this later) he never got a response from them.

Or another person who is called Olivia had exactly the same issue. She wanted to buy a jacket as a Christmas present and she submitted her order in December but until at the time of writing this article, she didn’t receive any jacket! She also had to contact her bank and in addition to requesting a refund, she reported EasySureSale as a fraud company.

Below complaints were from people who have used their credit/debit card to buy something from EasySureSale but I’ve also seen people who had the same issue even if they’ve used their PayPal account. Actually, it looks scarier when it comes to PayPal. For instance, a woman who tried to buy a bag from this online store ended up with a fake delivery letter!

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After she didn’t get what she ordered and when EasySureSale didn’t reply to any of her emails and since the transaction has been made by the PayPal, she contacted customer support of PayPal to open a case for this situation and right after that, EasySureSale has sent a letter to him which showed that she received the ordered items while she didn’t receive anything!

You can read full of all the above complaints in the official website of the ScamAdviser here.

To be honest, the last complaint was one of the worst online buying experience that I’ve ever heard in my life and that’s why I believe that reputation, credit, and background of an online store is much more important than the price it offered for the products.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not telling that none of the new online shops are reliable, I just say that if you want a big deal, you don’t need to always look at new launched stores and shops and with some research, there are many great discounts can be found in leader online stores like eBay or Amazon.

Personally, I never buy from a website that is up there for only 1 year. Although 12 months is not a short time in the digital world and many new websites can make a reputation in just 1 year or less but when you see a company like EasySureSale that is launched for +8 months but had less than 10 customers and most of them had negative reviews with it then you should be some smart and don’t make the same mistake that previous customers have made.

Is EasySureSale scam

Final Word – Is EasySureSale a Scam? 

There are some big red flags about EasySureSale but as I’ve mentioned above, we need some more time to make a conclusion about EasySureSale. One of the big problems you have to face with when you want to purchase an item from EasySureSale is its nonrefundable rule.

The truth is that there’s not any information about if they have a refund option or not but customers who bought and wanted to get their money back for any reason mentioned that they could not do it through the website and they had to contact with their bank and request them to make a refund for the transaction they’ve made with EasySureSale.

And it depends on the bank if you can get this refund or not. In some cases, the bank can’t help you since the online store (EasySureSale in this case) does not provide any refund option so regardless to the price of the product and amount of the money you’ve spent on the website, it won’t be back to your bank account.

There are also some reports which show that some of the phone numbers and email addresses that EasySureSale provided as its customer support contact info are not real and people could not contact with the shop through those numbers.

Also some other customers said that there were suspect transactions in their bank account and although it was not clear that what was the source of these suspect transactions but they’ve mentioned that the only website they’ve entered their CC and other bank info information during the last week was EasySureSale.

All in all, I recommend you to stay away from EasySureSale (at least at the moment). Although it offers competitive pricing for some specific type of items like wigs but sometimes it’s better to buy a product some more expensive from a “Trusted” online shop rather than taking the risk of losing money for purchasing a product a few dollars cheaper.

Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read my review of EasySureSale. I hope I could give you what you were looking for in this article and feel free to share your comment and opinion below.

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