Is FB Dollars a Scam

Is FB Dollars a Scam or $500 Easy Cash From Social Media?!

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I’m happy that you’ve made the good decision by landing in my review article to read and know everything about new money-making a program called FB Dollars! Here is the important question that I’m going to give an honest answer to it: Is FB Dollars a scam or it really works and can make you good money?

I guess that you have probably seen that eye-catching claim from the owner of FB Dollars which says, everybody can make an extra $500 monthly easily without any hard work and to do that, you just need a facebook account and FB Dollars program.

But I recommend you to don’t believe such that claim quickly! I’ve taken a close look at FB Dollars and seen many serious issues on it and I’m going to share it with you here so make sure to finish my FB Dollars review if you don’t want to feel frustrating after joining this program.

Let’s start!


Product Name: FB Dollars (FD)

Official Website:

Owner: Not Mentioned

Type: Money Making System from Facebook

Cost to Join: Free (Upsells after joining the platform)

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is fbdollars

What Is FB Dollars All About?

Honestly, it must be said that FB Dollars did a really good job in hiding critical information from the members and that’s why it was very difficult to find out what is this system all about.

What I understood is that FB Dollars will give you access to an extension which can be installed on your web browser then through that extension, they’ll access to your personal Facebook account and run ads on behalf of you.

The owner says that the minimum profit you can make form this method is $500/m and it’ll be sent to your bank account as soon as you request it. Also, this profit will be made by FB Dollars system automatically and there’s almost zero effort from your side.

But let’s wait here for a while and see why this claim looks so strange to me. There are several questions that jumped to my mind when I’ve visited FB Dollars website and the most important one is:

Why and how my personal facebook account can be useful for a marketing company and why they should be willing to pay me for renting my FB account?

And if they know how to run successful marketing campaigns on Facebook then why they need to run these campaigns in people’s FB accounts which are completely random?

Well, luckily I’m working in the online marketing industry for a long time now and I know very well that using such that marketing strategies can destroy the reputation of any company and it’s not definitely the right and effective marketing way for business owners.

About The Owner…

There’s a sentence which says: if you want to work with a company, know its owner first!

This is one of the things that never happen about FB Dollars because there’s zero information about the owner of this program.

Actually, it does not matter what people claim because everybody can make a claim and this does not mean that you can easily trust that claim. The question is: how people (like you and me) can join a program or buy a product when they don’t know who has created that program?

To be honest, this is the first and probably the most common scam sign I’ve seen in products, websites and companies that I’ve reviewed and it’s not very strange when a see a program like this because I know that it’s doing something wrong and wants to hide something from you.

You never see that a legitimate business hide such that information from you because they want people to know the business owner as much as possible because they know that this makes a more trustworthy relationship between them and their customers.

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how FB Dollars works

How Does FB Dollars Work?

If you remember I’ve mentioned that FB Dollars is actually a web browser’s extension and you can install this extension on the Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla after filling out the signup form.

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that you should never install an unknown extension on your web browser, especially if it’s linked to one of your social networks somehow because this is the easiest way for the scammers to hack your account and since you have probably many friends and family in your social account, you’ll put them in the risk of losing personal information too!

They also want you to believe that your first income comes to your account only 1 day after the registration. This is the black hat method that most of the get-rich-quick scheme programs use to get your trust but when they get what they want, they’ll disappear immediately.

Does FB Dollars Exceed Your Expectations?

No! There’s not any guarantee that you can make even a single dime with FB Dollars so you’re risking your Facebook account for something that you’re not sure about; it’s really ridiculous! This program just makes a beautiful dream in your mind and want you to believe that it’s not a dream but a reality!

Of course this is not the only reason I recommend you to stay away from FB Dollars. By continue reading the next seconds, you’ll find out why I’m totally against this money-making system and why I’m sure that not only this program but any other platform like this never works!

And don’t forget that you still don’t know who is behind FB Dollars! What do if you’re sure that there’s a scammer behind this program who is waiting to steal your hard-earned money? Do still trust and want to join it?

With a positive attitude, there’s only 50% chance that a real person is behind FB Dollars and it means, you may lose your account for 50%. Of course, according to other red flags that I’ll mention below, I personally believe that there’s a chance of 80% or 90% that this program is a scam and should not be trusted and tried by anyone.

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FB Dollars pros and cons

The Ugly Truth About FB Dollars

  • Unreal Content

As I’ve told you, FB Dollars does not use only one way to encourage you to install their extension. They create and publish fake content about their product. You can find their famous ads (Making $500/Month) in one of these articles and what they try to make believable is nothing more than a mirage of money.

I don’t know about you but I can’t trust a website or program that rely on lies to make trust. The marketing strategies they use to sell FB Dollars are not based on white hat marketing models and that’s why it’s not worth trusting.

  • Unknown Owner

After a deep research which took a long time from me, I could not find who is really behind FB Dollars and what was the aim of the owner of creating this program.

It’s not very hard to find out why FB Dollars hides the background of the owner from you. Actually, it’s very easy! They are doing this and they don’t want you to know anything about the owner because they’re not honest with you and they’re doing something illegal which should be hidden from everyone!

Imagine that their only aim is making a profit from you by taking advantage of your facebook account so why the information of the owner should be shared publicly if they are scamming people?!

This is very common among scam and not legit websites because this lets them do anything they like without getting any penalized or something like that. Why? Because nobody knows who is the owner so there can’t be a complaint about him or her.

  • Do Not Expect to Get Paid

The most important negative point of FB Dollars is that you will not get paid not only $500 but even $100 or $50 after giving away your Facebook account info.

Your Facebook page will be turned to a great marketing channel for them as soon as you give them the login-info and they never share any profit (even a dime) they’ll make from your account because if they did, they could not continue working like this.

You should forget about your facebook account if you trust them so if this is important to you, always stay away from such that promotional techniques.

  • Coming Back to The Business with a New Fake Domain

If you do a little research about the FB Dollars, you’ll see another program called FB Cash. You should know that FB Cash is not a new program and it’s just a new skin for FB Dollars to attract more people.

I’ve seen many not-legitimate sites that have had more than 10 different names. This allows them to reach a wider range of audience and more people means more money for them.

So in the case of FB Dollars, don’t forget that I have found at least one another name for it which is FB Cash and the same as FB Dollars, its aim is having full access to your Facebook account.

I think above red flags should be enough for you to consider FB Dollars a fake and not legitimate extension so don’t risk your facebook account on something that has too many scam signs.

is FB Dollars scam

Final Word – Is FB Dollars a Scam?

I’ve reviewed many online programs, from EasySureSale to Viral Pay, DaDaABC, etc. and I never gave a Yes or No answer to above question in the conclusion section because I believe that people should decide themselves if it worths their time or not.

So it’s up to you to call FB Dollars a scam or not but in my opinion, it is a scam and worthless program but the more important thing is that you should get familiar with techniques and methods scam sites use to get your trust and this helps you stay safe in a virtual world full of scams.

I make you sure that there’s not any potential for money-making behind FB Dollars and except than putting yourself in a difficult situation and risking your facebook account, you will not be able to get anything from it.

And the worse thing is that in addition to you, all your facebook friends will be in the risk because they start to contact all of your friend’s list one by one and use the same circle to get access to their Facebook account as well.

If they were using legit marketing strategies, we could think about this opportunity more seriously but I don’t see any benefit behind this website and actually if they were doing the right marketing method they never needed access to facebook accounts of other people and they could easily run ads on their own marketing accounts but…

I tried to give you all you need to know about this program in my FB Dollars review and I hope you have found what you were looking for in my review.

Now you know that FB Dollars is not a trustworthy program but it’s not recommended but don’t worry, I won’t leave you here without giving you any recommendation if you are looking for a way to make serious money online.

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The beauty of this business is that you work around something you really like and you do what you really love. This is not about recruiting people or pushing them to buy something from you.

It’s all about your interests and hobbies and that’s why many people decide to give it a try during the last years and they could change their financial life after using it because it never gets old and it always works!

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