Is EdX a Scam or The Best Massive Online Course Provider?

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When I’ve visited EdX website for the first time, “is EdX a scam or legit?” was the first question jumped into my mind. Maybe if it was 2005 or even 2010, I should write this article in a different style and talk to you about a new opportunity that Internet gives us which is called online courses but we are live in the 21st century and now it’s very common to talk about this new learning method and even newer type of online courses which are massive open online course providers.

Thinkific, Academy Of Mine, Udemy or LearnWorlds are the most well-known learning platforms and now we want to take a look at the newcomer to this industry, EdX.

At the first glance, EdX looks like a too good to be true educational platform because some of the features offered by this platform is completely unique and I’ve never seen something like that in other similar websites.

For example, in addition to going through dozens of new courses, you have the ability to make money from the affiliate program of EdX. Although this attractive option has been used by other learning platforms before but having a side income while you’re learning something new is always attractive.

These sections plus several other important topics are covered in my detailed review so to have an in-deep view to EdX, I highly recommend you to read this EdX review article which uncovers all facts about this educational platform.

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Ok, now let’s see what’s going on inside EdX.


Product Name: EdX

Official Website:

Owner: Anant Agarwal

Founded: 2012

Type: online university-level course provider

Cost to Join: between $50 USD and $300 USD (Depends on the course you’re going to take)


EdX is a place where host university-level courses and provides these courses as online lessons in many different topics. The quality of courses depends on the course’s creator so it can be a cooking recipe from a home-based mom or a course about quantum mechanics from a well-known professor in Harvard University.

Recommended? Yes but only for educational purposes not making money

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is EdX

What Is EdX All About?

If you look to find a short term for EdX, you’ll end up with MOOC. MOOC (aka massive open online courses) is a term that is dedicated to the online learning platforms where connect you to high-standard level courses in a wide range of topics.

EdX opens a door to dozens of online courses in 2012 and let people take and complete these courses at home. In the beginning, Anant Agarwal (CEO of EdX) just provided courses that have been created by individuals but when the time passed and people started to get familiar with this new learning platform, EdX has started working with many famous American universities to provide more quality courses; these universities included but not limited to The University of British Columbia, University of Arizona, University of Texas, etc.

If you are curious to know what are the most famous courses in this platform, it must be said that according to the recently published report by the EdX, learning languages, business, money management, humanities and computer science are the courses that most people are willing to take when they land in EdX for the first time.

Also, it’s beneficial to know that during the last 7 years, EdX issued about 600,000 certifications for more than 15,000,000 students have already enrolled in the EdX’s courses who have taken advantage of one or more of +1,800 courses provided by this platform.

But is EdX a scam or this info is enough to call this massive open online course provider a legit platform? Continue reading to find out!

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how EdX works

How EdX Works Exactly?

When I was reviewing Wealthfront I’ve found some common things between that and EdX platform and the first one was the sign-up process. The first step to getting started with EdX is filling out an online signup form which can be done quickly. After your EdX account has been created, you can simply log in to the website and choose a course you are interested to learn about.

As I’ve told you, there’s a long list of available courses you can choose from. When you’ve done with selecting your favorite course the process will continue by clicking on the “Register Now” button.

You may ask: Wait Ali! You have not told anything about the membership fee? Is it free to join EdX?

Well, it is and it is not! Actually, you don’t need to pay anything to become a student in EdX platform but in order to take and complete course, you need to pay a specific fee for each course and unfortunately, it does not offer a Free Trial Period using their subscription payment. And as I’ve mentioned above, the fee of the course varies from fifty dollars to three hundred dollars.

Although there’s a free version you can choose when you want to join EdX but what you can access when you join it as a paid member is not comparable with the free version.

There are several differences between the paid and free members. For example, EdX only issues certificates for paid members so if your aim is having one of these online certifications for any porpuses and this is important to you (for example, for applying for jobs in the future) then using the free version won’t be beneficial for you.

Also one of the biggest differences between the free and paid versions is that the online community of students is only available for the paid members so to be able to send messages and contact teachers and professors as well as communicate with other students who enrolled in the same course as yours and ask questions and know their experience about the course, it’s necessary to become a paid member.

Can You Make Money With EdX?

Yes, the same as many other online educational and non-educational platforms (like 30 Day Success Forumla, Elite Marketing Pro) , there’s a way to make money with EdX. Actually, you have two options to start making money from EdX: become an affiliate or become a teacher.

In the first scenario, you start to create online courses in the subjects that you’re expert in. If your courses are high quality, it attracts more and more students naturally which is equal to more money.

But the story is different when it comes to the affiliate program of EdX. In order to become an affiliate with EdX, you need to apply as an affiliate in There’s a partnership between EdX and Awim and Awim handles all tasks related to affiliates for EdX. So the first step is applying and wait to get approved by the Awim then you’re ready to earn commission by promoting courses of EdX.

The strange thing that I’ve seen in EdX is that unlike other affiliate programs, there’s a fee of $5 which you should pay in order to apply for the EdX’s affiliate program.

Although EdX says that this $5 fee is taken to protect Awim from wasting time on unreliable applications and this amount will be back to you as soon as you make the first affiliate sale but I consider it as a negative point for this educational company because there were many other filters they could use to check the quality of affiliates.

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EdX pros and cons

I Didn’t Like EdX Because…

#1 – There is Not Any Discount or Coupons

You have probably seen discounts up to 90% in other learning platforms like Udemy but you should say “Good Bye” to these beneficial discounts in EdX.

I’m not sure but I feel that if EdX could focus on providing courses that have been created by individuals rather than focusing on making a relationship with big universities, it could give these common discounts to its students. (at least to the new ones.)

#2 – There Is No Heaven For the Free Members

This negative point does not apply only to EdX and it’s a common con for almost all online education platforms. They invite all people to join their FREE platform and start to learn new courses in no course but as soon as you become a member, you see that almost all valuable features are only available for paid members. And you feel that the platform gives you NOTHING if you don’t join the paid community.

For example, the community of students, teachers, and professors which is one of the most beneficial features of EdX is not available for free members and to be able to interact with the community and classes, becoming a paid member is a must-do task.

#3 – The Support Is Killing Me!

As far as I know, the only way to contact EdX support is via their email address ([email protected]). Well, it’s not good to see that an international educational platform can’t provide customer support in even a basic level. Concating via phone numbers, social networks or even submitting a ticket is the basic common ways service providers use these days to keep their clients happy but it looks that satisfaction of students has the lowest priority from the point of EdX’s view.

I’ve read some terrible stories from students who have taken expensive courses like $300 or $400 but they’ve had problems exactly at the time of final exam and could not pass the test so they had to complete the whole course again from the beginning.

Also I read a review from another student who contact the EdX’s support to let them know about a technical issue he has with the platform and he said that after a week, he still didn’t get any reply from them.

So it’s better to don’t count on their support because they’ll probably disappoint you in this field!

#4 – Paid Affiliate Program

To be honest, EdX is the first platform that I’ve ever seen that require members to pay a fee to become an affiliate with them. Although it’s only $5 but don’t forget about the time you have to wait in order to get approved by the platform and it says that this $5 will be refunded when you can make a successful affiliate sale but there’s no information to clarifies what happens if you can’t make this affiliate sale?

So make sure you know the process of refund and their policies because although $5 may be nothing to you but if you multiply it to only 5000 affiliates (there are much more) that would be $5,000 profit without any effort for them.

is EdX scam

Final Word – Is EdX a Scam? 

There’s no doubt that there were several things I didn’t like about EdX but that’s not a good reason to call it a scam because every single company (even the big ones like Apple or Samsung) has its own cons and pros and no platform is perfect.

As a member, you have the option to choose between both free and paid versions. EdX provides some courses which you can use to increase your high-income skills and the aim of this learning platform is to help people learn how to attract fortune.

As I’ve told you in the “how to make money with EdX” section, if you become a master in a specific subject or topic, you can attract students by your expertise in that field and your income from teaching will be increased naturally since people are willing to pay more to get high-quality educational content from you.

All in all, EdX got a passing mark from my point of view as a massive open course provider in the online education industry but it can’t be your best choice if having a passive monthly income is what you’re thinking about.

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