is Elite Marketing Pro a scam

Is Elite Marketing Pro a Scam or a Club for Millionaires?

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Yesterday, when I was looking for some information to improve my marketing skills, Elite Marketing Pro got my attention but I didn’t register on the website immediately and the same as always I started to do some research to see what other people say about this program. While I was searching for the answer to this question: “Is Elite Marketing Pro a scam or it’s really a legit marketing program?” I’ve found out that there are some hidden I never knew about Elite Marketing Pro.

Before reading Elite Marketing Pro reviews, I thought that it’s a quality program that benefits me but the negative reviews of this program let me see another side of this marketing platform so I was really confused if I should trust the good reviews or the bad reviews are something I should trust.

Finally, I decided to give Elite Marketing Pro a shot to optimize my decision-making process and make the final decision based on facts and figures which prevented me from making an emotional decision.

Here’s all I’ve found about Elite Marketing Pro which you definitely need to know before sign up with them.

So let’s start!


Product Name: Elite Marketing Pro

Official Website:

Owner: Matt Crystal & Tim Erway

Type: Education and mentoring for Internet entrepreneurs and small businesses

Cost to Join: $597 to $997

Recommended? Yes but only if you’ve a big startup budget

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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what is Elite Marketing Pro

What Is Elite Marketing Pro All About?

Elite Marketing Pro is a community that provides training materials for small business owners and Internet entrepreneurs. It has +45,000 active members who benefit from One-on-One business mentoring and education provided by this training platform. Making money online is the main training it’s going to teach you in a targeted course.

There are two ways to make money from EMP: Affiliate Program & Training

You have also an affiliate program option to make money from EMP which let you earn a commission from every successful sale you make. In some cases, all the price of a product will be given to you as a sales commission which means you earn up to 100% commission for some products!

Also, it lets new members take a look inside the program for free for a limited time which is pretty good because you’ll know what you’re paying for exactly.

In the training section, you can contact other members in the community to get help from and you’ll have access to a wide range of support and training materials which including but not limited to PDF guides, e-Books, multi-media training such as live webinars or prerecorded videos, one-on-one coaching, etc.

What I’ve found about the one-on-one coaching of EMP’s is that the private coaching section is organized by Internet marketing gurus and you can really experience a good ROI on your business after reciving advice and suggestion from these guys.

The Sign-Up Process

The website and easiest way to sign up on Elite Marketing Pro is using their official website address which is because if you sign up on their program from another source and if that source is an affiliate, you may pay more than the official price.

As I’ve mentioned above, you can start with the free trial period to know the training sections and lessons you’ll have access to after joining. Although you won’t have access to 80% of training if you have a free membership account but taking advantage of free membership is always my suggestion, especially if you have not tried that program before. Also it helps you find out where your money goes and if it worth to pay for the premium membership or not.

After the free trial period, you have 3 options to choose from. VIP is the most expensive membership that you can get for $2,997 which give you unique training materials but if it’s too high, you have monthly and yearly membership options as well which will cost you $37 and $297.

As you can see, the VIP membership has the maximum discount and the monthly membership has the minimum discount so if you pay more, you’ll save more too.

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how Elite Marketing Pro works

 How Elite Marketing Pro Works Exactly?

  • The packaged offered by Elite Marketing Pro to new Internet entrepreneurs to start their business with is called Pro Insider and below are some of the features that this package will give to you.
  • Having private-coaching with top-rated Internet marketers
  • Live support & targeted webinars which is only available for members of the community
  • Ability to promote and earn a commission from Elite Marketing Pro affiliate program
  • Providing web hosting service
  • Private chat feature with other members and joining Private Mastermind Group
  • Using exclusive software of EMP (Capture Page Creator Pro) which will make professional capture pages according to your needs
  • Access to additional training course called Attraction Marketing Formula

 You Have Joined Elite Marketing Pro, Now What?

Ok, now you can choose one of the below options and see which one fits your needs:

  • Free Membership

This free trial period lets you think twice and review all the pros and cons of EMP before jumping into any type of its paid membership. This is a good option for people who don’t want to rush into making a decision.

  • Monday Mojo

EMP decided to hold this weekly webinar to keep the affiliates up to date with the latest information in the industry. It’s perfect for members who are looking to earn 5 or 6 figures income from EMP’s affiliate program.

  • Daily Dose of Awesome Livecasts

Keep yourself motivated is a key to get success in any kind of online business and that’s why marketing experts of EMP follow you with daily inspiration and motivation during the course in this section.

It’s a livecast but you don’t need to worry if you miss it because the replays are always available over there.

Even if you are not interested to use training materials of EMP, you can start to promote this product and earn 20% commission. Of course, it’s recommended to join and complete training because you NEED to have some marketing skills to be able to promote any product successfully.

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Elite Marketing Pro pros and cons

Elite Marketing Pro – Advantages & Disadvantages

What I Liked,

  • A money-back guarantee is available for members who are not satisfied with their result for any reason. Just keep in mind that you can request this refund only for the first 30 days after joining.
  • It’s nothing to worry about the legitimacy of Elite Marketing Pro and it’s rated B+ by review system of Better Business Bureau.
  • You’ll have access to a private Facebook page which is only available for members of EMP and can get 24/7 support from the members.
  • You’ll have a personal coach. A one-on-one coaching is available for premium members and your coach follows you in a step by step process during the training via emails and helps you learn strategies and reach your money goals.
  • There are still benefits to get from EMP even if you are not a business owner. For example, to become an affiliate with Elite Marketing Pro, you don’t need to be an Internet entrepreneur or run an online business.
  • You can contact support via the email address, phone call, open a ticket or live chat and they always back to you in less 24 hours.
  • The community contains members who already joined the platform and have got a positive result from the training.
  • All necessary tools for setting up your first website and email marketing campaign is available in the platform.

What I Didn’t Like

  • A really expensive training platform. Although you can start with as low as $47/h but the truth is that to get all training, there’s no way except than paying its VIP cost which is +$2,000 and this is really costly if you are new in building an online business.
  • It’s better to have a clear overview of Internet marketing and all related terms before joining Elite Marketing Pro because some sections are explained in a professional language which is also complicated sometimes so you may get confused about some terms if you have no idea what your coach is talking about.
  • You’ll definitely need a hand when it comes to choosing a package because the number of recommended packages is more than standard so it’s not really easy to find out which package is suitable for you. Unfortunately, there is a high cost for a wrong decision here so make sure you choose the right one!

Is Elite Marketing Pro for You?

To be honest, the EMP training platform IS NOT suitable for everyone. In my opinion, persons who have zero knowledge in Internet marketing as well as persons who are at an advanced level of this business can’t get many benefits from EMP, on the other hand, I think EMP platform is perfect for mid-level marketers who are not a beginner or advance user.

Also, I’ve found that the membership fee is too high for some information you get inside the platform because some training of EMP can be found for a lower price in other online sources.

However, the important fact you should always keep in mind is that to keep your business alive always in the online world, you always need these 2 factors: Money and Leads.

You’ll definitely lose the game if you have money but you can’t get leads for your product or if you know how to get leads but your business runs out of leads. So do not forget that these two wings (Money & Leads) let your business stay in the sky always!

is Elite Marketing Pro scam

Final Word – Is Elite Marketing Pro a Scam?

Although there are many other platforms that provide making money opportunies like Cash Finder System, Wealthyfront or 30 Day Success Formula but to answer above question we should look at Eite Marketing Pro from a different angle.

Some people think that EMP is a scam but I don’t agree with them. Yes, there may be some scam signs inside the program but doing proper research and seeing all those positive reviews out there about this product confirms that EMP works legally and we have enough reasons to call it legit.

Also what I’ve found about other people who left positive feedback for EMP is that unlike what we’ve sees as fake reviews about some other MMO products, almost all reviews about EMP are real.

Now you clearly know my answer about the above question but does my answer says that you should sign-up with Elite Marketing Pro and start to find new customers for this $2,997 item? No! Joining this platform as an affiliate is a wrong decision and you should not jump into this marketing business if you don’t have experience in selling pricey products.

But if finding a targeted audience for luxury items and turn them to potential buyers is something you have experienced with then EMP has some value for you and it won’t disappoint you with its high affiliate commission.

Anyway, at the moment, what I’m sure about is that Elite Marketing Pro is completely a legit program and I don’t think the owners of this product want to destroy their credit with doing scammy things. (at least in the near future).

You should always be careful about scam programs/products out there because the number of these programs increase on a daily basis and reading a detailed review or talking to an expert can save you from losing money and wasting time behind these crappy programs.

So again For Now, it’s safe to become a member of EMP but first makes sure it’ll give you what you’re looking for.

Multi-Level Marketing or Affiliate Marketing?

Without a doubt, I pick up the second one because what you can build as an affiliate marketer is not comparable with what MLM can give you.

For example, most of the products and items you’ll promote as an affiliate marketer are beneficial for people because you are the person who chooses the product so you’ll see the pros and cons of that product before starting to sell it.

There are unlimited products that offer an affiliate program, from weight loss to health care, computers, cars, smartphones, etc. and all these products have been used by people in their daily life so you’re giving people what they need and it’s a win-win game for both you and customers.

Also the price of the product can be as low as $10 so selling a $10 product is much easier than selling a $5000 MLM product.

But this is not what’s going to happen in MLM. Multi-Level Marketing works based on commission and most of the companies that use this business model set a high price for their product which let them make more profit and this makes selling those pricey products harder for affiliates who work with MLM companies.

Another reason that I prefer affiliate marketing business is that to get success in MLM you need to recruit people on a regular basis. This means that the number of people invited to the MLM program determines the amount of profit you can make. If you invite more, you make more money and if you invite less, you make less.

But this is not what you need to do as an affiliate marketer. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you promote products that people need them so you just need to put the right product in front of the right group of the audience then BANG! you can absolutely make a lot of commission through this simple process.

To know more about affiliate marketing and the platform that I personally use to make full-time income through affiliate marketing, continue reading my best recommendation section below.

Thanks for reading my Elite Marketing Pro review and feel free to share your comments below.

my recommendation

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  1. This was a well written article. I’m just getting started with my page & I have no idea about marketing. This particular program seems way to pricey for me but I would love to check it out. In your article you never said how long the trial period is or maybe I missed it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Love this In-depth review,
    I have never heard of EMP before reading this and after reading I could easily make a decision if I was going to purchase it.

    There are not too many reviews online that list everything about the particular product that they are reviewing…
    And in my opinion, this might be one of the best reviews on EMP if not the best…

    The one thing I don’t like is that you will pay more to sign up for the program if the source you are signing up through is an affiliate. but maybe there is a reason they set it up that way…

    I love the fact that you decide to give the product a test for your self to learn all that you could… Again not many persons actually used products that they review and your not one of those people..

    Keep up the Awesome work

  3. I love how you are really honest about this and present the pros and cons in a real way. It seems like you really did your research and this is valuable to me because it saves me time that is so precious nowadays. Overall, this is a very detailed and well written article, with lots of insights and good arguments. I am glad I found your website and will continue to read about all the other programs you have reviewed! Thank you! 🙂

  4. I know a few people at EliteMarketingPro and it is definitely not a scam. The whole “scam” term has turned into a keyword that marketers use to acquire traffic as people do their research on different programs. The strategy makes sense however I think it might be doing more of a dis-service to the the Make Money at home industry. It hard enough to take that leap into entrepreneurship and now people see ‘scam’ here and ‘scam’ there.

    Here’s the secret to spotting a scam… if the company does not offer any “products” or “services” that are useful to the marketplace and ONLY pay a commission when someone pays a sign-up fee… then you’re working with a scam. One the other hand, if they do offer products and service and someone simply fails to put in the work and quits after 30 days. That is not a scam…

  5. I wish I’d known more about Affiliate marketing and programs a more professional and thorough basis because I am pretty sure I want to learn and start to gain online money and enjoy life.

    I think it’s great that you are educating people about different types and options with such detailed information and the expectation we can face once we decide to join affiliate marketing such as Elite marketing Pro and I think you will be an amazing example in this. Especially for young people, to get rid of this non-stop slavery work.

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