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Is Fast Profits a Scam? – An Extra $1500/Day Or…

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Do you want to have a dropshipping business and make +$30k every month from it? Fast Profits says that it can help you to reach this dream but is Fast Profits a scam? Let’s find out!

Hello there and I`m back with another review on a money-making online program. And as usual, in this thorough review you will find out how the program works, what advantages and drawbacks it has compared to other program and finally, whether or not it is worth trying and what kind of income you can expect from it.

And again I`m going to remind you that I am not affiliated with this program which means that you will find only the truth and real facts here. Thanks to my huge experience in reviewing online money-making schemes, you will find answers to all your questions here plus – of course – an honest advice on whether this program is going to work for you or not.

So, today`s review covers Fast Profits program which, if you saw its promo video, looks like a huge opportunity to earn yourself a stable income and financial freedom all of us are looking for.

If you Google Fast Profits, you will find tons of positive reviews and experiences with Fast Profits. Most of them come from affiliate marketers though. Are they really using this program or they are just making money on their affiliate commission? Read on to find out!

Basically, Fast Profits is a training course which promises to teach you how to earn $1000+ dollars every day, but is the information they are providing enough to make that much money daily? Do their techniques work that well to give you long-lasting income? How much money do you need to invest in this program to achieve what you are aiming at?

You will find the answers to all these questions in my complete review of Fast Profits.


Product Name: Fast Profits

Official Website:

Owner: Michael Carson

Type: Online Course for Dropshipping Business

Cost to Join: $37 + Unlimited number of upsells

Short Review

During the few past years I have seen many online training courses promising to teach you the best money-making techniques and help you build your own selling online business. Most of them claim your new online business will earn you easy money and you won`t have to work for hours to achieve instant success. Most of them require just a few dozens of dollars to sign up for the course, and then the money will start flowing into your bank account.

However, very few of them work out. And most people just get frustrated and get back to their nine-to-five routine job which is making them even more miserable.

Although the claims Fast Profits is making are very similar to what I`ve heard before, I decided to give it a chance and started my own research. Continue reading to see what I found out and if you can trust this company.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is fast profits

What Is Fast Profits All About?

Fast Profits is an online course which focuses on techniques and schemes which you can apply to your e-commerce business to increase your income. It says that they know a secret to the success in the e-commerce business, and if you pay $37 for the course, they are going to share this secret with you. But is there really a key to making money online fast and easy?

Fast Profits has become popular mostly thanks to good advertisement on the Affiliate Marketplace created by Clickbank.

Fast Profits – All Red Flags

  • Not Being Honest From The Beginning

The issues of Fast Profits are not limited to fake testimonials and the almost incognito figure of the founder. Here are some more of them.

If you find out that you are offered an exclusive product available only to a few people, wouldn`t you rush to purchase it? I`m sure most of us will, because it`s in human nature to catch the last opportunity and to get access to something exclusive.

The Fast Profits` team is taking advantage of it and the first thing you seen on the website that the number of people who can sign up for the course is limited and you need to sign up right away to be one of them.

However, it`s an online training, it doesn`t require any space where all of the students have to fit in. So why would they limit the number of students? Of course, to make you put aside all your doubts and sign up ASAP.

Many credible websites have logos of various companies or publishers in the bottom of the website to show where they were featured. Fast Profits is no exception. However, I seriously doubt that a company like this would be featured on Forbes. I mean, if it was, I`m sure I would have come across it doing my research for this review.

  • Unreal Claims and Testimonials

Fast Profits was started by Michael Carson. Doesn`t sound familiar? Neither does it to me! Before writing this review, I scoured the Internet looking for any kind of information about him, but I found nothing.

Now, this man claims himself a millionaire who made his fortune on his online business. If so, shouldn`t he be giving interviews to online magazines or websites? Shouldn`t his profile be present in online space? To be honest, it looks pretty suspicious to me.

Let`s move to the testimonials you can find on the Fast Profits website. You can`t imagine an online course without testimonials, right? How else can you be sure of the quality of the product you are offered?

Unfortunately, most people whose testimonials can be found on the website look too familiar to me. Due to my work, I have to spend a lot of time on Fiverr, a popular platform where you can hire a person who will write or even create a video testimonial for you. And I`ve seen most of them on Fiverr and some other website providing training on money-making schemes.

So why would a trustable website offering a valuable training use fake testimonials? Only because the course is not that valuable and honest testimonials are not so bright.

  • High Risk Involved in The Program

The Fast Profits website claims that the only investment you need to make to start your own online business and start making profit is $37 for the online training. However, do you really think they will bother creating a website and a whole training thing if it was only for $37? Of course, not!

As soon as they get you hooked, they will start persuading you to invest more and more money. And believe me, there is no other way in online business. Starting with web hosting for your online store and ending up with online advertising – every single step you take towards making your first profit will demand money to invest. Starting at $37, your investment may reach hundreds of dollars for advertising. So be prepared for it beforehand.

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how fast profits works

How Fast Profits Works Exactly?

Fast Profits` creators know pretty well that their product, i.e. their online course, lacks quality and originality because honestly, you can find information online for free for almost any kind of money-making scheme. That is why they don`t open up their strategy right away.

First they promote their cause making their potential customers believe that with this course people will start making money easily and fast. As soon as you are ready to give it a chance you need to pay a dollar just to find out what kind of strategy they are promoting! And that is hilarious, because nowhere else you have to pay to find out what kind of product (online or physical) you are offered to purchase!

Let me save you that one dollar and tell you what money-making strategy the Fast Profits course covers. It`s called drop shipping which is quickly getting popular because it requires much less investment than any other kind of online store. Let me explain the basics to you.

While opening an online store, you are supposed to find suppliers and decide upon the wholesale price with them. Then without actually purchasing bulks of items from them, you just list the items in your online store at the retail price. Then when a purchase is made, you contact the supplier to ship the item to your customer.

However, this scheme is not as easy as it seems and has many pitfalls to take into account. But unfortunately, the Fast Profits course is far from enough to succeed in this field.

fast profits pros and cons

Fast Profits – Pros & Cons

The Positive Points

There are not that many advantages in the Fast Profits program, but I`d say, the training it offers is probably one of them. At least you are going to learn some basics for the money you`ll pay.

It was very generous of the Fast Profits team to offer a 60-day money refund which you can use in case you realize this kind of business is not for you.

The Negative Points

  1. Poor training

The training can be considered a drawback as much as it can be an advantage. The biggest flaw is that things taught in the course are very basic and can be easily found on the Internet for free.

  1. Fake information

I have already mentioned fake testimonies and the suspicious personality of the founder.

  1. Upsells

If you want to find out whether a certain program is a scam or not, find out if you need to purchase any upsells or not. Many scams and online courses which are interested in making profit rather than selling value, lower the initial price as much as possible to attract more people and then start demanding more and more money from them for various services and upsells.

Unfortunately, Fast Profits works the same way. Here are the upsells you`ll be offered.

  • Fast Profits Platinum will cost you $197 and – as the website claims – will help you earn $5,000 per day.
  • Leverage Profits Trick costs $196 and helps you achieve $26,000 per week.

The thing about upsells is that you understand that they are trying to make money on you, but on the other hand, you are doubting if these upsells can really be crucial for the success of your business. And that is why you will likely agree to invest this money.

The fact that you will have to spend more money as it is stated in the beginning can be not only discouraging but even crucial in the future of your online store. You need to have enough money in store to be able to advertise and run your online store.

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  1. Misleading claims for instant high income

The program promises quick income which just can`t be true, unless you use some illegal way of making money online. Just imagine: you are starting a new course (not the best one) and you are going to learn how to create and run a totally new business (unfortunately, you are going to find out about various pitfalls and issues you may face from your own experience, not the course).

No matter what services and upsells they will be selling you, no way can you achieve $1,700 per day right away. Do you really think if it was THAT easy to make money in drop shipping, there were so many people who have no idea about it?

Just like any kind of job and any kind of online business, an online store needs time and a lot of hard work to start bringing you profit. Moreover, you as well will need quite a lot of money to invest into maintaining your online shop, driving traffic to your website and a lot of advertising.

is fast profits scam

Final Word – Is Fast Profits a Scam 

To be honest, it`s quite hard to decide whether Fast Profits is a legitimate program or a scam.

On the one hand, they offer some value (even though this may not be the best training on dropshipping, but still the basics are taught). And they are even ready to do money refund if you change your mind and decide to quit.

On the other hand, the programs has too many issues – from a mysterious founder to fake testimonies. If the program is legit, why wouldn`t the founder show us his real face? If the training works, why wouldn`t he share the real stories of people who succeeded in dropshipping with the help of his program? Unfortunately, the Fast Profits program provokes too many questions.

My Conclusion

In my professional opinion, Fast Profits seems to be a legitimate program. However, personally, I wouldn`t recommend you to sign up for it. The training they perform is hardly enough to help you succeed in your online business.

Moreover, even if you try really hard and invest enough in advertising and other things, still you won`t be able to achieve the income the Fast Profits website promises. And even if you do achieve it, it will take much longer than claimed.

my recommendation

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