is ecom success academy a scam

Is eCom Success Academy a Scam or Opportunity Knocks?!

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Is this “Is eCom Success Academy a scam or legit?” a question you want to know the answer too? Did it get your attention and now you want to know all the truth about it? Do you think the dream of making extra money from the Internet comes true through eCom Success Academy?

Above questions plus many other facts about eSA (eCom Success Academy) will be uncovered in my detailed review of this training course so I invite you to read my review and find the answer to your questions.


Product Name: eCom Success Academy

Official Website:

Owner: Adrian Morrison

Type: Drop Shipping Online Course

Cost to Join: $2,495!

Recommended? Yes but not for everyone

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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what is ecom success academy

What Is eCom Success Academy All About?

As the name of eCom Success Academy says, it’s an academy for learning everything about dropshipping and building your own online business. The lessons you learn in every level of the training are complete and it seems that the owner of the program tried to do not walk away and leaving you with unanswered questions at the end of the course.

The base of training is how to sell products and make a profit through creating and running a successful store on the Internet by one of the most famous online store builder platforms Shopify. Fortunately, I’ve followed Adrian Morrison (the person who has created eCom Success Academy) for a while and I know that he has built several quality online products in the past; that’s my main reason for trusting this online academy.

But since I always try to don’t judge a book by its cover, I don’t give you any conclusion about this program here so let’s review all aspects of this academy together and see if it worths trying or you can get scammed by even well-known Internet marketers! Reading this review completely is the only thing that can help you find all the good and bad about newest product of Adrian Morrison so I suggest you to don’t leave this page until you finish this review, especially the conclusion section.

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how ecom success academy works

How Does eCom Success Academy Work Exactly?

In simple words, eSA is a from scratch to finish program that teaches everything you need to know about building an online store in Shopify. The program says that it’s ok if you have no item to sell at the moment because with the methods explained in the course, you can have a passive income by add highly profitable products to your store in a step by step process.

There are income proofs from students who have enrolled in the course and could make thousands of dollars not only on a monthly basis but even on a weekly basis by just completing lessons in the course and applying introduced techniques on their business.

Since the provided methods in eSA is based on drop shipping, you don’t need your own products in your store to start selling. You just need to find an outsourcer and add products to your store and then after that the whole process will be completed almost automatically.

Let’s see what aspects you’ll learn about in the training now;

  • Building Your Store – This is the first level of your training and you’ll learn how Shopify will help you to build your own online store with a couple of clicks. Then you’ll get familiar with the term of “Dropshipping” which will be your main source of income in the future.
  • Adding Products – At this level, you learn how to find genius products that are selling like crazy as well as how to find the best vendors who can provide you these products at the bulk price.
  • Setup Your Social Network – Facebook is your best friend in this business and eSA will teach you how to build a very powerful relationship with this best friend and get the most benefits from it. Tips for advertising on Facebook, setting up your very first fan page, managing your advertising budget and finally making more sales are some sections that are covered in this level of training.

To save time, I’ve just listed a part of training levels here. Other training sections like building an email list, having a marketing team, manage your budget and project properly and making a long-term plan are explained in detail in official website of eCom Success Academy so feel free to check it out if you want to know more.

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ecom success academy pros and cons

eCom Success Academy – The Good, The Bad,

The Good,

It’s a very complete course and it teaches you everything needed to be known for starting a drop-shipping business. Most parts of the training talk about the sections like building your own Shopify store, having a team of quality members, project management or sourcing the right products because they are critical success factors.

I consider eSA as a beginner-friendly training program and you’ll learn how to start to build your own store from 0 to 100 and I think that if you can afford to pay the cost of the program then there are many valuable information you can benefit from.

Also, the well-known Canadian e-commerce company Shopify which is one of the best platforms for retail point-of-sale systems and online stores will take care of your business so it’ll work like a great guarantee for your store.

People who have zero or a little knowledge about building an online business are those who can take the most advantage of these kinds of sources and training materials, so if you are among this group of people, this step by step training will be definitely useful for you.

The Bad,

There are some cons that stop me from calling eCome Success Academy the best training program for building an e-commerce business. For example, many lessons are in video format and length of some of these videos is as long as 60 minutes!

It may be ok if you are totally a beginner in e-commerce business (although sitting and watching a video lesson for 1 hour can be really boring) but if you have even a little bit of information about this business then it’s hard to tolerate such that videos and listen to what you already know.

The second and more important thing that I think you agree with me too is the cost or membership fee of eSA. You need to have already $2495 (let’s say $2500) to be able to join the program and there are also other costs like web hosting, cost of split test, web design, etc. that you should be ready for.

Don’t forget that finding profitable marketing campaigns is not easy and most of the times it requires you to invest some amount of money to find the best campaigns for your store.

By the way, I have not found any refund or money-back guarantee option on their official website; this means your final choice will be a totally no-turning-back decision. So think twice before joining eSA training program, $2.5k is not that small amount of money you can pay to just find out if something works or not.

is ecom success academy scam

Final Word – Is eCom Success Academy a Scam? 

No, and this is what I’m 100% sure about.

We can easily call some programs like Tube Crusher a total scam from the first glance and there are some legit but not valuable products like Square Cash. Fortunately, eSA is not included in any of the above groups and there’s no doubt about the legitimacy of eCom Success Academy and you can learn many valuable things about drop shipping business as well as building your very first online store by Shopify in this platform.

Also, the name of the person who is behind eSA is enough to trust this training course. Adrian Morrison has extensive experience in online advertising and has been run several successful online businesses in the past so you’ll be sure that what you’ll learn in eCom Success Academy is much more than some basic and general information about online business. You learn practical methods which can be applied to your business right after finishing the course.

Although the main training of eSA is focused on drop shipping business but strategies that taught over there can be applied to many other online businesses and it’ll be effective for your online marketing porpuses.


I’ve told you all my thoughts about eCom Success Academy and I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed after finishing the training if you have no problem with paying its high joining cost, $2495.

However, I want to give you a short comparison between eSA and my favorite training platform Wealthy Affiliate here. I’ve gone through and seen training lessons of both programs and the first advantage of WA is its lower price.  What you learn in eSA can be taught for much less cos in WA.

Both programs are talking about building a successful online business but what WA teaches you is more complete than eSA in my opinion. The biggest positive point of WA is that you’ll learn how to build an online business from your interests so you actually are going to make money from what you like!

Another thing that is covered completely in WA but not in the training program of Adrian Morrison is the power of social networks. WA teaches you how to take advantage of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to increase profits and improve your bottom lines and it’s some strange to see that Adrian didn’t lesson for this important section in eSA.

Still, I believe that the price is the biggest difference between eSA and WA. What you pay to have ultimate access to WA ($49) is not comparable with a high price tag of eSA ($2500).

The truth is that when it comes to choosing between two products that offer almost the same thing, people prefer to go for the product that is cheaper. This is a logical decision and it’s exactly what happens when we want to choose between WA and eSA.

Even if you have $2495 to pay to start your journey in online business, why you don’t save +$2400 at the beginning and invest it on other important parts of your business like advertising on social networks, creating quality content, design your business website, etc. ?

The same as eSA, everything about creating a successful online business is covered very well in Wealthy Affiliate and you can even start training course of WA for Free! I’m sure that you’ll talk about WA community as your biggest missed chance in the future if you don’t take advantage of it now!

Thank you very much for reading my review of eCom Success Academy and feel free to ask your questions and share your opinions in the comments section below.

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  1. Thanks for your review. I think that it sounds like a good course as building a Shopify course from scratch can be confusing for a newbie. I like the fact that it sounds quite educational! There are so many scams nowadays online and they can look super authentic so I appreciate third parties honest review!

  2. You have discussed eSA’s PROs and CONs very well. In the end, your comparison with WA is also remarkable. I am not very much aware of drop shipping. I agree with you the cost of joining to eSA is comparatively very high. 

    What I like most is, your linking to “my #1 recommendation” post, and not to direct viewers to your affiliate link of WA. You make them compare both the program and choose the best. 

  3. Hello AIi,

    Your review of eCom Success Academy was very thorough.  

    As you mentioned, for $2,495 initial cost, not including costs from web hosting, web design, marketing campaigns, etc., makes this a steep investment.  Is this cost for a year’s time, or does this give you unlimited membership?  And are new courses added to the program regularly?  

    I am always going to be a bit skeptical of a proposition that does not give you the option to cancel and receive a portion of your money back if you are not satisfied.  It seems to me that you should at least be allowed to pay as you go, as opposed to the $2,495 lump sum only option.  

    And does the platform allow you to get your questions answered, or is it only about digesting the 60-minute videos without any chance for correspondence?  

    All the best.  

  4. I’d like to let anyone know that not all places in the world are fortunate to have high-speed internet like 5G or 4G. Some places in the world are still in 3G or 2G making training programs like this which are rendered in video unusable. If only they have included a text transcript of the videos, then anyone with that money can surely learn from the training. I know this because I live here in the Philippines and we’re getting similar feedback from customers when promoting training programs like this that are rendered in video format.

  5. eCom Success actually seems like a solid product, but the price (in my opinion) will turn off a lot of people. $2K+ is a lot of money for a lot of people, especially for newbies who are looking to make fast cash online. Although I think eCom Success is good, I think it’d be better if they offered some sort of money-back guarantee or a partial refund or something among those lines. 

  6. I think ecom success academy is a good training for dropshipping business. This business model is rapidely growing and it tis one of the fastest way to make money online, because you do not need to rely on SEO, you can create your store today and pay some ads on social media, you can start making money right away.

    But I do not think it is worth the $2500, it is just too much. 


  7. Hiya Ali, Quality well written piece.
    Very balanced not like a lot of reviews that just slate the product in the hope of signing up the reader to their own program or recommendation, yes, your honesty comes through in your writing.
    Reading the other comments as well as your review i am inclined to agree that most people don’t have the money that they are asking for the product, and even if they did would still be a bit apprehensive.
    I would certainly agree with your #1 product though, so any prospective clients of Ali’s ” go for it” Wealthy affiliate is worth a punt, and with Ali in your corner even more so.

  8. This is a great piece. I am glad I came across it. The review of eSA is very thorough and it’s very appreciated. I know a few people would be interested something like this because they want to build an online store. Some of them sell things that are provided to them by a company, others make their own items to sell. Their main resource for selling right now is Facebook. While eSA seems like the perfect program, especially for those interested in building an online store, the cost is a deterrent. Most people just don’t have $2500 extra sitting around. Even if they did, I think they would be a little hesitant about forking it over to a company that does not have a guarantee or at the very least get part of their money back if eSA does not work for them. I love how you give your audience a more affordable option in the end to compare.

    Overall, this is a great post and a must read for entrepreneurs who looking for information about building a store or start a business online. I will certainly share this within my circle.

  9. Really cool article? very professional. Your theme and layout are highly attractive and lead me to believe you are credible and organized.

    I like the use of your images. Especially the blue boxes with the title of the segment, your face, and the domain to your website. it’s very personable and lets me see the face behind the words. Well done..

    I like the use of your highlighting at the end of the post. It draws the readers eyes in on the most important part of the post: Your affiliate link.

  10. Hello Ali, I am really glad I came across this post. I have been looking into the drop shipping business but I don’t have $2500 lying around may try to find another way to learn how to do it.

    I have been checking into eSA they seem really great the only hold back is the money, but I guess you gotta spend to make. I am glad at least they are not a scam, you just never know who to trust anymore.

    Would be nice to find something like this a little cheaper.

  11. This was interesting. I do not know a whole lot of the topic but I will tell you I felt you have a very interesting topic and whether it is a scam. I have tried to look up many different topics trying to figure out whether it is a scam or not. I feel this is a big issue online and offline. Your post was smooth to read and for those who have a better understanding of the topic will find your site to be very knowledgeable. Great Job!

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