is evolution travel a scam

Is Evolution Travel a Scam or a Profitable Online Business?

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Thank you for choosing my evolution travel review to read. You are here because you want to know everything about the legitimacy of Evolution Travel and it’s really an opportunity for making money online or not. Now Here’s the question: Is Evolution Travel a scam really? Let’s find out!

Well, it’s not only your question and many people like you are looking for the answer of this question; doing research before trying a program is a logical decision and I’m happy to see that you’ve made it.

All aspects of this product is covered in detail in my review so in addition to knowing everything about this platform you’ll know how it works exactly, what products it has and if there’s any money-making opportunity inside it or not.

Owners of Evolution Travel promoted this platform rapidly and you’ve probably seen one of its ads in social networks like YouTube or Facebook. Well, it was my main reason for reviewing this program because I’m always looking for the truth and wanted to know if what owners of this company claim is real or it’s just a marketing trick to make more sales.

Searching for new digital products and reviewing them is one of my hobbies and every time that I see a new product, I know that there are many people out there are looking for trustworthy and reliable information about it.

I start my review by taking a closer look at the background of Evolution Travel then will go deeper and will uncover different sections of this platform. Finally, you’ll be able to make a decision based on the conclusion section of my review and will find out if this product is worth trying or not.

That’s enough, it’s time to start our review! )


Product Name: Evolution Travel

Official Website:

Owner: David McCovy

Type: cloud-based travel agency works based on MLM

Cost to Join: $30 One-Time Payment + $69.95 Monthly Fee

Recommended? Not the best choice but yes if you’re interested in the travel industry

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is evolution travel

Evolution Travel Is…

Archer Travel Service is the name of the company that operated Evolution Travel in the United States and it’s a Californian company. There’s a partnership between these companies and both of them use Multi-Level Marketing model to attract new clients.

The whole idea behind this travel company is helping people make an income online from social deals available in the Internet and try to turn it into their full-time income by finding and promoting the best travel packages.

It’s good to know that Evolution Travel is up there from 2015 and 4 years experience of working in travel industry let them to expand their business all around the world and build their business based on recruitment; And the age of the other company (Archer Travel Service) is much older than Evolution Travel and it has +50 years of business experience in this industry.

This was all I could find from public information available in the official website of Evolution Travel and it seems that there’s no way to get more info without paying the membership of the program and become an official partner of this company. I know it does not sound good for many people but let’s see if becoming paid member of Evolution Travel is worth its fee or not.

What Services Offered by Evolution Travel?

Before going inside this company, I thought that there are some products have been sold by this travel company but I was wrong because the only thing offered by this website is travel packages, coupons and travel discounts and all these coupons and discounts are available for car rentals, hotels or flights (economy and business). Also, you have a chance to get a discount on sports events and concert tickets.

This is all we can expect when we visit Evolution Travel.

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how evolution travel works

Is It Any Making Money Opportunity Behind Evolution Travel?

Yes! There are two main ways you can start earning from Evolution Travel: by recruiting new members into the program or by earning commissions from promoting and selling travel packages.

As I’ve mentioned above, unfortunately, it’s not possible to start making money without becoming a travel agent with Evolution Travel and in order to do that, you need to buy their agent package which is called “Professional Travel Agent Package” (aka PTA) and it costs you $69.95 every month plus an additional cost of $30 which you have to pay at the beginning.

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Evolution Travel Is For You If…

If you are in one of below groups, you can be sure that Evolution Travel works for you. These groups are:

  • If you want to go on vacation and want to find the deals, discount, and packages that can reduce your vacation’s cost.
  • If making some extra money by promoting other products, services and companies make you happy.

About the first group, it actually does not matter if you travel a few or a lot. Saving money on travel can always be beneficial, especially if you’re in a trip for more than 1 week. There are tons of travel packages available on Evolution Travel you can take advantage of and sometimes you can find deals which reduce your vacation’s cost down to 50%!

But if you’re in the second group, you can start selling services and packages of this company and earn a commission for every single successful sale you make. Also, there’s an option which let you build a travel agents tem for yourself and make money from encouraging people to join the program and put them into your downline.

The positive point of this method is that it can be done 100% virtual from anywhere ( here is a list of companies that work virtually ). You can do it from your comfortable home, while you’re in the bus or train or even while you’re traveling. This removes all traditional limitations you’ve had while you are working in offices.

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Here Is What I Didn’t Like About the Evolution Travel

I Looks Like not a Pyramid Scheme

I’ve reviewed many MLM companies that were Pyramid Scheme so I know very well how they work exactly. To be honest, what Evolution Travel is doing is very similar to what an illegal Pyramid Scheme website does.

Because their main focus of making a profit is based on recruiting people. This means if you are not able to recruit people, you have no chance to make any serious money. All pyramid schemes claim that there’s big money behind their system but they’re not legal from point of Federal Trade Commission (Government agency).

It’s not easy to mark a company as a pyramid scheme because the method they are working with are different from each other but if you know what pyramid scheme is exactly and if you work with a semi-pyramid scheme company for a while, you can easily find out if it’s a pyramid scheme or not.

Some companies get banned from working in different countries after a while because of their pyramid scheme and although it didn’t happen for Evolution Travel yet but there’s a high chance that it’s being labeled as a pyramid scheme by FTC and then, its reputation will drop dramatically in a short time.

So make sure you know everything about pyramid scheme first then give Evolution Travel a try to don’t get disappointed at the end. This is what I always do and although it takes some time but it saves me money and protects me from wasting it on not reliable companies.

What about the NFL Club?

During the all last years, I always stayed away from joining MLM companies because of only one reason; I may lose all my friends! That looks some strange at the beginning but the truth is that all MLM companies encourage you to start promoting products to your family members and close friends. They say that there’s a high chance to make sales if you start selling products to people you already know.

NFL stands for “No Friends Left” and this means by joining Ecolution Travel you are in a risk of losing all your friends because they trust you and when you keep doing annoying promotion, you’re actually destroying this trust and relationship.

A list called “Warm Market Memory Jogger” will be given to you to put the name and email address of all your friends when you sign up with this company; again, I recommend you to stay away from this type of marketing because it’s not something people feel comfortable with.

is evolution travel scam

Final Word – Is Evolution Travel a Scam? 

In my last reviews for 10 minute millionaire, one minute free traffic or fast cash club, I’ve explained how a company can be marked as scam. The truth is that I can’t recommend a program or product if I personally don’t feel comfortable with that and this is what I feel about Evolution Travel. Most people call MLM business scam but I prefer to use the “worthless” word instead of scam for Evolution Travel.

The thing that I’m sure about is that you’re not going to get rich from working with Evolution Travel or other MLM companies and every time that you join one of these companies, you’ll be in the downline of another person which makes him/her always richer than you. Actually MLM businesses are making money from effort and time members invest to promote their products.

If you’re wondering about all those positive reviews for Evolution Travel around the world, it must be said that 90% of them are from Evolution Travel members and they need to write positive things about this company to encourage other people to join it because their profit comes from recruiting new people to the program.

You should also forget about all those eye-catching products promoted by Evolution Travel because as I’ve mentioned above, this company provides travel services and as of the time of writing this review, there’s not any physical (real) product released by this company.

And the last but not least thing is that without using the recruiting model, there’s a zero chance to make any serious money from Evolution Travel. That’s why it’s very similar to the pyramid scheme because in pyramid scheme 90% of the earned profit goes to the pocket of the owners and top-members and only 10% of it will be divided between hundreds or thousands of members.

All in all, I personally to invest my time and money to build my own online business rather than working for others to make them rich. Fortunately, there’re valuable programs (like My Best Recommendation below) that help you to make money from your interest and build a thriving online business for yourself. The Top-Rated platform introduced below will show you the Right Way of making money online and I’ve personally used it to make a full-time income from home.

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