is enagic kangen water a scam

Is Enagic Kangen Water a Scam? – Are Your Ready to Pay +$1,000?

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If you’ve asked this question “is Enagic Kangen Water a scam?”, you have probably want to know all truth about Enagic company and that’s good to see that you do not believe anything easily and do your research to find the truth. I think you have probably seen one of those new water ionization machines in a house of your friend or in a party that can improve your health. Enagic is the company which produce these ionization machinces.

Now let me help you to find answer of your question as well as all information you need to know about Enagic.


Product Name: Enagic Kangen Water

Owner: Hironari Oshiro

Type: MLM (Multi-Marketing Level)

Cost: Free to join but costs involved at the beginning

Short Review: In short, on the one hand, Enagic lets you make money on a MLM business plan and you do not have to pay anything to join it but on the other hand, it’s not cheap at all and you have to pay at least +$1000 to be able to start. Recruiting is the main negative point you have to face with if you decided to join which requires you to recruit people you know (a member of your family or a close friend) to make money.

Recommended: No

Overall Rating: 5/10

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what is enagic kangen water

What is Enagic All About?

Over the last few years water filtration machines became pretty popular and Enagic is a Japanese company that works in this field and make healthy drinking water by ionization machines. Hironari Oshiro is CEO of Enagic company which started its work more than 40 years ago in 1974.

Hironari Oshiro decided to run a MLM business model for his company when he opened new branch of Enagic in America which called “Enagic USA”. And it’s not surprising to know that Hironari Oshiro and his company ‘Enagic’ is the number one in manufacturing water filtration machines all around the world. Now it’s good to know what’s the slogan of Enagic company: “changing the water you drink can change your life”.

Hironari Oshiro believes that we do not drink 100% healthy water every day because the body of human should get more alkaline water which helps it to neutralize the acidity in the body. Slowing down the process of aging and preventing you from diseases are two important factors you’ll get if metabolism of your body increases.

How You Can Make Money with Enagic?

Now let’s take a look at important part that would be interesting for you: making money with Enagic!

There are not many ways to make money when you work with a MLM company and Enagic is not an exception. Here’re the ways you can start making money with:

1- Make profit and earn commissions by selling water ionization machines of Enagic directly to people. 2- Using Recruiting method and invite people (which are mostly your friends or family member) to join company and start making your own downline teams.

Of course before doing anything, you should know how all this works and what actions you need to take to be able start earning and make commissions.

Does it seem Logical?

It says that you can start working on their site for free but the fact is that you need to buy one of their products first to be able to promote it and the minimum cost for their product is some more than one thousand dollars for a single product! So although you can join them for free of cost but you won’t make any money (commissions) if you do not buy one of their products first.

Plan of Compensation for Enagic

The same as other companies that work based on MLM business, Enagic has its own compensation plan which is unique and is called “The Basic 8-Point Commission Structure”.

Six different levels involved in their compensation plan and it’s separated to different sections. In simple words, you can get make more commissions and unlock more bonuses if you increase your rank/level and making more sales is the only way to reach higher rank in Engaic’s compensation plan.

pros and cons

Positive Side of Enagic

  1. No Upfront Cost

It’s Free to start your business with Enagic and unlike other MLM companies, it does not require you to pay anything upfront.

  1. Being Up There for a Long Time

As I’ve mentioned before, Enagic is on the business for more than 40 years now and it’s a positive point for trustworthy of a company.

  1. Support

There are many tools you’ll have access to like training and resources as well as a good support when you join them so you won’t have problem if you have any questions or want to contact them anytime.

Negative Side of Enagic

  1. Cost

As I’ve mentioned before, you need to buy a product of Enagic first to be able to promote it but since it costs and it’s not cheap, you should make sure that if it’s worth to buy it or not. Well regardless of quality of products, I should say that they are really expensive.

They have filtration machine up to four or even five thousand dollars and this is not the price which everybody willing to pay for a water filtration machine. Actually even if people have money and can afford it, they are not interested to pay that much for a single machine and it turns this into two big issues for you:

Firstly, the cost of your business will be increased dramatically because there is not any way to promote Enagic’s products without buying one of them.

And secondly, since the price of their water filtration machines is pretty high, you’ll have a hard work to promote and sell them.

  1. Really Healthy for Your Body…?

The fact is that you should but the water filtration machine and use it for several years then go to the doctor and check your body to find if it was really healthy for you. Actually this is what you hear from most of companies that are producing products related to health and wellness so that would not be easy to find out if it’s true or not in a short time.

  1. Recruiting

I never liked recruiting business model because I had to contact and sell something to my family members or friends so it’s another negative point of Enagic which you’ll have to do it if you want to make more commissions. That’s interesting that you even should make and provide a list of people who know (friends, neighbors, etc.) for Enagic as a prospect to start promoting.

Let’s do a short calculation here; the highest ranking of compensation plan is selling products to at least 100 people so you’ll have to talk to at least 1000 people to be able to sell 100 products because not every person you talk to will buy the product.

Of course there are many ways to find new buyers but believe me, that would not something that everybody can do easily.

is enagic kangen water a scam

Is Enagic a Scam?

Last but not least. With all info I gave you, I can assure you that Enagic is a legit company and its founder Hironari Oshiro is on the business for a long time now so it’s not a scam from my point of view. It’s good to know that DSA accepted Enagic as one of its members some while ago and getting many accreditation proves legitimately of this company.

BUT, if you ask me about joining and work with Enagic as a marketer, I would say No, I do not recommend it! It does not worth to spend your time and money on MLM business model of Enagic and I have several reasons for this:

  • You’ll have to invest a lot of money (thousands of dollars) at the beginning
  • Recruiting issue which requires you to contact with your close friends or a member of your family to sell their products
  • You’ll have to always find new potential buyer because if someone buy an ionization machine, he/she probably does not need another one!

And now you can see that without recruiting other people you won’t have any chance to make serious money; this is ok for many people and I’m totally against it.

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