is fast fortune club a scam

Is Fast Fortune Club a Scam or a New Path to Investment World?

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Do you want to make money using tips and strategies provided by a program for the stocks market? Then you’ve probably heard about the Fast Fortune Club, a platform that lets you make profit trading stocks but Is Fast Fortune Club a scam? Let’s find out!

So many of us are in the category of people who dream of making thousands, if not millions of dollars in either trading or just by making some stock market investments. Sadly, it is only a few amounts of people that can achieve such a dream.

While some can manage to earn very little, others are lucky to break even. Nonetheless, most of those who try their luck investing in the stock market tend to lose all of their investments.

However, all of these do not stop individuals from trying their luck. Those who lose their money still go on to try their luck once more. This is part of the reason why there are companies that offer diverse programs that educate people about the stock market.

Additionally, these companies offer them diverse strategies to make money. And, one of such programs is the Fast fortune club.


Product Name: Fast Fortune Club

Official Website:

Founder: Tom Gentile

Type: Investment Program

Cost to Join: $599 Yearly

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is fast fortune club

What Is Fast Fortune Club All About?

Generally, the fast Fortune Club program is a program that offers individuals the needed tips and guidance to turn into successful investors.

This program actually claims that a person can earn thousands of dollars in seconds when they execute some easy trades. So many people are wondering if this program is legit or if it is just a huge waste of their precious time.

However, fast Fortune Club has been the topic of discussion for some time as a result of its claims of providing huge earnings for people who are more than willing to carry out an investment.

While so people see the program as being authentic, others have written it off as yet another scam. However, it has been stated countlessly that it is not a scam but a real chance of making money. Rather than sell physical products to its customers, the fast Fortune Club offers a plethora of different monetary services to individuals interested in making their cash work hard for them.

There are so many things that this program brings to the table. Some of which includes:

  • Video training courses
  • A tool that reveals diverse trade patterns,
  • Notifications on the right time to trade specific stocks
  • Accessibility to a community of people making use of the same platform, etc.

Although it provides its users with lots of tools to make their investments valuable, there is still no method that you can take that will guarantee you will earn something out of it. However, having lots of resources is ideal.

About The Founder

The founder of fast Fortune Club is none other than Tom Gentile. You may have an idea of how he is rated as one of the globe’s foremost authorities on things related to futures, stocks, and of course, option trading.

Majorly dubbed as America’s number one trader, Tom Gentile tells the world that his money calendar alert has been capable of crunching over a decade of data for the two hundred and fifty best stocks and ETFs.

Every week, Tom gets to reveal one of all these trades with a minimum of a hundred percent return chance plus video instructions on how users can identify and successfully place all these trades.

Moreover, Tom has been shown on some financial programs featured on:

  • Bloomberg
  • Fox Business with Neil Cavuto
  • Reuters, etc.

Bear in mind that he is also a contributing columnist to the stocks and commodities magazine.

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how fast fortune club works

How Does It Work?

Programs that are in the investment industry like Gains Systems or other similar industries like Chloe & Isabel or Your New at Home Career work in the same way.

Like we have tried explaining already, the fast fortune club is a subscription program that steadily provides people with the needed tips as well as strategies on how to make an extra income via trading in stocks.

Also, its founder has laid claims that people can easily earn thousands within a matter of seconds via trading on the program. Tom has made it clear severally that his accuracy is ninety percent. What this means is that interested persons are likely to win than lose their money.

Furthermore, this program enlightens individuals on the best ways to carry out their trade-in options in a way that they do not get to purchase stocks.

Are you wondering how the program works? Fast fortune club costs a whopping sum of five hundred and ninety-nine dollars. This is what you will pay to subscribe to every year. However, asides from this payment, there are some packages that you will have to be a part of after your payment.

After the payment, you will be greeted with the fast fortune personal money calendar. What this calendar actually entails is a guide to help you execute trades that will earn you an extra income.

Moreover, this personal money calendar displays the dates in which certain stocks will either rise or when they will crash. After this, you will r cove the fast fortune payday alerts. This works with the first money calendar.

As the calendar displays the exact time you will need to execute a trade, the payday alerts will provide instructions, recommendations, and even alarms for every trade you are executing.

However, these are not all. An aspect of the program you are to come across is the million-dollar masterclass. It is simply training to be carried out monthly. What it does is that you will be educated on all the latest trading plans, methods, and secrets. After this class, you will be taken to the quick cash course. It is just a video series that has been divided into roughly seven parts. It will help users with a walkthrough on trading stocks, ETFs, and even options.

Over time, users will start getting text message notifications from the club. These messages will be sent out in a bid to give text notifications to participants just in case there are new issues with the programs mentioned above

After your subscription has been made, you will be added to the fast fortune network. It is a chat group in which participants carry out various discussions with other club members.

Who Can Benefit From It?

It has been created for individuals who are fully interested in making an income from securities, commodities, and trading stocks. The fast fortune club site offers programs that can assist users in making money via trading.

It has also been said to have a ninety percent success rate, which means you will likely win nine out of roughly ten trades. Some tips and signals will be given at the right time to carry out a trade for maximum success.

Moreover, this strategy entails trading options and not actual stocks to make cash. People who benefit from it simply need to subscribe to the programs been offered in a bid to gain swift access to all the goodies.

Although, we have mentioned above that the subscription is not for free as you will have to pay a yearly fee to gain easy access.

Can You Make Money With That?

When it comes down to the amount of money a person can make from the fast fortune program, it is quite hard to give a figure. This is because no known investment opportunity is fully sound, no matter the services they have to offer.

You should be aware that every investment entails risks from the start, and people simply have hope to get huge earnings as quickly as possible.

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fast fortune club pros and cons

Pros & Cons

Since we have an idea of how fast fortune club works and the programs it offers to its users, it is time to talk about its advantages and its disadvantages.

Some of its advantages include:

  • It has very vital training videos for beginners who are still new to investing and trading in the vast stock market. Its videos offer an overview that guides users.
  • It provides both community and mentoring programs. You will get to meet people of like minds. Plus, users are given mentors that can assist them in learning and growing.

As for its cons, they include:

  • The subscription is expensive

You will have to make do with five hundred and ninety-nine dollars every year in a bid to get easy access to the member’s area of fast fortune club. Once you get in, so many upsells will be thrown in your direction.

Also, you will have to begin considering the cash you will use in trying out the programs. While you will not need to begin with ten thousand dollars in your investing account, it is quite safe to state that you may need to begin with a minimum of one thousand dollars.

  • Hyped earning prospect

According to Tom, his accuracy for the program is ninety percent, and users can win more trades and not lose. However, those who really know the stock market trades know that there is never a thing like a sure win.

All we are trying to say is that such hype is very disastrous because some users may not be cautious of when to start their trading and to invest.

It does not matter if you are trading in the forex market, commodities, or the stock market; the thing called overconfidence is an enemy if not the worst enemy to traders.

Furthermore, some other complaints about the fast fortune club have to do with the fact that the system may not be functioning or the site is unable to provide refunds. With so many complaints, it is not an ideal sign for a program like this.

is fast fortune club scam

Final Word – Is Fast Fortune Club a Scam?

Those who are wondering if it is a scam or if it is authentic have actually found themselves in the right place, reading the ideal article on fast fortune club.

From all we have explained above, it is quite safe to say that it is not a scam. But there are things everybody should be aware of before joining the bandwagon. For programs like this, you can only achieve success by identifying their weaknesses.

When you identify such weaknesses, you will need to find a way to move away from them. Furthermore, the thoughts about the fast fortune club have been one of mixed feelings.

Some people are quite happy with the experience they have about the club, and there are others who feel like they have actually been shortchanged by the club.

Some other people have testified that the program has so many prospects if carried out right and if everything in the system is thoroughly adhered to. Meanwhile, those who have problems with the club is because the subscription is expensive and the earning prospect is quite hyped.

Although it has been mentioned that earnings are not fully guaranteed, you will never notice this because the hype is much about how this program can enable you to earn some thousand bucks within seconds.

While it is possible for the fast fortune club program actually to do that, it would have been much better if the income prospect is not so hyped in a bid to avoid very unrealistic expectations. Furthermore, some persons have made diverse complaints that the fast fortune club does not deliver on its promise to make refunds. Others claim their methods are outdated and not what is trending currently.

This could actually be the reason why some people were not successful in the program when they as de an attempt to try it out. It is possible that new conditions affecting market directions were not thought of. Hence, the data given is outdated.

To Wrap It Up

Even though the fast fortune club has so many goodies that it brings to the table, some people will never recommend it. Nonetheless, if you have been on the search for a new and ideal investment opportunity, the fast fortune club may be ideal for you.

While it has so many good available, it is also the ideal opportunity for the right person. At the end of the day, investing is not for everybody on Earth, even if you are a newbie or an expert in the investment field.

However, you can take a glance at all fast fortune club has to over and take the plunge. Everything in life is a risk at the end of the day.

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