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Is Elite Marketing Pro Scam? – Here is My Clear Answer!

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It’s good to see that you have decided to do some research before purchasing this expensive product; you have made a very logical decision which help you stay away from scammers and do not lose your money and more importantly your time on scams. Now I’m here to help you with the answer!

Let’s see what Elite Marketing Pro claims to do at the beginning. It claims by the method and strategy you learn in the program, you’ll be able to recruit anyone into your business of network marketing and on this way, you won’t need to use any other techniques like cold-calling or face to face selling and also you won’t get ANY rejection too!

Sounds a great opportunity for your business right? But let me go inside of this program and discover more details before giving you a direct Yes or No answer.


Product Name: Elite Marketing Pro

Official Website:

Owner: Tim Erway

Product Type: Lead Generation Training

Cost: $27 + many upsells (+$3,497)

Recommended: Not for beginners

Overall Rating: 6/10

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Is Elite Marketing Pro Scam?

Let me to be honest with you from the beginning. From my point of view, Elite Marketing Pro is completely a legit training program with a lot of useful information and tools try to help marketers to generate more new leads.

But this is only one side of Elite Marketing Pro, on the other side, we see an expensive product with a lot of up sells. Attraction Marketing and Lead Generation are two main fields that Elite Marketing Pro focuses on in its training.

elite marketing pro review

What is Elite Marketing Pro?

EMP or Elite Marketing Pro is a training program that provides material for learning and success in network marketing business and it focuses on Multi-level Marketing. With the training of EMP, you’ll be able to learn affiliate marketing, build and grow your own website or even become an affiliate with EMP affiliate program to make money.

In total, the first way EMP focuses on to learn you get success in network marketing is collecting leads. It means, you’ll learn how to people who are already potential buyers for your products. They teaching you this through different training phases which included: how to get traffic for your website, how to find and gather hot leads, how to create quality landing pages that convert well and how to monetize leads.

Well if we want to tell about one of the positive points of EMP, we should talk about its coaches. Although you will not get any one-by-one coaching but all the training in EMP has been created and run by successful internet marketers who are expert in their field and that’s why they claim you can get the same result if you follow their footprint!

how elite marketing pro works

How Does Elite Marketing Pro Work?

You can start the training after sign in into your account immediately and you should complete training one by one. It means, you are not able to pass training; you have to complete each one first then the new levels of training will be unlocked for you. Well, I can’t tell that I’m happy with this technic. I’ve purchased a product and paid full of the payment for a training program so why I should not be able to see what I’ve paid for completely?

Let me to be more clear then there will not be any misunderstanding. This is something different with quality of a course which I’m not talking about and I also understand why EMP decided to use this technic because they want learners focus on each section and complete training step by step which help them to get not overwhelmed with a lot of information at once. EMP is not the first and probably won’t be the last training program which does not let you access to ALL levels of training at the beginning so it’s up to if this is what you like to see in an online course or not.

To be able to unlock new levels of training, you should be confirmed by a coach or a member who is in a better level than you. In both situations, it’ll be helpful and let you progress better.

Pros & Cons

Yes, see negative and positive side of an online service is what I’m loving to in Well it’s not strange to see tag price of $3000 of a training program. (Yes, it’s not $3000 at the beginning but there are many upsells which will lead you to that amount.) It’s good to know that according to what I’ve seen in other similar training program, their price is not too high and other courses are also at the same level.

Well, the cost of the course does not look high at all at the beginning. It starts at $47 but it works like a trap. One day, you open your eyes and see you’ll paid more than $3000 for this training program. You know what, I could ignore this negative point if I was able to promote all product on the website after a one-time payment but it does not work like that and you have to buy every single product that you’re interested to promote it.

Although you do not have to pay for standard affiliate program but it’s not something that can bring you any serious money. Well I’m not surprised to see something like this in a MLM program; actually this is their nature to stay alive and promote themselves in the market.

Do you know what is trickery than a fake good feedback of a person these days? A fake Facebook testimonial! Another negative point of Elite Marketing Pro is that the training is not clear at all. It’s very difficult to find out what’s the main difference between different levels of products as well as memberships.

I want to talk about this issue some more. Actually personally I think that there is many ambiguity about EMP and that’s not good. The thing is that prices are varies for different products in EMP which is less for VIP members and more for regular members but the problem is that the quality of products is not the same.


I’ve been tested and reviewed many online services and training programs before and it was not easy to see how many people failed after they joined these programs in the hope that they can make serious money with it. They simply could not afford the real cost of program and failed. (they did not expect to receive many upsells).

It’s possible to make money online and it’s what I’m doing for years but to be honest, EMP is not the right place to start learn about making money online, especially if you just started to earn online. It’s more expensive than many other similar programs and even after finishing the course, you’ll ended up with many unanswered questions so I cannot call it an All-in-One training program.

There’s still a big question for me after reviewing EMP and it’s: why I should go for an expensive course while I can learn everything I need to get success in a cheaper and better training programs?

my recommendation

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